Check out December’s Pickin’ Corner Line Up. Free, live music in our Nashville store all weekend long.

Saturday, December 26: Kris Bradley – Lillie Syracuse – JR Willis + John VanMeter

Sunday, December 27: Molly Jeanne


Saturday, December 19: Austin Scott – Emily Otteson – United Cigar Box Band

Sunday, December 20: Jan Buckingham – Ricky Randolf + Friends



Saturday, December 12: Beth Brown – Christine Parri, Matt Scullion, Connor Mc Guinnis, Lala – Mitchell Kilpatrick – Dave Issacs with Laura + Lars – Andrew Tufano

Sunday, December 13: Loveland – Willow + Wood


Saturday, December 5: The McNatts – Jenny Tolman – It’s Relative

Sunday, December 6: Lottie – Jackson Steele – Kaileigh Jo Kirk




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One thought on “DECEMBER 2015: PICKIN’ CORNER LINE UP”

  1. Kathy Brown

    Love, love, love the show. Wondering if you have ever come across a SHANE MCCONKEY action figure – ORIGINAL HUCK DOLL NSM.
    If you haven’t heard of the guy, he was a pro extreme skier, base jumper, wing suit flying dare devil. Among the skiing/snowboarding community, Shane is a legend. Unfortunately, he died in a base jumping accident. Before his death, there was a Shane McConkey action figure. I’ve googled, googled and googled – nada. I don’t know where to search. I’ve tried the usual toy memorabilia, skiing sites even his foundation. If you actually read this stuff and come across a Shane McConkey action figure in your travels, please scoop it up. I don’t have big bucks but I want to own this figure. Any ideas on where I might search for this toy.

    BTW, not a tattoo lover but love Danielle’s style.

    You guys are the coolest.


    Kathy Brown

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