I’ve been a full-time picker for over 25 years, long before the days of eBay (which totally changed they way pickers buy and sell…) and when “cash only” was a given. I officially opened Antique Archaeology in 2000 and life has moved at lightning speed since. The day after the show aired, I had to buy a cash register for my store… we didn’t even have one!! We were a small business then and continue to be that though we’re definitely not your typical antique shop! Things changed fast since then, and I’m very blessed. Here’s a little flashback, thanks for being part of the ride!!! -MW

Antique Archaeology
Antique Archaeology Anniversary Timeline


American Pickers
American Pickers names ideas from Mike’s notebook


American Pickers
The Early Days




95 thoughts on “15 Years of Antique Archaeology”

  1. Jim

    Like your show and the fact you guys are into Motor Cycle and classic cars . Let me know if you come to Loveland Co . Thanks for your time .

  2. Kathy Lynch

    I have loved the show from Day 1 and even made a pilgrimage to the Iowa store last summer; all the way from the Gulf of Mexico in alabama! I must say that as much as I love the “stuff ” the best part of the show is the people, from Frank and Mike, to Danielle and Robbie, to the great American collectors you pick from. ROCK ON Dudes! I’m with ya :)


    HI GUYS..

  4. Patrick Berube

    My goal in life is to own an antique shop and be a picker, I’ve already begun my negotiating skills, for instance… I was at my local bait shop one day and saw a nice little nice I wanted, it was marked at $22. I talked the guy at the cash register into selling it to me for $12.. I also got him to throw in an oxygen tablet for my shiners! My first bundle lol!!! Keep on pickin’ !!!!

  5. Julie Johnson

    I always thought the Iowa store was opened before the Nashville store. May you and yours have many more years of rusty gold!

      1. Julie Johnson

        Then the anniversary timeline on the blog is wrong, it says the Nashville store was opened first – that’s why I was confused. Oh well happy anniversary to the guys anyway!

        1. Meghan Aileen

          The first on the list is 2000 Antique Archaeology opened that was meant to be the Iowa store. Sorry should have made that more clear! :) Thank you!!

        2. Dane

          It says the “new Iowa store”, the original Iowa store was opened before Nashville, the new Iowa store must have been after Nashville.

    1. Joe Zibbideo

      Hi Julie, another fan here! They outgrew their first Iowa store, and had a few episodes in which they weighed whether to expand the Iowa store, or add a second. They added the second, in Nashville. Later, they decided Iowa was in need of expansion in order to remain AA Headquarters, so they built a nice, new storefront alongside the original building. Hence, Iowas’ “reopening” was in 2014. Cheers! Joe Z.

  6. Bob Esper

    I want to commend Mike for taking his vocation and love of picking to the level that he has brought it. Every time I watch the show, I feel I am getting an education in history. I wish you continued success and I will be watching for as long as your show continues. My wife and I recently visited your stores in LeClaire and enjoyed the day there, We visited many stores and enjoyed lunch overlooking the Mississippi and everyone was very friendly and talked so positive about your popularity and success. Only drawback was that we didn’t get to meet you and personally extend our best wishes for your success.

  7. Armand Lavoie

    I love to watch your show with my 13 yr old grandson. He loves old things and is a history buff. He watches intently to see what you have found each week. The old bikes are his favorite as well as odd things you find.

  8. John stevend

    Thank each of you for setting an example for family entertainment and wholesomeness. We have very few shows left that a Christian or good familes can enjoy now and it is getting even worse. All My family are big fans and we have loved the show from the first episode. Thanks again and Give our regards to everyone.

  9. Mike

    I’m from Abbotsford ! BC , Canada and love your show . My wife and I tape it . You all are our kinda folks ! Do you ever pick in Canada ? Wishing you all health and happiness !

    1. Warren Searle

      Love watching the show from Melbourne, Australia on A&E (Cable) . Happy 15th Anniversary with im sure many more to come. Love the stories around the people and stuff you pick, but also your love of Indian Motorcycles . The team work so well together its a big part of the success of the show so well done on that. Would love to see you and the team “down under” one day ……..

  10. Lorraine Russo

    Love the show and you guys. I love to pick and have learned a lot about the trade from watching your show. What would you do without Dani?? LOL

  11. MaryLisa Noyes

    My dad was a picker and loved going on the hunt on the weekends. He drive the parcel post US mail truck in the early 60’s and would haul things home from his parcel stops. Your show brings so many memories back for me. Thank you!

