“As men we need a space of our own, a place to hang and be around the things we love that inspire us. With an ever-changing crazy world we all need a place to go relax and feel connected to not only our past, but to the present moment. No distractions…just chill. Check out some great gifts for the man in your life and his cave below.” – MW



Mike has personally “picked” each piece featured in this 2017 calendar, some from his personal collection. Each month features a stunning image of a notable find, hand-picked from across America.




Inspired by old school oil cans, our sturdy stainless steel flask is the perfect place to contain your favorite spirit.




This compact duffle is perfect for a weekend trip. Thoughtfully created with Martexin waxed canvas, a solid metal Riri zipper, custom organically oiled leather and solid copper rivets, this wonderfully crafted piece will stand the test of time.




Keep your beverage icy cold and your hands warm and dry with our thick Antique Archaeology koozie.  




Antique Archaeology shop rags are sold in sets of 3 and feature our classic dinner logo on each rag. Perfect for drying, wiping, and cleaning any and all of your favorite finds.



USA Made Auto Repair Tee

Our Antique Archaeology Auto Repair design features a caricature of a classic set of wheels. It’s printed on a soft, thin, black American Apparel tee, USA made.


unnamed-3Hatch Show Print

A chance to own a piece of American History! We have partnered up with the historic Hatch Show Print of Nashville, Tennessee to bring you these letterpress posters. A perfect fit for Antique Archaeology, Hatch Show has been using the same printing processes since the late 1800s.





32 thoughts on “Holiday Gift Guides: Man Caves”

  1. Katrina Rodgers

    More of a question.
    By chance do you have any RC signs?
    My husbands bday is coming up and that’s his favorite soda…all though he only drinks it once in a while

    1. Sarah Buckholtz

      We would love that too, Eric. The problem is that they sell fast! Not a bad problem to have, but that just means it’s first come first serve basis. Come visit over the holidays to see what we’ve got!

  2. carol wilcox

    My husband and I watch “American Pickers,” all the time. We watch Mike and Frank crawling through the barns and holding a small light in their hands. Have they ever thought of using a miner’s light, ( light which attaches to bands around the forehead )….then they would have both hands free to pick and crawl through the stuff.

  3. Norma Middleton

    Really enjoy watching your picking! I am part owner of my Dad’s Antique business in Virginia, so I appreciate your enthusiasm!

  4. Antonio Carbajal

    Love the show, very addicting. You recently aired a show from a historian on Racine Wi and the products that came from our city. I would love to know how to make contact with , I believe McCleary. I take my mother to a club for Alzheimer’s . We were discussing maybe trying to make contact with him so he could talk to the members to get a discussion going. I saw how passionate he was and would love to have him at one of our meetings. Thank you very much for the show and bringing all the people and their stories to light.

  5. Jeff Beck

    Hey all, I am looking for vintage wooden Hockey sticks broken or decent pieces ok.
    Working on a garage project and need for framing a chalkboard area above my toolbox.

  6. Adrian Hook

    Hi guys
    Loving the show over here in little old England,being a fellow V dubber i am quite jealous of Mike with his splitty van. Does he still have the von dutch? that i would like to see one day. If i ever get the chance to visit the U.S. Le Claire is on my must visit list followed by Nashville. Keep up the pickin guys
    All the best

  7. Lynne Jarrett

    First of all, I love your show and your passion for finding and rescuing historical items!
    I would like to know if you possibly have an old vintage jukebox. I’m not sure if you ever come across these.
    Do you keep a client list if you do find one?

      1. Lynne Jarrett

        Great! Can I get more information? Or should I call?
        Does it hold records or CD’s? And of course the price……

  8. Jeanie Despain

    I have a conference in Nashville in two weeks and I am just as excited to come see your store. I have a couple items I would love to bring with me. Do you ever buy from out of towners visiting the store? One i got with Danielle in mind Love the show

  9. Russell Brought

    Hi love your show and my 11 year son Adam and I have went out picked some things . I saved for about 20 years and bought a 1966 mustang convertible that is restored. I also bought a 1965 mustang coupe which Adam and I working on so that when he 16 he will have one to drive
    What I’m looking for is a mustang pedal car. I haven’t seen any on your web site and was hoping you could pick one up on one of your trips
    Thank you.

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