We received some amazing entries for our first Kid Picker Pick n’ Click Contest. Kid Pickers inspire us and we love sharing history through the story of picking.  It was a tough choice, but Aaiden is our winner! Here’s his story:

“My name is Aaiden, I am 10 years old. This a Trail Ram mini bike. Originally produced in Cascade, Iowa. It needs some work to make it go again. It came from a storage locker in Lisbon, Iowa. We think we got a bargain. We bought a truck load of vintage mini bikes. My grandpa bought a frame first to break the ice. Our lead came from rumors of a storage unit full of vintage mini bikes from one of my grandpa’s customers.”

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Kid Pickers Pick N Click Contest Winner
Kid Pickers Pick N Click Contest Winner


7 thoughts on “Pick N’ Click Photo Contest Winner!”

  1. Lori

    How come you don’t have a website for everything thats for sale in your stores? I can’t drive to Iowa or Nashville from Vegas. Maybe I’m missing something?


    Hi everyone, love the show, love some old things, as I am a older thing myself! I have a question regarding a item I have
    that belonged to my husband, who was always bringing stuff home, so much so, my daughter when she was younger she would yall “here comes George the junkie” so before i get rid of it I would like to know “what it is and if it is worth anything? it is made of cast iron, I think? I would like to send a photo
    but, as i am not computer savvy, do I send it on this site or a email, either way would have to get help, would appreciate your advise, or is it possible there are places where i live in Bergen County New Jersey, I could contact that do what you do, so where and what would I look for??

    Thank you in advance Irene Ekakiadis

  3. PJ

    Hello American pickers, Guy’s and Girl’s

    If you ever come to Australia, there’s a great place in Sydney’s west you’ll just love to pick. It’s called The Junkyard and is located at 11 Bennett Rd Londonderry NSW. It’s about 1 and a half hours drive west of Sydney and about 1 hour from Parramatta. It’s easy to get to from Sydney or from Parramatta by motorway.

    Option 1 – From the centre of Sydney get onto Parramatta road and follow it till you get to the M4 motorway. Take the M4 motorway and follow it for 13.5 miles or in other words 22.5 kilometres and you will reach, twin Gas stations or in other words twin service stations, one on the left and one on the right. Just passed these twin service stations, you’ll need to be in the left lane and take the exit from the M4 motorway onto M7 motorway going right over the top of the M4 motorway that you where just on. Now you should be on the M7 motorway heading to Richmond road, about 4 mile away or in other words 6.5 kilometres away. Look for the Richmond road exit on the motorway and take that. At the traffic lights turn right, then turn left. You should now be on Richmond road heading west and for 7.5 miles or in other words 12 kilometres. You will reach two big roundabouts, go straight ahead through these roundabouts and Bennett Road is 200m passed these two roundabouts. Turn left into Bennett road and The junkyard is150m on your right. You can’t miss it.

    Option 2 – If your coming from the centre of Sydney you could take the Sydney Harbour bridge and go this way through the Lane Cove tunnel to the M2. Once on the M2 motorway follow it all the way to the M7 motorway and continue on this motorway the M7 till you get to the Richmond road turn off. take the turn off and at the traffic lights turn right. Now you should be on Richmond road. Follow this road, ( Richmond Road ) for 7.5 miles or in other words 12 kilometres, you will reach two big roundabouts go straight ahead through these roundabouts and Bennett Road is 200m passed these two roundabouts, Turn left into Bennett road and The junkyard is 150m on your right. You can’t miss it.

    -33.638885, 150.780456

    The Junkyard is located at 11 Bennett Rd Londonderry NSW.
    Just off Richmond Rd past the two roundabouts at South Windsor.
    Open 7 days 10am – 4pm, 61 2 4572 5211

    Picture of The Junkyard, go to http://www.weekendnotes.com/junkyard-londonderry/

  4. Adelaide

    Hey I’ve tried multiple different times to sign my kid up on the kid pickers website and I keep getting the same error code.

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