  12. 88 Fingers Louis

    I dunno but if I did get the chance to high-five you guys, I would…. and say that your show is better than most things I chose not to watch on an otherwise bland network TV experience.[that’s why I don’t have Cable anymore- I found you guys online ] I seem to pick the best things on the random fly (or so it always seems..) I highly recommend AmericanPickers, Cable Channl or off the Net.,watch every Episode starting from the 1st Season and do a back-to-back marathon sit-down ,get glued to the screen, and get a nice view into what a cool experience could be AND has become for me! , for all of you guys,just keep on keeping everything real and don’t let anyone or Corporate mind-sets change your working Template. I have found that the most valuable things found on your show …..are the comments and the love you show to people you find on the back roads of the USA and the love they give back to you`.

  13. Irene Heltner

    Happy 15th Anniversary! Crystal is the recommended gift item for this occasion. It’s crystal clear why I love your show. Every item you find has a story, and it is the story which makes the piece what it is. Thanks for passing along your wisdom, your love of travel, and your appreciation of the history of the things you pick.

  14. Peter O'Brien

    G’day guys all the way from Australia!
    My favourite show without doubt, absolutely love it!
    I bought a couple of tshirts online and wear them with pride here in Melbourne
    Long may your show continue, and one day I will make the long journey out from Australia to Iowa to visit your store and hopefully meet you guys!
    Keep on pickin!

  15. Bill

    I sent you some pics of a wall plaque with antique bicycle emblems and asked if Mike (being a bike collector) was interested in purchasing same. Got no response

  16. tanya

    Love the show…my sister was a picker and we started watching the show together. She would say for non pickers it’s great but for pickers the price of junk just went up. Lok

  17. Rita Hooper

    Love your show. Love the fact that you treat everyone as important. That is a rare talent. We have Canadian pickers, but, I don’t enjoy it as much as I do yours. Congrats on your success. Do not change a thing. People can relate to you, all of you, and that’s makes the show.

  18. jarod

    I have to say when you guys first hit the history channel I was a bit peeved. I was raised at swap meets and flea markets, garage sales, yard sales and the good old fashioned swoop in. I can even remember my pawpaw tossing me in a dumpster and saying “What’s that over there, boy?”. I just felt then that you guys were infringing on my hustle. I have lost everything since then and these days I appreciate what you do. Real highway bandits. Great show, great work. Wanna go to your shops. Keep it real.

  19. H.L. Hair

    Just wanted to say thank you for bringing your version of American Pickers to tv. Never would I imagine how what most consider junk, ( me included ) would be brought back to life and realize what’s important to the american culture.
    You and Frank keep up the good work !

  20. Richard Tyner

    Love the show bit of collecter my self have a Gary Fisher mt bike great patina color is orange origanal very cool bike get coments about it by bike riders alot tell Dani D an Frank said wazzzzzz up thanks

  21. Charles Spann

    Mike I met you years ago in your store in Clinton and I thought then you were a nice guy. I introduced myself and told you I was from Nashville and we talked for a brief moment. You went to school with my cousin which you remembered. Then several years later on two occasions I met you in Franklin and tried to make small talk with you again and boy what a jerk you were on both occasions. I guess all the fame and good fortune went to your head. The person your portrait on TV is nothing like you in person. You should remember where you came from and how you got to where you are today and not treat your fan base the way you do just because there isn’t a camera around. I still watch all of your shows and enjoy the things you find throughout the country but I I do have a whole new perspective on you as a person. I’ve never met Frank but I can only hope he is a much bigger person than you. Good luck and I wish you the best on your future shows and endevours.

  22. Beth Charles

    You guys rock ! Love the fact that you keep history alive. “Lest we forget ” is a favorite quote of mine. You all feel like family – good job !



  24. Paula Bermingham

    Love your show. My husband and I often talk about you business ethics. Giving people what they don’t expect and get back more than what you could imagined. Sure that is why you are successful in your endeavors. Love what you did for the kid pickers that was great. Maybe it will an yearly event.

  25. Janice Nelson

    I love watching your show. I collected antiques in the past and run a small shop next to a larger store in Julesburg, Colorado. I am amazed at all the things I like that you guys leave behind. We have calls for marbles, porcelain signs, coins, and toys related to those they had as children and others. We are Ford lovers and always love the finds you get. Thanks for being on for 15 years .

  26. Andrew Povey

    Love watching your show here in England, hope to one day visit your stores, and who knows, even get to meet you good folk?!
    Keep up the great work, hope to be watching many more seasons!

