#placestosave Instagram Campaign

Mike Wolfe has partnered with the National Trust for Historic Preservation in 2016 to promote their Places to Save campaign. We have started an Instagram campaign that runs April through August where we are encouraging people to take photos in front of places that matter to them in their community that are forgotten, dilapidated or in danger of being torn down. Post your photos on Instagram for our #placestosave campaign forย a chance to get Mike Wolfe to visit your place at the end of the campaign. Winner will be chosen at the end of August!

Instructions for participating in the #placestosave Instagram campaign to help raise money and awareness for the places in our communities:

1. Buy your This Place Matters shirt HERE.ย A portion of the sales from the shirts goes to the National Trust for Historic Preservation and their work in preserving these places all around.

2. Think of a place that matters to you (a school, the home you grew up in, a church, that old gorgeous house you drive by all the time)

3. Put on your This Place Matters shirt and take a picture in front of the place. (a selfie, have someone else take it, or if you can’t get there simply make a sign with the name of the place and hold it up.)

4. Upload your photo to Instagram saying why it matters to you or your community.

5. Use hashtag #placestosave and tag @mikewolfeamericanpicker @ontwolanes @savingplaces

This will create an incredible online gallery of the places that are in danger. We will share some of the images on our social media and at the end of the campaign in AUGUST we will choose a winner. The winning location gets a personal visit from Mike! So make it count!

It will raise awareness and proceeds from the shirts to to the National Trust for Historic Preservation.


national trust for historic preservation
CLICK HERE to get your shirt and join the movement

56 thoughts on “#placestosave Instagram Campaign”

  1. V. Aguirre

    A big fan and in the same type of business ,glad to be able to be apart of the movement ,I been living all my life in a two lane part of east Texas alot of forgotten history all around me .

    1. Cynthia Russak

      Would love to enter, but I’m not in a financial position to buy a shirt. I have enuf shirts already and am trying to save money so I can pay my school tax this fall. I never enter a contest requiring me to make a purchase.

  2. Judith Garner

    What a terrific project! But that’s Mike Wolfe, a class act! Getting my shirt and heading to my spot I want saved!

  3. Lisa McLaurin

    In relation to this campaign, you must acquaint yourself with the artwork of David Malcolm Rose. For years, he has traveled the once-busy highways of America now bypassed by the Interstate system, looking for vacated structures from the heyday of highway travel (think Radiator Springs from “Cars”). He painstakingly photographs and measures the structures, then recreates detailed scale models of the buildings in their now abandoned states — down to the stains on diner tables and tires left leaning against walls. His collection is titled “Lost Highway.” You can search David Malcolm Rose on Facebook to see photos of his work, but nothing compares to seeing them in person: absolutely fascinating.

  4. Kay Apostolas

    Does this campaign apply to open spaces. Where I live in Colorado Springs CO in North Cheyenne Canon a area called Strawberry Fields is in danger of becoming privately held by a hotel. This site is a historic preservation site. If you are from here or interested in open space please check out change.org Broadmoor to learn more.

    1. Sarah Buckholtz

      It sure does, Kay! Please share the story with us on Instagram under the hashtag #placestosave. Thanks for the question!

  5. Amy Edixon

    Is there prize money for the restoration contest or is it a visit only? If we enter our Lighthouse that we are trying to restore will Mike and Frank autograph the T-shirt? Perhaps we could then raffle it as a fundraiser. The Ashtabula Lighthouse Preservation Society is a group of all volunteers who are trying save the lighthouse as a museum to preserve & share it’s history. It’s fading quickly or shall I say rusting progressively! Our immediate concern is to raise money to neutralize the rust and paint it to prolong it’s life while we work to restore it. Anything we get is helpful u& appreciated!

    1. Sarah Buckholtz

      Good to hear from you, Amy! It’s a visit only. We appreciate your passion for restoration and thank you for your participation.

  6. Amy Edixon

    If I enter “This Place Mstters” can Mike & Frank autograph my entry Shirt?????
    Amy Edixon volunteer for Ashtabula Lighthouse Preservation & Restoration Society in Ashtabula, Ohio

  7. Tracy bauske

    Dear. Mike I am really interested in what you do. I think you are amazing person and your daughter is awesome. I want to be part of your project, and I have been really trying to meet you! I love the store in Nashville, I already got my no place matters. I really hope I can win the contest. It would mean the world to me to get to meet Mike on my 50th Birthday and 16 years cancer free. God bless you and your family! Love you’re show.

