American Pickers’ Mike Wolfe reaches young collectors with
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Do you remember the things you collected as a child? For me, it was arrowheads found in the backyard of my grandparents home, Matchbox cars, Barbie and all the shoes they made for her, and Garbage Pail Kids (yes I just saw the episode of “Pawn Stars” with the guy that brought in an album full of them!)

I have heard countless stories about how “mom” threw out the sports card and comic book collections. Sound familiar? I don’t know if I should have kept any of those things for any other reason than sentiment, but isn’t the nostalgic attachment priceless?

Mike Wolfe, host and creator of your favorite HISTORY show, “American Pickers,” found his calling as a picker when he was a kid. When he told me about his latest endeavor,, I was somehow not surprised.

“I believe kids are born pickers” says Wolfe. “They are curious, adventurous and thrilled by discovery. That instinctively makes them drawn to a pile of junk!”

Wolfe hopes to share his passion for collecting and trading with the KidPickers website. will be the stepping stone for kids to learn more about history, their family, and collecting in their community… READ THE ARTICLE BY REYNE HAINES IN ITS ENTIRETY HERE AT ANTIQUE TRADER.




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