The Picking 101 Checklist Just for Kid Pickers

Do you have kid interested in being a picker and you don’t you know where to start in helping them hone their skills? We’ve got a starting place for you! With Mike Wolfe American Picker’s help, we’ve put together a great pickin’ 101 checklist just for your budding kid picker!


Be prepared
Do you homework before you start your treasure hunt.
  • Find out the very best picking place in your neighborhood.
  • Ask your parents or grandparent to go with you. They might know some history.
  • Take a journal with you to take notes about found items and prices.
  • Bring a backpack to carry your stuff.
  • Always be safe.

Picking Places

Here are a few places you might start out your exploring.
Ask your parents for more ideas.
  • Garage and Yard Sales
  • Secondhand Stores (a.k.a. Thrift Stores)
  • Collectors Shops
  • Auctions
  • Antique Stores
  • Flea Markets
  • Your Own House

Do Your Homework

Let’s say you’ve found an item and now what? Check out the list below on some great ways
to find the history behind your pick.
  • The Library
  • The Internet
  • An Antique Store
  • Your Family
  • Other People Like Your Teacher



4 thoughts on “Picking 101: Just for Kids”

  1. Steven Espenschied

    First – you have typo’s in “Picking for Kids”
    2nd – Lake Township Historical Society is presenting a program for kids on how to become a “picker”. This will be a 3 days, 3 hours in the morning. We have your tv video and plan to show one of your show (4th seasons). The program will hit on What is a Picker?, How to get started, What the history of and value of the object. I bought the Kids Picker Book and will use of the information as ideas for the program. We will be charging $5 per kid for supplies. Do you have any other suggestions? The program will take place June 24th, 25th and 26th as part of our local library summer program.

  2. Bobby Ellis

    I am writing as my son Bobby is now 23y/o but he started picking as he came home on the bus. He would arrive and have mom busy driving him around picking in the trash. He has been challenged from birth and is unable to read or write. He started picking because he didn’t like all the waste that people just trash. He started at the age of 15 and continue to stay busy picking everyday. He enjoys watching American Pickers because he can relate to the enjoyment that you guys have with every pick. He becomes so excited with someone junk and even brings home many things we just donate to local non-profit companies in town to keep it from going to the land filled. He is challenged but he has a lot of common sense and thinks others waste way to much. He has found many valuable is the trash and believe he will get rich someday from the trash of someone else. He would enjoy meeting all of you and would love to go on a pick with you guys.

  3. Marie Welch

    We began taking my daughter to auctions, sales, shops years ago (she was around 6). At first she wasn’t overly thrilled. As the years past she became more interested when she found things she liked. She is now nearly 19, loves it all & made her first “big purchase” on her own a couple of months ago & has even taught her college professors a thing or two about antiques! :)

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