Mike’s a die-hard picker and we all know that… But what is often forgotten is he’s also a collector. From the stops along those thousands of pickin’ miles traveled in that white van each year, he holds a few precious pieces back – sometimes for himself and often for his wife Jodi.

The beautiful place  Mike and Jodi call home is a testament to its natural surroundings, the lush, wooded hills of Middle Tennessee. While home is very much a reflection of both of them, Jodi’s special creative haven is the garden. It’s a bit informal and dotted with shady sitting and resting spots and places for Charlie to play — and help. Jodi has gathered some of Mike’s picks for this outdoor retreat, nestling them here and there, finding perfect “random” spots for these treasures from the road.

Here’s how Jodi turned some picks into yard art…

Photo by Meghan Aileen
Photo by Meghan Aileen

Add a rusty old iron chair, a plaster animal, and some local greenery to add interest and curiosity to any garden.

antique urns garden ideas
Photo by Meghan Aileen

Jodi’s plants were all native from her yard… how cool is that?

Antique Cross vintage chairs
Photo by Meghan Aileen

Some things truly can’t be bought or sold, they must merely be enjoyed – like this Italian grave marker.

repurposed garden ideas mike wolfe
Photo by Meghan Aileen

These architectural pieces are truly conversation starters. The car grill is Mike’s own touch.

What’s something you can add to your yard or garden to make it a little more personal? Be sure to share your pictures with us on our Facebook page.

See more repurposing ideas from Mike and Jodi’s house HERE, as featured in Country Living Magazine.

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18 thoughts on “Jodi’s Garden: A Special Home for Picks”

  1. Linda

    Jodi and I have the same taste! I love finding treasures and incorporating them into my garden — or house — or anywhere I can find a spot for them and enjoy!

  2. Connie Hand

    I love your show, the garden, and that can kick back and enjoy your your finds.

    A couple of years ago I dumpster dived for various colored bottles, filled them with water and set them around in my garden. I pick up old objects and nail them to the side of our old shed. I’ve done paintings, also. Thanks for a classy show.

  3. Dorene Juengling

    Very nice! I always wonder what they keep and how they display their finds. I use watering cans, metal pails, bird houses and plaster angels. Almost bought the perfect child’s metal bed till I learned they were found in a sanitarium…still searching. Please keep sharing!

  4. JoAnn Williamson

    It is a completely different story when you own your own property. My sister and I are nearly 60 years old now. We live in a 24 unit for elderly and disabled. You should have seen the letter we all received from the office today. It was not nice and referred to the outside of the building we live in. They don’t want anything, even chairs setting outside or they will throw them away. I have always loved your show. At least we can dream or look and enjoy other people’s landscaped yards.

    1. janie husser

      bring your treasures inside as best you can. or photograph your garden. have it blown up as a muriel for your wall. when i iived in a small place without a yard, i planted in old cans, tea kettles & bureau draws. I used succulents that dont need much care at all. It brought a little bit of a garden to me each morning.

  5. amy bray

    been picking for 40 years. learned from my dad. if your around southern Wisconsin. look up the Beast of Bray Road. we live there. love the show

  6. Bob

    I recently saw a picture of Mike and his family outside their home. What a Beautiful Home and a Lovely Family. Mike, you have it ALL!!

  7. Rachel Yates

    I truly love the show. I enjoy seeing the early model VW’s and seeing Mike’s love for them. i was half owner of a VW repair shop. One day I literally chased some kids down as they drove around in their split window VW. We bought it, then my husband sold it right away!!! I was really disappointed. Really wanted to restore it.
    I had my own Baja bug and painted it Coca-Cola red-( with airplane paint) to keep it from scratching. Red shag carpet inside with backseat removed. We put a board across the battery area. It made for more room, then my daughter and 3 nieces could sit back there. I sanded the body, removed the original fenders and added fiberglass ones. Everything was chromed that could be! Too amazing for words. Wish I had it now.
    Take care and keep Picking.
    Rachel Yates
    aka Granny.

  8. Sandy Hufnagel

    I love Jodi’s garden!!! I remember the show when you picked that planter, just beautiful!! The hanging cross is gorgeous too!
    The garden says….come in, sit down and relax! Love the show!!!

  9. Tina Deegan

    Look at your show every day on Dave channel, Sky. Myself and my husband George look at your show and really feel such joy at how you treat people. Thank you so much for such a good programme.
    Tina Deegan, Dublin, Ireland.

  10. Ann Hayes

    Love , love ,love the show! Watch it by the hours! I remember you picking some of the things in your garden, I think the urn came from New York state, you picked in Sacketts Harbor NY and I live very near there! Come visit upstate NY again soon and I don’t mean New York City!

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