Your favorite picker’s wife has perfected an autumn roast that is so good, you’ll want to make twice as much for lunch tomorrow. Jodi’s roasted roots recipe is nutritious and colorful as can be. Is there really any color more beautiful than beet purple? We think not.

Jodi and Charlie cooking
Jodi and Charlie cooking

Something unique about this recipe is that Jodi adds chopped celery root to hers. It can be tough to cut through but once roasted, is sweet as can be. Make your grocery list (props if you have all these veggies in your backyard) for the most delicious side dish:

Jodi’s Roasted Roots

2 cups sweet potatoes, chopped
2 cups carrots, chopped
2 cups whole Brussels sprouts
2 cups beets, chopped
1 cup celery root, chopped
3 cloves garlic halved
2 tsp oregano
2 tsp thyme
4 Tbsp olive oil
Salt and pepper to taste

Preheat oven to 425°

Chop and combine all your veggies and garlic into a large bowl and toss with olive oil. Sprinkle some salt and crack some pepper over the veggies and then transfer to a roasting pan or cookie sheet.

Roast for 40-45 minutes and stir occasionally for evenly cooked veggies.

Photo by Meghan Aileen
Photo by Meghan Aileen

Plate perfectly roasted veggies and top with fresh thyme and oregano for the perfect garnish and serve.

Sharpen your knifes and ready your belly for Jodi’s roasted roots. Life will never be the same.


Photo by Meghan Aileen
Photo by Meghan Aileen





41 thoughts on “Jodi’s Kitchen: Roasted Roots”

  1. Ron P

    MMM’ looks good i’m a vegetarian ,mostly vegan and I have an air fryer suggested temprature seems too hot for doing in that. Wodgerfink?
    Ron P.

      1. Bev Poley

        Merry Christmas to Mike, Jodi, and Charlie! I tried the roasted roots and they were great! And Merry Christmas to you, Sarah!

  2. Pat Croft

    that looks delicious -my youngest has given up meat and chicken and that would be good for all of us. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. pat croft

  3. Terry Baker

    Jodi..thank you for sharing your colorful, healthy veggie recipe with us!!
    I have noticed as the guys are driving along, Mike is eating some very healthy snacks.
    I want to cook brussel sprouts, but need to know how to cook them to get the bitter taste out of them, any tips you can give me?

    1. Sarah Buckholtz Post Author

      Great question, Terry. To help with the bitterness, try sauteing the Brussels sprouts in oil and brown sugar. Also, when you roast/saute them, be sure to slice the sprouts in half. it will release the compound that contributes to the bitterness. Hope that helps you out!

  4. Christina M.

    Well Jodi….we got the back of the car packed with root vegetables to make a very similar dish for our family tomorrow. Soooo yummy! What a beautiful family you have. We are just finishing building a barn home where we have been able to restore and reuse some great pieces. We too are enjoying giving our young kids a place to run, grow and get muddy and a love of family and mother nature. We enjoy your show. Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. Juliett Miller

    I really want to try this. We are trying to eat my veggie’s and become more healthy. We are in our late 60’s and early 70’s and we want to be around awhile so eating better will help.

  6. Carol

    Thank you Mrs. Wolfe,

    Just in i time, I just had found out from my doctor that I need to eat more of a vegan diet
    and I have looking for vegan recipes, enjoy cooking so if she can create a cookbook
    that would be WONDERFUL!!!!!!


      1. Carol

        I have have similar taste, I LOVE to cook myself and I do everything that I can to eat healthy and use
        EVERYTHING fresh including herbs and spices. I have some recipes if Jodie and her family would like to
        try some time?
        To me, I think cooking is very therapeutic, just the smell of the fresh produce and herbs makes
        it all the more pleasing after a crazy, hectic day.

        If you would be so kind to tell me if they are vegan or vegetarians or if they eat all kinds of food?
        I can share some of my goodies too? My boyfriend LOVES my cooking too!

        Have a Happy and Safe Christmas and New Year!


  7. Paula Cyphert

    Happy Thanksgiving! Love this!! Make a lot! Only I use sweet onions and some regular potatoes to. Will be adding Brussels sprouts and beets now though!! We even add left overs to omelets.

  8. martha b. pulley

    Two of the late Joey Burkhardt’s twins – Ryan and Paige – are on their way from Chester, VA, just outside of Richmond to Iowa. Should you see them please let them know one of their grandmothers (Martha) would appreciate a message or some other communication saying they arrived safely and that they promise to be careful also on their way back to Virginia.
    Thank you. I hope your Thanksgiving is all that you want it to be.

  9. Beverly Yeager

    there is nothing more fun than to go to your garden and pick fresh vegetables for roasting. I sometimes do them on the grill or over a wood campfire at the cabin. Of course, being from central Wisconsin, I need to get veggies from the store in the wintertime. Love this site and your show. Have been twice to your shop in Iowa- it was on my bucket list. Keep up the good work and enjoy the holiday season. Gramma Coot.

  10. Kelley

    I LOVE roasted veggies! This is a great combo and the celery root would add alot to this dish. As it may be, I am making out my grocery list right now. I’m gonna be adding these ingredients to my list and may also include some butternut squash! Roasting root veggies really brings a earthy unique flavor. Thanx for posting!

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