Check out April’s Pickin’ Corner Line Up. Free, live music in our Nashville store all weekend long.

Saturday, April 30: Jay Brown + Galen Breen – Three Squares – Trevor + Sylvie

Sunday, May 1: Aaron Bozwell – Howlin Alan


Saturday, April 23: Rickey Godfrey + Willi X – Cornfields + Crossroads – Bret Mitchell

Sunday, April 24: Travis Wetzel – Scott Honaker


Saturday, April 16: Gina Venier – Kris Bradley – Dozzi – Doc Watson Project

Sunday, April 17: Jeremiah Sammartano – Everette Brown


Saturday, April 9: Matt Ennis – Marve Ashby – High Octane

Sunday, April 10: Amy Kucharik – Clint Alphin – Andrew Delaney – Bill Scorzari


Saturday, April 2: Jaysen Gold + Frank Hurd – The Jones – Emily Otteson – James Riley + Friends

Sunday, April 3: Yesterday’s Makeup – Matt Prater


Saturday, March 26: United Cigar Box Band – Jay Brown + Gaylen Breen


Saturday, March 19: Beth Brown Band – Jim Parker – Ricky Randolph + Friends

Saturday, March 20: Brian Sances – Frank Wicker


Saturday, March 12: Gina Venier – Sentiment Falls

Saturday, March 13: The Howlin’ Brothers


Saturday, March 5: Luke Amelang – HanaLena – The Carter Brothers with Willi X Evans

Sunday, March 6: Lauren Bandy + Friends Bluegrass



17 thoughts on “MARCH + APRIL 2016: PICKIN’ CORNER LINE UP”

    1. Sarah Buckholtz

      Hi Beverly! Sorry to say, but the pickin corner only happens at our Nashville shop. Come down to Music City and have a listen. We’d love to see you!

        1. Sarah Buckholtz

          Waving back to Detroit! We do not have songwriter nights, but we do have LIVE music every Saturday and Sunday during business hours in the Nashville shop. Y’all come over!

  1. Ian R. Bridle

    Hello to You All,

    Your Great programme is superb to watch on TV in the UK at last, good to follow your picking every day!
    Have a great Party at your store to all who attend and support you.
    Best Wishes to Mike, Franck and of course the Lovely Danielle

    Take Care & Good Picking

    IanB/ UK

    1. Sarah Buckholtz

      Great question, Ron. There isn’t a online directory of antiques for sale. It sells too fast to make one! (Not a bad problem to have.) If you want to see what’s for sale, you’re just going to have to cash in on some PTO and come see us!

  2. Mauri Watson

    A visit to Antique Archaeology was at the top of our list when we visited Nashville this week. Great store and enjoyed seeing items that we saw picked on TV. I did want to point out that you need better signage. We spent at least 20 minutes trying to find the store. Even after checking the store directory, we couldn’t find it. We finally asked, and a local took us there. The mystery was solved when we saw that the only sign is in rather unremarkable lettering on the door, and since the door was propped open, the sign was actually against a brick building, where is absolutely disappeared. Maybe a sandwich board outside or a sign hanging above the door?

    1. Sarah Buckholtz

      Hi! Sorry you missed the sign. Due to the building being of historic nature, there’s certain rules we must follow in order to maintain the aesthetic. For your next visit you’ll come straight to it, we hope!

  3. jeff karr

    i just watched a re-run from a few years ago it was when mike and frank picked at Jackie Hollywood,s garage that dude is so cool I was wandering if mike and frank have plans to pick him again in the near future and also how Jackie was doing these days…. thank you I’m a big fan keep on picking and keep your knees in the breeze …… jeff

  4. Lynda Sumi

    I hope y’all will be at the Nashville Store during CMAfest 2016. Disappointed last year.. Heck I’d even pay for your autographs :)

  5. Lillian

    Heard you are coming to the Upper Perkiomen area in Pennsburg PA we were just wondering when that would be

  6. Barrie Stubbert

    Heading to Nashville April 30 for a week cant wait to see the store,been watching the show for years ,we are from. Dartmouth,Nova Scotia , on the east coast of Canada .

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