Before green screen, high definition, and multi million dollar budgets, movies were campy and shall we say, a little hokey. We love them.  Since we are all about old school at Antique Archaeology, we thought we ought to pay some worthy attention to the films that kept it real in the mid-60s with screen kings like Mickey Rooney and Elvis Presley.

We have eight vintage movie posters on hand that are looking to belong in a movie buff’s cinematic collection and appreciated for many years to come. Due to their delicate condition, each movie poster has been stored and photographed in plastic with protective corners. Each poster will be shipped rolled in a cardboard tube.

Below are the eight posters available while supplies lasts:

Mondo Mod

“It’s a mod mod world….” Hang this original movie poster in your home for the documentary film, Mondo Mod, that captures California’s famous Sunset Strip in 1966. Colorful and Groovy, this cheerful piece of advertising history will catapult you back to the swinging 60s and the counterculture hippie scene.

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How to Stuff a Wild Bikini

An interesting course in the birds, the bees, and bikinis! This is a true conversation piece with a title like, How to Stuff a Wild Bikini. The 1965 beach themed musical comedy featuring an all star cast like Mickey Rooney and Annette Funicello, paints a picture of true surf and fashion in a time groovy time.

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Double Trouble

Talk about seeing double! Elvis Presley’s role in the 1967 Talk about seeing double! Elvis Presley’s role in the 1967 film Double Trouble love, theft, murder, and of course, music. All original, the poster showcases a great image of a young Elvis Presley in vibrant and bright color. The perfect piece to add to your music or cinematic collection.

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Hot Rod Hullabaloo

Original vintage 1966 movie poster for the teenage tale of drag-racing, Hot Rod Hullabaloo. This vibrant poster features vintage cars like a bright green ’34 Ford -perfect for the motor sport enthusiast or cinematic collector.

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Frankenstein Created Woman

Frankenstein has done it again! He sparks new life into a woman in the British Hammer Horror film, Frankenstein Created Woman. Sexy and evil graphics tell the story of Frankenstein’s creation of the ultimate wickedness in the form of a beautiful woman.

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Dracula: Prince of Darkness and The Plague of the Zombies

Dracula and Zombies create a creepy combo for this horror movie double feature. Strong black and white graphics capture the sexy, yet evil villains of these epic 1960s horror films. The perfect piece to add to any cinematic collection.

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Evel Knievel

Original vintage 1971 movie poster for the self-titled classic Evel Knievel. One of the greatest American icons of the 1970s. The vibrant image of the famous stuntman shows Evel riding off onto a dirt road leading to the edge of the Grand Canyon, a stunt he was promoting at the time. Question is… did Evel ever jump the Grand Canyon?

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Frankenstein Meets the Space Monster and Curse of the Voodoo

Beware their stare! Here’s a second double feature out of the 60s featuring the rock n’ roll thriller film Frankenstein Meets the Space Monster, and Curse of the Voodoo. Astro-robots in battle, scantily-clad beach-blanket females and jungle terror scenes illustrate this classic piece of cinematic history.

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Anyone remember seeing these films at the drive-in or theater way back when? Share your favorite in the comments below.


12 thoughts on “For the Mid Mod Lover: Eight Vintage Movie Posters”

  1. Pamela Hanson

    I seen Evel Knievel at the drive-in, actually I worked the concession stand a couple nights also. I remember working the first night it opened at the drive-in, which must have been a Thursday or Friday, that is usually when the shows changed. I had never heard of Evel Knievel before that and thought it would be a slow night. Well, I was wrong, it was packed and I was run ragged in the concession stand.
    My husband was the projectionist at the drive-in also, that is how we met.
    I have many original movie posters, if you are interested in buying any.

  2. Tracey miller

    Love love love Elvis posters how much I have Elvis Marilyn Monroe James Dean and I decorated mid-century modern love them again how much

  3. Tracey miller

    Love love love the Elvis posters I have Marilyn Monroe James Dean and Elvis throughout the house and I decorate midcentury modern how much on the office posters please and thank you

  4. paula witmer

    Who doesn’t love Elvis? I remember bringing popcorn from home to the drive in and being in my pajamas when i was little because i always fell asleep in the back of the car! The drive in where I live in Columbus Ohio is now a flea market in the spring and summer. Still fun, but the picking kind of fun!

    1. Sarah Buckholtz Post Author

      Paula, thanks for sending us back to yester-year with that drive-in story! While it’s sad to hear the theater is no longer, it’s nice to hear that it’s still being used as a venue. Thanks for the comment!

  5. Barbara

    We visited the LeClaire store while on a cross country trip. I was hoping to find a ’50’s cowboy cap gun to use as a prop for a painting.
    The staff there suggested trying the website. Are there any available to purchase?
    We had a great time exploring the store,
    taking pictures of famous picks and shopping!

    1. Sarah Buckholtz Post Author

      Hi Barbara! We don’t sell antiques online. We’re working on changing that, but right now, the only way to buy picks is in the shop. Thanks for visiting and come back soon!

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