When looking for some DIY inspiration, need not look further than Round Top, Texas – home of the Junk Gypsies. I asked our friend Jolie Sikes (half of the Junk Gypsy duo) to give us some tips for this project. We dig the style of log stump tables and love the sense of repurpose, especially when it comes to the environment! Jolie, who with her sister Amie, have created a junkin’ and crafty empire (& TV show!) all starting from $2,000 and an old pick up truck. Jolie is going to give us the step by step for this one:

Image courtesy Great American Country


Junk Gypsies DIY Instructions

“If you’re tree huggers like us, it practically brings you to tears to see a tree being cut down even when it’s dying from disease, bugs, or some other natural effect.

And since we’re all sentimental like that, we like to repurpose trees (cedars are particularly great for this!) into side tables or coffee tables, which helps ease our sorrow just a bit. Depending on the size log and type of tree you choose, this is a great project that almost anyone can do with very little help.

1.  Size matters – a really large log makes for an even bigger project that requires heavy lifting… Consider this when choosing your log.

Image courtesy Great American Country

2.  Don your essential work gloves.

3.  Manhandle, forklift, or pulley your tree logs to your workspace

4.  Cut off any remaining limbs, using a saw and rasp.

Image courtesy Great American Country
Image courtesy Great American Country

5. If you are using a smaller log, you may need to clamp  your log in order to keep it secure and stable.

6.Time to debark. Removing the bark can be a really simple process, depending on the type of wood… Simply pulling off the bark in large segments often works beautifully. You can also use debarking tools like a draw knife to pry off segments that are tougher to remove.

7. Once all the bark is removed, use a palm sander to create a really smooth surface on the entire log… This process may also require a little hand sanding in all the nooks and crannies.

Image courtesy Great American Country


8. Paint a couple of coats of clear coat sealer (we recommend Junk Gypsy clear coat!) on your logs to protect them from stains and to sustain their color for years.

Image courtesy Great American Country


Congratulations! You just saved a life! Well, not really…but kind of. We’ll go with that…you little lifesaver, you.”

Thanks again Jolie for all these tips! Be sure and check Junk Gypsy out online HERE and on Instagram.

Image courtesy Great American Country






  1. Joyce Wells

    My husband has a place in the mountains where they put mineral lick out
    for the deer all summer. They usually put it around an old stump where
    the deer lick it down to smooth wood. That’s how I am going to get my stump done!

    Great job ladies!

  2. Susan

    I did this in the 1970’s, love this look. I am going to do this again. Love your show, you guys are awesome and have so much respect for people. I watched last night and you offered more than the man asked for. I respect you both and love you for the way you are with others. It promotes Love. And Danielle is great. Keep on keeping on. You three rock!!!

  3. MamaPesh

    I am a tree hugger! When I was a teenager, I wailed for weeks because a neighbor cut down an oak tree on his property!
    I love these stump tables. This same neighbor’s sister-in-law repurposed cypress knees as door stops. Beautiful
    door stops.
    Still anxious for the story on the cabin!
    Keep up the good work.

  4. Ben Holt

    Really enjoy American Pickers TV show, as well as a recent visit the store in Le Clair.
    Thanks for the tree stomp coffee table instructions from Junk Gypsies.
    i live in Phoenix where we have several monsoon storms each summer which fell many mesquite trees. Mesquite has many properties lending itself to a project like the coffee tables. It’ll my next project. Thanks.

  5. Pig pen pete

    Just have to say how much I love your show American Pickers” I live in the Northumberland’England’near the Scottish border” I have been a picker for 35years here and loved every minute of it” I also love the junk Gypsies log stump tables” great name too” :-)

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