J. Augur Design – A Chance to Own A Piece of History

Sometimes what we are supposed to do in life finds us more than we find it. Judy Augur of J. Augur Designs is a good example of that. What started out as a venture into the curating and reselling of vintage clothing has turned into an unexpected business constructing new, hand made, one of kind bags from some of the many vintage textiles she has been able to collect over the years. A woman after our own hearts, Judy Augur now spends her days giving new life to fabrics that many people may mistake as being past their days.

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Constructed by hand, using vintage finds like canvas dating back to World War I and World II and old Navajo weavings, J. Augur bags offer consumers a chance to own a piece of history.

mike wolfe, antique archaeology, leclaire, american pickers, vintage tee, vintage fashion, j. auger,


Back road travel friendly they are large enough for you to carry all the things you really need but small enough to keep you from bringing along all those things that you don’t.

mike wolfe, antique archaeology, leclaire, american pickers, vintage tee, vintage fashion, j. auger,

Maybe it is because Judy Augur uses fabrics that have already seen a lot of life, but something about them just beckons you to grab one and take it along for a ride.

mike wolfe, antique archaeology, leclaire, american pickers, vintage tee, vintage fashion, j. auger,


Not surprisingly, we at Antique Archaeology are a little partial to her current selection of rooster designs. Take a look at J. Augur Designs here online to see which are your favorite.


43 thoughts on “Judy Augur Gives New Life to Old Textiles”

  1. sue wilson

    I am a collector of antique bag and purses and these are so very nice as to remaking from old textiles.

    1. Judy AUGUR

      Sue, Thanks for commenting/sharing! I started out as a vintage/antique dealer specializing in bags and accessories….and one thing led to another! Everything we make is derived from old materials. The possibilities are endless. Kind Regards, Judy Augur

    1. Judy AUGUR

      LuEtta, Thanks for taking the time to post kind words. I appreciate it. We are adding new bags to the web store daily and the variety is rather broad….www.jaugurdesign.com/shop/ Many thanks, Judy Augur

  2. Helen Green

    Can’t find where to purchase these fabulous bagS! Do you sell them or are the posted somewhere else??

  3. Patti Lucas

    The J.Auger designs are FABULOUS!!!!! Are they for sale, online??? I LOVE them all, but those roosters are just TOO handsome!

  4. Judy AUGUR

    Hey! Thanks so much for the fantastic write-up about my work….what a big surprise. The only thing I have to mention is that my name is spelled A U G U R, as opposed to A U G E R. Maybe this could be fixed? Regardless…I really appreciate your write-up. Best wishes always, Judy Augur, J. Augur Design, Claremont CA

    1. Judy AUGUR

      Hi Ron, Thank you for your question. I’m not in production with backpacks at this time. It’s a great idea, and you’ve given me food for thought for revisiting this silhouette/style. Best wishes, Judy Augur

    1. Judy AUGUR

      Paulette, Thank you so much! I completely understand about the budget….I always tell people when they are ready to ‘invest’, there will be the right bag for you! Kindest regards, Judy Augur

  5. haylie wendland

    I have been following your designs for awhile! I have seen many images on google searches and on Pinterest in which I am totally in LOVE! I currently do not see anything on your website that match my taste. Do you take special orders?…Maybe if I send you pics of your bags that I love…Thanks for your time!

    1. Judy AUGUR

      Hi Haylie,
      Thank you for your post and kind words, I appreciate it. I post new work as it’s finished on Instagram under user name jaugurdesign and on my facebook page Judy Augur. We are currently in production on a whole new group of bags in Navajo and vintage leather. Email me at ironjacks@earthlink.net and I’ll be happy to hear what style/size bags interest you. Best wishes, Judy Augur

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