  27. Jeff Kaiser

    For the comments on Mikes timeline. It is correct. The store in LeClaire opened first in 2000 followed by the Nashville store in 2011. The shop in LeClaire re-opened in 2014 in a new building next to the original. The show was very good at showing scenes from the planning and construction to the opening. I plan visiting the Nashville store at the end of January 2016 for my first visit to Antigue Archeology. Can’t wait!

  28. Michele

    Thank you to everyone at Antique Archeology for providing an educational show about history. Mike, Frank, Robbie and Dani make the show entertaining. Loved the show where Robbie was sent to Pennsylvania to get the Volkswagen bug out of the loft in the barn! We visited the Nashville store and have visiting the Iowa store on our bucket list. Would love to meet you personally to say job well done!! Blessings for continued success, health and happiness.

  29. Karen Williams

    We love the show Here in Batavia NY!! I could spend a whole day watching. Actually think I have done just that. Interesting to learn the value of some things and its always great to go down memory lane!! Here’s to another 15 years!

  30. BrendaCarlisle

    We enjoy your show so much. Happy Anniversary on your stores. We went to
    your Nashville store a couple of years ago. Really enjoyed it. Wish we could have met you. Good luck in your continued journey. Would love to see you in Mobile,Al.

  31. Timothy Byram

    got to meet Mike And DannyD at Syracuse Ny two summers ago . Told Mike how I watch the show and saw some old wall phones in the back ground , and started my phone collection well 300 phones later so in jest I blamed him for all the phones he thought that was funny. So I would like to say to Mike and Danny thank for your autograph on my western electric antique phone book self I will treasure it for ever . Sincerely Tim aka Grumpy

  32. Julie Schneider

    Looking at these pictures like the rest of us you guys have changed through the years:-) Have been to both stores and this summer meeting Mike at the iowa store was the highlight of my vacation :-) I’ll be 80 years old years from now and still be talking about that day:-) Love to watch your show and hate to miss it, so always tape it. Mike and Frank you are great and it shows through when dealing with people. And Daniel is a hoot:-) Never change and God bless

  33. Bernie Kvarnstrom

    Love it that you share your experiences on the road and in the stores. Your mix of dialog and action, characters and old items, continues to make the show interesting and informative. Wish I could be at some of those places.
    I wish you continued success.

  34. Carol Sporre

    My husband and I enjoy your shows, and watch every Wednesday. We learn something new from each and every episode, and we are always amazed at what is now popular with people – now many items that we purchased in the early years of our marriage. We hope your show will be around for a long time yet, with you, Frank and Dani making it such fun for all of us to watch. Happy Anniversary!

  35. Anthony Sweet

    I LOVE “American Pickers.” It is educational, entertaining, and fun. It doesn’t have an agenda. I never get tired of the re-runs. I’m glad Mike’s Great idea turned out to be a Great success. I disagree with those who say the show hurt their business. You have kindled/re-kindled an interest in important things many may have forgotten or never knew about. You have separated yourselves from the often undeserved reputation that dealers are shady and try to take advantage of others. Now folks are opening up to the idea that their neglected items should go someplace where they are appreciated and enjoyed. People who thought they had a pile of junk are realizing they may be able to convert it into dollars. You have shown us how great America is and always was. You epitomize the “American Dream.” Thank You for keeping it alive and real.

  36. John Lind

    My wife and I love the show, and have watched, nearly, from the beginning.
    When I get ready to sell my 1963 R60/2 BMW with Enduro (tear-drop) bags, and 63K miles. I’ll give you a call.
    Best to all,
    Susan & John

  37. Steve Chancey

    Hey guys (and Dani, of course), I LOVE the show and am glad to know there are people with the same disease I have had for much of my life. Especially the old bikes and cars. As a motorcycle enthusiast/rider/racer since the early ’70s, I like seeing someone with the passion for these old pieces of history like I do. I usually keep 12-20 bikes from the 60s-70s (British,Italian,Japanese) and have several friends who do the same. We were at Chief Blackhawk meet this year and last year and even saw Mike and Frank but didn’t want to bother you since you seemed swamped with “admirers”. We even made it to the LeClaire store this year but only the sales girls were there. I am in Chattanooga and want to get over to the Nashville store soon. Maybe I’ll run into you there. You guys are living our dream, so keep it up. Steve

  38. Sylvia Sammons-Spivey

    My daughter Tracey who lives with me makes sure to alert me to an episode of your show since I don’t watch clocks. We enjoy the show, all concerned and even watch reruns again and again. We enjoy the personalities of everybody and hope one day to make contact to sell you some items. I am a collector, a senior who is liquidating. I also have four sisters in Georgia with full storage houses who want to sell. We once worked as sellers, so we have quality things. God bless all of you and may your success continue. You seem to have earned it.

