Check out Summer 2016’s Pickin’ Corner Line Up. Free, live music in our Nashville store all weekend long.

Saturday, August 27: Gina Venier – The Early Evening – Byron Rice

Sunday, August 28: Dan Bankhurt – Kiel Tyler + Friends


Saturday, August 20: Harlan Pease + Friends – Cordes + Holland – Jake Clayton

Sunday, August 21: Charlie Woods – Brian Donkers


Saturday, August 13: Sarah Aili + Matt Bednarsky – The Hummingbyrds – Matt Goedken – Sophie Marie – Doug Forshey

Sunday, August 14: Trish McAleny – Chris Chadwick – John Francis


Saturday, August 6: Straight Faced Mulligan – Driftless Sisters – Ben Cesare with Lance Dary

Sunday, August 7: Meredith Sheridan – Alex Stern – Carmen Brandy – Lindsey Sweat – April DiChiara


Saturday, July 30: Cleveland’s “Guitar Man” – Yesterday’s Makeup – The Doe Boys

Sunday, July 31: Robert Sells – Austin Scott


Saturday, July 23: Harlan Pease + Joe Shewmake – Matt Taul Band – Allice Wallace with Brian Jones

Sunday, July 24: Snake Blood Remedy – Callie Hopper


Saturday, July 16: Jeremy Dean + Shannon Callihan – Ricky Randolf + Friends – Eastside Story

Sunday, July 17: Molly Jeanne – Morgan Lorraine – Lottie


Saturday, July 9: Dan Bankhurst – Noah Clark – The Hummingbyrds

Sunday, July 10: 1 AM Duo – Amy Taylor


Saturday, July 2: Travis Bowlin – Steel City Jug Slammers – Three Squares

Sunday, July 3: LC Jones – Days Brigade


Saturday, June 25: Tyler Sellers – Amy Benton + Friends – Amy Kucharik

Sunday, June 26: Charlotte Berg – Tessa


Saturday, June 18: Brian Buchanan – Amelia Airharts – Shannon Cox Band

Sunday, June 19: Dave Hardin Band – Willow + Wood


Saturday, June 11: Adrienne Haupt – Jessica Brant – Annette Conlon – Dan Bankhurst – Donald Benjamin

Sunday, June 12: John Kiethley – Nicole Smith


Saturday, June 4: Dave Hawkins – The Camonas – Matt + Doug

Sunday, June 5: Bishop Gunn – Randall Lancaster


Saturday, May 28: Gina Venier + Tristan Bushman – Jesse Malley + The Tilt with Jeff Irwin – Rocket City Ridge Band

Sunday, May 29: Frank Wicher Band – Kristen Kuiper + Friends


Saturday, May 21: Aubyrn + Friends – Adrian + Meredith – Matt Prater Trio

Sunday, May 22: LC Jones – Austin Scott Thorp


Saturday, May 14: Alex + Jesse – Steel City Jug Slammers – Jared Hard

Sunday, May 15: Madeleine + Olivia – Mitchell Torrence + Friends


Saturday, May 7: Nashville Yacht Club – United Cigar Box Band – Lauren Bandy BG Band

Sunday, May 8: Emily Ottenson + Friends – Kira Hooks + Friends


Saturday, April 30: Jay Brown + Galen Breen – Three Squares – Trevor + Sylvie

Sunday, May 1: Aaron Bozwell – Howlin Alan



4 thoughts on “SUMMER 2016: PICKIN’ CORNER LINE UP”

  1. Kerry Quillan-Howie

    We stopped into the Nashville store while travelling from Memphis to Atlanta while on our honeymoon and were very surprised to be able to meet Mike, And have a chat and a photograph.Love the Nashville store and will certainly make the effort to get to the Iowa store on our next trip. We watch the show in Australia and really do appreciate the way the show tells a story of the items and the way things were “back in the day” keep on picking boys, Kerry Howie

  2. Susan Davis

    Hello from Bandon on the South Oregon Coast (nope, not Bandon, Ireland where our town’s founder was from).
    I have been watching the picker’s for just this past year. Before that I didn’t watch much TV, but at my advanced age of 75 I spend a bit more time on the tube. I have been a collector for decades, then I had to unload so much of it when I embraced the RV lifestyle, which is full-time for me. No regrets in selling my home and posessions to do this! Mike, you should have been here to do some pickin’!

    I love the show and just read about Mike and Jodi and their family. I am the mother of two adopted sisters who came into my life nearly fifty years ago at ages one and two off the streets and squalor. They live in Australia now and have families of their own.

    I do want to comment on the decisions to not get more tests following news of medical concerns of unborn babies (including a comment by another poster). I would get all of the tests available. Not to make an end of life decision, but to be sure that all could be done for the unborn baby even before it is born. With medical technology improving so quickly (even in my years people are living 20-30 years longer!) it would be unfortunate to not get all of the help possible. I just don’t want people to think there isn’t even more hope.

    I look forward to watching many more picker’s episodes. Thank you for having such an open website for those of us who love your shows!

  3. Jayce brown

    I dream about visiting the stores to see first hand the cool picks,but im in canada,westbank BC.would drive on my holiday to visit the store and possibly buy some cool backroad American artifacts,and see some cool old rods and i always see in background of some of the shows some cool old mopars!i remeber my dad making me climb into old houses to open the door cuz i was smaller,and then getting to look around me and my sister still have a couple cool oil lamps me and my dad got on the side of the road in an old dad always got the coolest old stuff.working on the tugboats he got some cool things,memories ofmy dad,mike wolf always says those memories are the best picks! Thanks mike,frank for bringing back my memories of those special times with my dad and what he loved to do.

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