Check out January + February’s Pickin’ Corner Line Up. Free, live music in our Nashville store all weekend long.

Saturday, February 27: Loveland – Shannon Cox Trio – Johnny Mac

Sunday, February 28: Bishop Gunn – Jim Martin – Ann Tiley – Bob Huston


Saturday, February 20: Frank Wicker – Matt Taul – Misty Mountain String Band

Sunday, February 21: Sarah Aili – Eric Erdman


Saturday, February 13: Kristin Parisi with Dave Reuter – Breann Young + Lee Hines – Lilly Winwood – Abyryn Stevens, Jeremy Nash + Friends

Sunday, February 14: Renee Wahl – Tommy Tietjen – Risa Binder – Brian Ashley Jones – Brian Maier – The Sworn Sisters


Saturday, February 6: Tebworth Bros. – Austin Scott – Barefoot Nellie + Company

Sunday, February 7: Mountain Cove – JR Willis + Friends


Saturday, January 30: Martin + Kelly – Emily Otteson – Lauren Bandy + Friends

Sunday, January 31: Yosi Mesbah + Friends – Tommy Lewis


Saturday, January 23: Gerald Smith + Clinton Gregory – Laurel Elizabeth-Ann – Lauren Bandy + Friends

Sunday, January 24: Rickey Godfrey + Andy Miller – David Miller


Saturday, January 16: Luke Ambling – Lindsay Ellen – Taylor Alexander – Steve Cirkvencic – Lara Smith

Sunday, January 17: Gary Pailer – Gunner Flinchum – Carmen Brandy


Saturday, January 9: Jay Brown + Galen Breen – Jay Bragg – Charsley Etheridge

Sunday, January 10: The Ham Family Band


Saturday, January 2: Kris Bradley – Matt Prater – Shannon Cox Band

Sunday, December 27: Mike Mitchell – Chas Holland – Eric Stuart




    1. Jane

      Is Eli Barsi performing on April 9, 1016? Is there anyone else? Do you have a up to date schedule? Do you stand in the store and listen?

      1. Sarah Buckholtz

        Hi Jane! While we update the April schedule, let us tell you that the live music happens every Saturday and Sunday at the Nashville shop. It happens all day and you’re welcome to stand and listen, but since the shop is small, you’ll be better to treat it like mood music and browse! You’ll love it.

    1. Sarah Buckholtz

      Great question, Pearl. The bands play during business hours on Saturdays and Sundays. The musicians play while customers shop. Standing room only. Can’t wait to see you!

  1. Frankie Moran

    Hello, my son Cole and I perform bluegrass and traditional music professionally as the duo “Blind Wind”.
    Cole is 13 years old, blind and has cognitive delays. We have made his pursuit of music our life and are visiting
    Nashville March 25-30 in hopes of relocating there. We would love to come perform for you all at Antique Archaeology
    while we’re in Nashville. HOHNER harmonica has recently featured us as part of their travelling road shows and we have
    accumulated a lot press (local & NPR) in the past year. I’ll include a video, and look forward to hearing back from you.
    All the best,
    Frankie Moran

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