Each piece in our Rustoration Collection is hand-crafted by artisan David Phillips in his Nashville workshop. One of the lights we carry is affectionately named Henry, after David’s son.  We’ll let David tell the rest of story of this light’s inspiration…

“One of the first items Mike every brought to me were vintage oil funnels. Just by their shape and design, I knew they would make the perfect shade or pendant light. Over the past several years I’ve transformed several into wonderful lamps and shades. They are easily reproduced and I wanted to incorporate it into the first lamp for reproduction. One day my son Henry came into my shop as I was designing and fabricating lights. He said, ‘Dad you always make lights for everyone else, when are you going to make a light for me?’ I knew I just wanted something very simple and industrial. The simple “H” shaped base was where I started. It’s practical, very similar to medical style lights from the early 1900’s. I told my son Henry that I made this light for him because of the base. I told him every time he see this lamp he’ll see his initial.”

Get your own “Henry” lamp in stores or online. Please visit our site HERE.

Repurposed lighting
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6 thoughts on “The Story Behind “Henry” Repurposed Industrial Style Lamp”

  1. David Barker

    Mike, I’m looking for some lighting that might include an old pully or something simular that I used to see you mention on your show. It needs to hang from the ceiling with at least two bulbs. The one that you offer isn’t big enough. Hope you can help. Thanks, Dave Barker

      1. David Barker

        Meghan, it’s a long drive from Michigan to just visit. Is there anyway you can send pictures of any lights you have ? Thanks, Dave

  2. Christina

    Pulley light fixture with green shades. I’m looking for a nice old pulley light fixture for my kitchen. Do you have anything with 2 big lights? I’m open as long as its old and cool. Let me know.

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