  8. Diane Randall

    My name is Diane I was born in Muscatine Iowa same time you were born Mike. I have picking over 30 years. I have purchased every shirt you’ve advertised. This is in my blood and having the time of my life. My children are finally doing there own. And I’m on the road picking more. I love to see someone else have the love and excitement I do in this business. I’m gonna look for the place and take a picture. I would love to meet you all sometime. Have been to both stores even Frank’s place several times. Hoping one day I could run into you

    1. harold roberts

      Diane seen you are a picker. I have found some old candy machines and coin changers. Not sure if you might be interested in something like this, but my phone num. 641-814-2162. Address is Ottumwa, Iowa. this is about 100 miles from Muscatine. Harold

  9. Marialena G.

    Love What Mike is doing for preservation! This is an amazing opportunity and awareness to saving old places! As a civic volunteer in my hometown of Elmhurst, Queens we could use the support and raise awareness for an old farmhouse and land we have been campaigning to save since Sept.2015. Being in NYC it is extremely rare to have this treasure still here but extremely tough to get much help if you are not a developer:(

  10. Sharon bland

    Mike worked wonders for the Tabor opera house in Leadville CO! The continued advertising of the “mountain mayhem” segment has brought us so many more people for the tour and was a main player in calling attention to our plight to sell it to someone who loves the history. We couldn’t have done it without you. We are now selling the last of my family’s belongings in July. God continue to bless you and your family.
    Sharon and Bill

  11. Jim Prugh

    Nine years ago, I reinvented myself as a historic preservationist. While I live in Denver, I chose a great little town in central Kansas. Now I’m the proud owner of six (!) buildings, all listed on the National Register. Each of them are or will be tricked out in quality insulation, interior storms (to reduce noise and to create a double pane window), LED lights, high-efficiency mini splits, even solar PV systems (I get 50% back applying federal and state historic preservation tax credits. Lots more I could go into.
    In this age of disappearing small towns, this one is turning around. All of the commercial spaces are full on Main Street. I have one new “loft” apartment downtown and three more to go. A couple of great vacation rentals too. I’ve hired at least 20 smart, artistic locals in differing capacities to improve these buildings. The town is busy with tourists from around the world (true!) due to its Swedish heritage and building notoriety. I’d sure like to visit with some folks (even Mike Wolfe) about my adventures in investing in small-town America. It can work, if we all work together.

  12. Barbara Runyon (Hatfield )

    I am a relative of the late Anse Hatfield. I contacted mike and frank a couple years ago. I let them know that my uncle has devil Anse pistol. I am from the eastern part of Kentucky.

  13. Gary Reichlr

    You bought a 42 Harley from me glad it went to a good place to a man that loves bikes that are American legends god bless you Gary Reichert would love to know if you ever got it running was my brothers who passed away 2 years ago he gave it to me in 88 had to sell it.was rusting away in my basement thank you Gary Reichle

  14. Mike Deckelman

    Watch and enjoy your show, often wonder ed if my collectable s would be worthy of the pickers show ,keep up the great show ,Mike Deckelman

  15. Patricia McLeod

    I would LOVE to meet Mike. ( also Frank ). Watch your show all the time. I live in N.E. ( NH ). You don’t get up here to much, at least our section of the State. But, that’s ok. You can’t go everywhere. ๐Ÿ™‚ . Hope I win. thank you so much for a chance.

  16. Liz wagstaff

    Although we can’t take part as I’m sure mike’s project does not include the hike to England ๐Ÿ˜‰
    We really admire your work and would love to get similar projects going on some beautiful old architectural sites here, any advice?
    Love liz and dave stevenage xx
    ( unfortunately the old Vincent motorcycle factory
    Here is no more but they’ve called a retirement complex after it ๐Ÿ™ not amused)

  17. Dennis graham

    Life’s a long road I have done the same as mike an frank an all of you all I enjoy the show me an my wife have bought an sold many as the journey continues

  18. Katy

    I love watching the show I am waiting to see them that would be awesome I have some thing for sale I just can’t say how awesome they are

  19. Chris Booth

    I have not missed an episode of American Pickers since it started. Keep up the excellent work and keep the new episodes coming. I have learned a lot just watching your program on TV.

  20. Frank Rodriguez

    Hi, I met Mike a few years ago in Daytona and he autographed a picture for me when Indian Motorcycles were unveiling their comeback. Cordele, Ga. is my home town but I am working relocated in St. George, S.C. I still enjoy American Pickers and watch the show usually everyday believe it or not. There may be some good pickin here in St. George…

  21. Jeff Jaegly

    Hi Mike longtime fans love watching your show… im 57 years old…. I have been a lifetime picker and didn’t even know it LOL but i love it and your show too…. Thank you for the many hours of entertaining … Jeff

  22. Mr. & Mrs Jeff Wilhelm

    We would be very interested meeting Mike because we have been looking for & buying unuasual items we also already had alot of antqitics. We sell some our things We very interested in seeing what you have…

  23. Dell Jones

    When I turn the TV on, the first thing I do is look to see if The American Pickers are on. I watch them more than any other show.

