Check out Fall/Winter Pickin’ Corner Line Up. Free, live music in our Nashville store all weekend long.

Saturday, January 21: Sam Cooper – Hummingbyrds – Tammy Sue + Zac Edington

Sunday, January 22: Stacy Lawson + Friends


Saturday, January 7: Brett Berwager – Charley Woods – Geddes Sea – Sarah Beth

Sunday, January 8: Brian Donkers – Jaye D. Marte – P.J. Steelman


Saturday, December 31: Nathan Picard – Justin Johnson

Sunday, January 1: Amy Benton



Saturday, December 24: United Cigar Box Band – Austin Scott Thorp

Sunday, December 25: CLOSED


Saturday, December 17: Josh Clegg – Chris Monaghan – The Hummingbyrds

Sunday, December 18: Yours For the Taking


Saturday, December 10: Jim M + Bob H – Frank Wicher – Tommy C. Lewis

Sunday, December 11: Tommy C. Lewis


Saturday, December 3rd: Von Strantz – Delnora Reed – Karen Keeley – Emily Otteson

Sunday, December 4th: Alyssa Trahan – Zoe Babyar


Saturday, November 26: Charley Woods – Merry + David Ralston – Shawney Damisch

Saturday, November 27: Andrew Holmes – Jonathan Hester


Saturday, November 19: Delnora Reed – The Hummingbyrds – Robert Sells

Saturday, November 20: Two Squares


Saturday, November 12: Delyn Christian – David DeVaul

Saturday, November 13: Tammy Sue + Friends – Chris Monaghan


Saturday, November 5: Clint Alphin + Friends – Steve Oakley – Kayla Calabrese

Sunday, November 6: Shari Rose – Jacey Gutnecht
















Saturday, October 29: 2 or 3 Squares – Blue Mafia – Borrowed Tyme Band

Sunday, October 30: Jase Hackman – Josh Gray + Friends


Saturday, October 22: Philip Dain Powell – Megan Golden – Steel City Jug Slammers

Sunday, October 23: Eli Barsi – Teddy Davenport


Saturday, October 15: Van Strantz – Sam Cooper – Craig Waller

Sunday, October 16: Tammy Sue + Friends – Ron Shaffer


Saturday, October 9: Eddy Nann – Justin Johnson – Everette Brown

Sunday, October 10: Ariana Hodes – Emily Otteson


Saturday, October 1: Delyn Christian – Nate Pickard – Matt Taul Band

Sunday, October 2: Jessica Lynne + Friends – Mitchell Torrence


Saturday, September 24: Dos Ringos – Bill Scorzari – Funky Jean – Libby Koch – Hummingbyrds – Annette Conlon – Heather Platts

Sunday, September 25: Sasha Aaron – Blue Mother Tupelo – Alice Wallace – Charlotte Berg Trio


Saturday, September 17: Sugar Lime Blue – Pete Kennedy – Donald Benjamin

Sunday, September 18: Jean-Luc Laroux + Friends


Saturday, September 10: Dan Bankhurst – Jake Clayton – “J” + Cricket Edwards

Sunday, September 11: Noah Clark – Lara Wisdom

pickin corner



21 thoughts on “FALL + WINTER 2016: PICKIN’ CORNER LINE UP”

  1. Lisa Beach

    We just arrived at Fort Campbell and I have been dying to come to the store! We are planning a visit tomorrow. I was just looking up your hours for this weekend. Love the show and can’t wait to see all that you have to offer!

  2. J Ross

    I guess it was just an oversight. Anyhow, it was shipped and 9/15 is the expected arrival date. I do apologize for my previous comment.

  3. RaShelle

    We will be at your Nashville store Saturday, September 24th and are wondering what time your live bands play at. Love your show…excited to get there!

  4. Jon

    Hey I’m a huge fan of the show. And I live In Missouri about 5 hours from the Tennessee store. I been wanting to come up there every since I heard there was one opening. Could anyone tell me when the next few dates they would be playing music There? I’ve been playing my whole life and we would love to come check out the store, listen and play some music there if I could. Let me know if anyone knows anything about it. Thanks

  5. timothy a scoggins

    I have been a fan for the duration of the show , I just learned enough about computer’s enough to do the proverbial surf the web. And I seen where Mike wolfe was into old country music . Some seasons back I heard something about a music message board , is that for posting song lyrics or , musicians trying to connect with other artist .

    1. Sarah Buckholtz

      Wonder if you are thinking about our weekly pickin corner post on our blog. It goes out every Friday and tells people the artists that will be playing at the Nashville store that week. Does that help Timothy?

  6. Lillian Glanton

    I would love the opportunity to perform at The Pickin’ Corner! I was so blessed to have received a Gold Ticket to Hollywood on the Final Season of American Idol! Be sure to check out my FB page at Lillian Glanton Music! I hope to hear from y’all soon!! Lillian

  7. wilbur gilliland

    hi you all love your show! i am in newport tn. at 673 n. cecil st. iabout 50 mj. east of knoxville tn. i love everything you do danyell works so hard and mike also frank! u all work hard the good lord has blessed u all im not to good on compurter or speeling but im disabled an just wanted to say hi an godbless all of you! if your interrested in vws i mite know were some old cars are at an trucks~but i would have to check an set it up there a little work but no problem! i know it would or could be worth it then i realy dont know just have to try if interested just have to try! because its all a gamble! love u-all an your show! im going to leave my # to make it easy 1-423-625-8960 home # thanks wilbur & rita gilliland

  8. Kimberly Salas RN

    Enjoy watching the program when I have some down time in the evenings or the weekends. Great stories accompanying the items. Very educational; I could easily ‘nerd out’ and binge watch this show all day! And Frank is easy on the eyes…
    Keep up the good work, you have a great thing going.

    Kimberly in Kansas

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