  39. Bob Wernimont

    Please know we are with you when your hearts break at the evidence that an American Piece of History has been sacrificed. You save it ” one piece at a time”and create a saving atmosphere among your followers. Safe picking my friends.

  40. Florida girl

    Thank you for a wonderful show! We discovered the show during a very difficult time when my sister was dying of cancer. My 83 year old mother has memory problems and doesn’t get out much, but even during our darkest times she couldn’t wait for “her boys” to come on. I can’t tell you how many “Picker Wednesday” marathon days we have had, but it keeps her smiling to see y’all having so much fun. We have all learned a lot from watching and appreciate the positive tenor of the show. I had the opportunity to visit the Nashville store during the Country Living show last Spring. While we missed seeing any of y’all, your staff was very friendly and we enjoyed the whole vibe there!
    So please keep on rolling and we will keep on watching!!

  41. Dale Miller Australia

    Mike, Frank & Danielle. Thanks for giving the world ( and an “Aussie”) an insight to the back roads of America. My wife and I did a 8 week West Coast American Tour a few years San Diego to the Canadian Rockies, with a week in Seattle with Hudson Car Club USA as we have 2 Hudson vehicles. We are constantly amazed that when touring Australia, England, Europe & America those who have never travelled to another state in their own country, or even another country. We plan to do East Coast USA in 2017 plan to find Nashville and American Archaeology and then drive “Route 66″ an American Icon we have to do. Please keep up the good work and if and when you are planning a pick in Australia please advise and we can share a cold beer or two on the back roads of Australia. Essexly yours Dale

  42. patti g sutherland

    U guys r Awesome, Lov the show n u guys r just so cool,Mike, Franki,Robbie n Dani. If u guys ever get bk around Gettysburg or York County Pa,I hv large collection old old coins. I mean rare 1922peace dollars, old large pennies,coins galore, just Don’t trust too many coin collectors around here.these were found at recycling ctr here in centrl Pa, snt here from all over the country,if ur interested let me know. So impressed with ur show. Patti

  43. Paul wadman

    Great show so much stuff to look traveling the back roads of America all u need now is a rebel flag on the side of your van . Keep the fath

  44. Kevin curry

    Congrats you guys! Me and my girl went to Sturgis this year. We stopped at the Nashville store on the way there from Gainesville, FL and then hit the Iowa store on our way home. Thought we might see one of you at least at one of the three locations. I assume at least one of you were at Sturgis! Anyway! Love the show and if your pickin in Florida let me know. I’ll get on my 99 road king and try to find you. Pick on!

  45. Neil Scarbro

    Congratulations Guys on 15 years of picking , you should come to United kingdom & I don’t mean London , there is more to the UK than Been in London . Great show I think you should give your hard working Danielle a pay rise as she is doing a grand job .
    Best wishes

  46. Jes the Fez

    Dear Mike, Frank & Danny D,

    just watched another fabulous episode (the UK trip) of American Pickers. Shame you two “corn cobs” didn’t get a warmer welcome from the Brits featured. I guess we’ve had longer than you guys to incorporate English eccentricities into everyday life.
    We love antiquities here, the BBC’s Antiques Roadshow garners almost 7 million viewers – that’s a million more than the Simon Cowell X factor “talent show”.
    Loving your exploits of rusty gold – all the very best JtF

  47. J Ohono

    Your show has created a picking and flipping bug in my wife and I. We now pick yard sales, garage sales, estate sales and any time we see anything interesting. I love show and keep em coming Frank and Mike y’all are the best!!! Your two biggest fans Kristin and jimmy

  48. Gerry B

    I love watching your shows while I lay in bed waiting to have back sugery and I live in Tinley Park Illinois not to far from Joliet where Mike lived. I have one of those blue Pepsi metal ice coolers that I saw Frank buy on one show. My wife and I used to buy stuff at the Kane County Flea Market back in late 70’s and early 80’s. If you are ever this way stop buy for a cup of coffee.

    1. Sarah Buckholtz

      Thanks for watching, Gerry! Wishing you a speedy recovery so you can start feeling better and get back out to pick more of those Pepsi coolers. Stay warm up there in Tinley Park and hope to see you soon!

  49. Rob R

    Greetings from north of the border!! Love the show and have learned so much from it. VERY educational as well as entertaining! I tape all the shows, including re-runs! (in case I missed something!). On my way to being a certified yard sale junkie (have to start somewhere you know) Please keep the show going…one of a handful of shows I go out of my way to watch. If you are ever in Canada (Ontario to be exact) I want autographs! :) You guys rock!