  24. Margaret Walter

    I have been a big fan of American pickers since it came on TV. I am a big fan of what Mike & Frank do in saving items that people think are junk that are part of our country’s history from being destroyed for future generations to see & love. I would love to meet Mike & Frank. I hope that they come to Altoona,pa. Someday I would love to see them.

  25. Dawn Williamson

    LOVE the show, have seen every episode since it started. Even got my hubby hooked on it!! Wish I could participate in this, but I think I’m one of the few people who AREN’T on snapchat!!! And because I recently became disabled I am not in the position to financially purchase a shirt. I DO applaud you all for helping to raise funds to continue to fund the preservation of America’s fading towns and wide open spaces of #ontwolanes. Keep on pickin’, boys!!!!

  26. Marleen Price

    I love your show and visited your store in Nashville and of course got my picture taken with Loren (sp). I have always been a collector of antiques. My home is furnished with them. I live the Pacific Northwest and visited the Coupevill a few weeks ago.
    Mike, you and Frank should remember that trip. And of course, Winthrop and Twisp a great place to visit. I camped there many times

  27. christina shaffer

    I had the pleasure of visiting Antique Archeology in May this year and really enjoyed it. The tv show is one of my favorites and I watch it faithfully. I am really interested in preserving old items whether they are antiques of just something interesting and get ideas from the show. Keep up the good work.


    I am going to be 65 in Oct and would love to meet Mike and Frank cook them a good homecooked dinner and pie and just talk and listen to some of their stories and travels . Been to Nashville 2 times but they were on the road I live in Avon Indiana just 15 min from Indianapolis Indiana. Just love the show and them and love antiques and doing things with some of my finds.

  29. Kim Roach

    I would like to meet Frank and Mike. I have learned so much from the two of them.
    i love history and they bring history to life.My mother is a collector, and I got interested in antiques at an early age
    i would love you learn more about collecting.
    I look at places and things and wonder about the history of collecting

  30. Tony Lockey

    Hi Guys
    I am full of admiration for what you do in terms of bringing the past to life and saving things that really mean something and tell a tale about our past. I am based in Scotland – bit far from your usual run but if you ever want to open up your roadshow to coming across the big pond we would welcome you here. Keep up the good work buddies. Cheers Tony

  31. Dinorah

    Thank you for bringing to light the importance of our historical past that needs to be preserved. I actually learned historical facts about certain items you have had on your show and therefore consider your show to be a history lesson. I bought things just to preserve them. Example I bought an old dial phone. It was so funny to see my grand kids try to figure out how to use it. I congratulate all three of you on your passion, and sharing your passion. Thank you !!!!!!!! P.S. You need to have a contest where some regular ol person like me might win a Trip to Pick with you. That would be so fun…

  32. william d copp

    dear mike my family comes from clarion,iowa and we love antigues.my son 9 yrs old he loves the show ,he is down syndrome but highly intelligent thanks for the making our lives richer in knowledge andkeeping rusty gold alive. say hi to Daniel,and frank ,and staff.keep on trucking and good hunting. williamand Karen,little william copp-colville ,washington

  33. Richard Green

    I live with my dad and we have lots of antizes saddles old wagen whells farming items and lots more I have a letter with all the signing of the first bill of rights and lots more you would have a great day here checking out all the items that are here. and very valuble and wroth checking out please contact me at 5407270108 again my name is Richard Green please call. think you

  34. Penny Shellhorn-Schutt

    Sending you instagram shots of supporters of Save Green Gables, Melbourne, Florida because This Place Matters! Come see us Mike!

  35. Kara Witt

    I like to watch american pickers and I would love to win to met Mike wolf I go by places by me now and say hey there is a bike or motorcycle vw bug or van and think of them and I would love to win that contest but it wouldn’t take me to were it should I don’t know I would love to show them these places they could go in Arkansas. Now I don’t say that is junky trashy yard any more I say oh the boys should go there. any way I hope I can be picked and then I can show them all these places thank you.

  36. Diane Randall

    Harold, that is very nice if you. I will keep your number, I probably won’t make it out that way till November. For I’m in Texas. I would be very interested. Thank you for thinking about me for these items. I will contact you around thanksgiving! Thanks again. Diane

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