If you’ve ever walked through the doors of Antique Archaeology in Nashville and looked up, you know how special the light decor is. Whenever Mike Wolfe is out exploring and picking on the back roads of America, he’ll often find a piece that is more unique than an old oil can or motorcycle accessory — rusty gold.

Old cogwheels, small signs, and metal funnel picks get a special treatment in the shop. Mike collaborates closely with Nashville artisan, David Phillips, the hand-crafted mastermind behind each Rustoration Collection piece, to create one of a kind lighting for the home and office.

This Industrial Rusted Pendant is a reproduction of one of the first lights fabricated from parts picked by Mike while on the road. The light, along with others in the collection, are all hand made and wired to UL listing standards in a Nashville workshop. This piece particularity incorporates the clean lines of the metal frame with a small funnel shade perfect for spaces of all sizes.

Purchase this unique lighting piece and others for your home, office, or business today!

Shop this Industrial Pendant Lamp now.
Shop this Industrial Pendant Lamp now.



7 thoughts on “Rustoration Lighting: Industrial Rusted Pendant”

  1. Darlene blalock

    I’m looking for old lanterns. I want to put antiques in a cabin and wanted 10 old lanterns to put in the bedrooms and living room.

  2. Deb W

    I’d like to know why you don’t have more items that are in both your locations, online, available for purchase? 99% of the items that are available, are things that have Antique Archeology on it i.e. hats and clothing. Every week, we see items purchased on trips, along with items we see sitting on shelves from both stores, yet they aren’t posted for sale. WHY?

    1. Matthew

      I just asked Mike the same thing in a letter to the company. I watch the show religiously and all I see here are some wrinkled t shirts. Where is all the stuff that they pick?

      1. Meghan Aileen

        The picks are all for sale in store. They sell too fast in store for it to make sense for us to put them online. Thanks for stopping by!

    2. Sarah Buckholtz Post Author

      Great question, Deb.

      Antique Archaeology is the name of Mike’s store where he keeps and sells items he has collected on the show. While some of the stuff in the shops are part of his personal collection, most of the items are in fact for sale.The name “American Pickers” is owned by History, so if you are hoping to get a shirt with the show’s name on it, you’ll have to purchase it from historychannel.com. Come visit soon!

  3. David Dust

    Hi Mike – while watching a heapin’ helpin’ of American Pickers re-runs recently (one of my favorite pasttimes), I thought I might shed a little light on something – a bit of FYI if that’s allright. Remember on one pick where you found a brass-bladed fan that had the brand name “Sprague” on it? At the time you weren’t familiar with that brand. Sprague supplied electronic components, particularly capacitors, to many TV & Radio repair shops throughout the country in the days of vacuum-tube based TV & Audio. Many manufacturers used their products as OEM parts and electronics jobbers/distributors sold their lines to a lot of the small & independent Mom & Pop-type TV repair shops that you used to find in towns large & small back in the day. They’re still in business today and particularly for guitar -pickers & anyone interested in restoring vintage radios/TVs/hi-fi audio as well as vintage guitar amps their products are among the best available. They used to advertise in electronics& servicing magazines with the slogan – ” Don’t be vague — Ask for Sprague ..”

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