  50. John Hastings

    Hi love the show, guys here in England try to copy but frankly not the same no pun intended. As you may have found not so easy to pick here in England everything on E-bay. Hope to get to the states in the near future and visit the stores need any help picking? let me know.
    Keep up the good work John

  51. Jeannie

    The greatest show on tv,so informative,helps people seek stuff,they otherwise would never have and it probably would be junked! I especially love Dani,Dave,Robbie when they go picking!

  52. Bob Portillo

    Love your passion for securing and sharing the history of items you buy. Adds so much value to it all. The country has stories to share and Mike and Frank are the Relic Tellers.

  53. Terry

    Best show on TV.If I may.One word of advise.Keep it like you started it.You lost me on that European trip.It reminded me of the ( Beverly hillbillies ) when they did the same thing.It just felt weird…Keeper in the good old back roads of the USA.God bless and be safe.

  54. Fabrice

    I am French, and i love your TV show
    I try to see all, and sometimes, an old is showed on TV but i look it again, love love love
    Kiss from France, and a special to Daniele 😉

  55. Ron Letenyei

    Used to drive by the shop in LeClaire every week and have been there from the time AA was a small operation to what it is now. Success couldn’t happen to a nicer group of people. Mike, would love to have you visit the great state of Michigan and the Buses by the Beach, Bus Benefit (right up your alley). Check it out at BusesbytheBeach.org. A GREAT organization of fellow bus enthusiasts who camp, listen to great local music and raise money for burn victims through the Pheonix Society. Here to many more years of Pickers.

  56. George.

    Great show Frank, Mike, Dani always look forward to seeing the show, a little behind in time here in the UK so that just tells me we have more to come!
    Best wishes from London…..

  57. Rosemary Cone

    Dear Mike & Frank,
    Looks like you usually take the same van on picks each time. PLEASE mount a rack on top & take an extension ladder with you. I am a faithful watcher & don’t want a fall to hurt either of you – when taking this simple precaution of having your own ladder available when needed can prevent one. Thanks! Keep on pickin’!

  58. Cortney

    I have to get across my gratitude for your kind-heartedness for individuals that have the
    need for help on in this issue. Your personal commitment to passing the solution around had become pretty informative and has specifically enabled regular people like me to
    realize their desired goals. The interesting information signifies a whole lot
    to me and even more to my mates. Warm regards; from each one of us.

  59. David Adams

    Just wanted to say how much we love the show and envy Mike and Franks lifestyle. My wife and I watch every week and look forward to all the rusty gold you guys find all over the country. The history pop ups you do are great, the Teddy Bear one was so cool! We’re thinking of taking a monthlong vacation and going pickin. You’re love for our country comes through in every episode so keep up the great work and happy pickin!!!

  60. alan jones

    Love the show.
    it is pretty recent to our screens in the UK, but this is great as there are so many great episodes to catch up on.
    it is amazing that, what one person can deem as junk can have as a value to someone else.
    nothing should go to waste and it is great to see items restored and enjoyed.
    hope you can do a visit to the UK and do some British Picking.

  61. Kimberly Kleve

    2 years ago we were fortunate to of been able to visit your Nashville shop during our Family roadtrip from Santa Fe to Massachussetts…We were SOO excited!! This year my oldest son graduated from High School here in Santa Fe and our gift to him was a U2 show in Pittsburgh!….BUT…the road trip included first and foremost a stop in LeClaire to visit you guys on our way to Green Bay…I gotta tell you guys..we love road tripping…and the plan was…”leave Santa Fe at 9pm Saturday…arrive in LeClaire 3pm Sunday in time to shop!!….I don’t know what happened, but we got there about 8pm june 4th…just in time to be attacked by all the mayflies lol!! We hung out for a few and took some photos…Im a HUGE fan…love the show…Thank you for all the cool things…and by the way…Albuquerque just opened an Indian Motorcycle Shop, and when I first saw the signs for it on the highway, I was able to educate the carload on a little bike history…Thanks Guys!!

  62. John Lynch

    I too have enjoyed the show though the years. When my wife and I got married almost 40 years ago this is how we furnished the house By using picking methods. We bargained at 2nd hand shops consignment shops etc.. Watching Mike and Frank has honed my skills. And now doing bundling on bargains.
    I’m also a Motorcycle guy. Just sold a 2005 Honda VTX for a 2017 Indian Vintage. Wow what a bike !

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