mike wolfe, american picker, history channel, vintage tee, vintage home decor


mike wolfe, american pickers, history channel, antique archaeology, kid pickers, antiques, vintage tee


5 thoughts on “Bicycling: Cue Sheet – Felt’s Red Wolfe Cruiser”

  1. mikey

    bike way over priced. walmart sells a better 29 inch cruiser for 199. schwinn and huffy do a better job, more realistic price. 139 assembled, out the door.

    1. Janell Darlene Post Author

      Hi Mikey,

      Sorry you feel that way. It’s not the bike for everyone, but it is a high quality bike that is limited edition and collectable.

    2. RMOsborne

      Walmart sells boatloads of cheaply made bicycles.
      I would much rather buy quality, it will last and it looks great.
      I wish I had the cash to buy one.

  2. Nick

    Well …..I put the money on the counter at my local bike shop, and rode on outta there. Every time I take it out , people compliment me on my ride. The money was one thing but letting it sit there in the showroom was not gonna happen. It is very good quality and rides even better than it looks. Ah….maybe not that far…… I think it’s a very good buy.

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