After months and months of great conversations and pictures of #placestosave, we’re pleased to finally announce that the winner of the “This Place Matters” Instagram contest has been chosen.

Join us in congratulating the passionate team at the Variety Theater in Cleveland, Ohio, whose enthusiasm was impossible to miss as they look to restore the 1927 movie theater to its former glory. Mike will be visiting the theater soon to raise awareness of this historic place that matters to so many people in the community. Stay tuned for more details!

We appreciate everyone who joined the contest. While it may be over, the conversation is STILL going on! Be sure to get your shirt, support the cause, and help us raise awareness of the places that matter to us all.

Thank you to The National Trust for Historic Preservation for starting this wonderful campaign and allowing us to be part of it.

 @tessiejay I feel as if I could give you a million billion reasons as to why #ThisPlaceMatters and tell you every detail as to why Cleveland needs this, but it has a far deeper meaning to me personally. We all know that interior construction has been in Jaffray blood since the beginning of time essentially, it has been a family business for ever and ever. The Variety Theater is a place that my great grandfather and my great, great grandfather worked their labor of love from the ground up. I know that they were both smiling down as my Dad walked the "guts" of this place on Friday with the hopes of bringing it all back to life... putting a little "happy" back into it. Cleveland is our home, it is a place that I (and countless others) love and with the renovation and restoration of the historic Variety Theater, I know it will bring a magnanimous amount of "happy" back to us Clevelanders. Please, please help me in sharing how this place matters to you, and get us to have the assistance of the ever so lovely @mikewolfeamericanpicker to bring a little history back to life in my favorite place.

national trust for historic preservation
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32 thoughts on “This Place Matters Contest Winner”

  1. Ronald B. Krisko

    Wow, I can hardly believe it! Congratulations to Jayne Ansberry, Patrick T. Colvin, and all involved in the restoration of the Variety Theater! I hope that the Westown Community Development Corp. is ready to receive the news coverage and ready to accept various types of donations that may start to come their way to help save the theater (i.e. in-kind donations and monetary donations both on-line and in-person). Again, congratulations! — Ronald B. Krisko


    What an awesome under taking our childern will never experience the movies as we did. When I was a young it was a special treat to go to a movie going to the Popcorn Palace before going to the Strand Theater in Marietta, GA. Which was recently restored.


      When I was a pre-teen in St. Petersburg FL we used to go to the ROXY Theater on Central Ave. on Saturday and see a Feature and some Cartoons and a Serial all for the huge sum of 9 Cents. Alas, the ROXY can’t be restored, it was torn down many years ago, so along with many of my memories it will just stay in a special place in my mind.

  3. Richard Lewis

    Great Job On The Restoration. Looks Great !

    We had our own, The Valarie Theater restored last year. It now is open to the public and it looks great.
    Inverness, Florida

    Richard Lewis

    1. Jayne Ansberry

      Hi Richard!
      The only restoration that has occurred at The Historic Variety Theatre is the new blade & marquee sign. There will be an official lighting ceremony a week from this Saturday. It is what occurred with your theatre that we hope for ours & would be great for the community. As winners of Mike Wolfe & The National Trust For Historic Preservation’s “Places To Save” & “This Place Matters” campaign, Mike is going to come to our location to help raise further awareness about the importance of preserving it’s history. Thanks for sharing your story!

  4. Phyllis A Hawley

    We belong to the National Trust for Historic Preservation, receive their magazine, and are very interested in their projects. Have been really proud to see Mike’s collaboration with them. Have met Mike twice…once in LeClaire, and exactly two weeks thereafter, in Nashville, have photos of all us…my husband, Richard, with Danielle, and me with Mike. Was a delight to meet them and see their facilities. We also stopped by LeClaire since and saw the new facility there. Good Going. We feel the Pickers are making their own History.

  5. Marsha Ayers

    I think all of the places have been wonderful! Meeting all the people we get to enjoy each week. It doesn’t make a difference what you are buying; the Best Part are all the wonderful people you stop to see. Whether it’s guy things or girly stuff!
    The program is wonderful!
    Marsha in Ithaca, New York

  6. Maureen R. Weber

    I would love to have the chance to enter the next time you offer this contest! Coming from a predominantly resort town(s) we had suffered from tear it down itis!! Many Frank Lloyd wright homes/hotel were demolished!!! No one would restore these! We also had WWII baked enamel homes…..ill look forward to the next contest!!! Thankyou….also love you guys…mike Frank Danni… rock socks!!!!

  7. Kelli Blackburn

    I’m so excited for those people, that’s wonderful that your going there. I have tons of Campbell’s collection. Ranging from dishes to old dolls Andy Warhol puzzle and a clock ! All kinds about 200 items all Campbell’s that I inherited. I’m Hoping to b contacted by your team. No I don’t want to be on tv just get rid of my collection to someone who will enjoy it. Thank you

  8. Gaylene Phelps

    We definitely need more people like Mike!!!! And the team that supports him. You guys are awesome!! Love the show and all that you do.

  9. Jonas Cota

    I enjoy your tv show.Suggestion; put a rack on top of your van and a latter on the back door for necessary things; dollys : hand and roller,pulleys, etc. WORK SMART NOT HARD.

  10. Gary Mann

    I have watched for years and this is one of the best top shelf efforts Antique Archeology has made to date. Mike, Frank, Danny, I salute you. Love the show love ya’ll. That is Okie speak . Safe Travels!

  11. April Cass Buono

    You should check out the beautiful St. George Theatre on Staten Island in NY.
    It was nearly lost but a family from SI took over the renovations and is restoring it
    for over the past 10 years…

    As a young girl we went there for movies and now they have star studded entertainment
    and fundraisers to keep it going… Even educational programs for kids who have never
    experienced an environment like this.

    Speak to Doreen Cugno, president and CEO. I work with her on Special Event fundraisers.
    April Cass Buono

  12. Eugenia Wade

    Congrats to the winners! I so wish we could’ve been the winners and fixed the one of our two buildings that were left after the floods of 1999, Dennis and Floyd. They destroyed so much of our community, all of our old store buildings are gone and our only restaurant was torn down due to the amount of damage received during the record 42′ plus flood level that consumed our area. Maybe next time we can take home the funds and the help that this contest would have garnered and then we will be able to restore our glorious old beautiful building.

    1. Jayne Ansberry

      Thank you for your message of congratulations! Everyone involved with Cleveland, Ohio’s Historic Variety Theatre is very excited to have Mike come to raise further awareness about restoring places that matter. So sorry to learn of the devastating flood damage your community went through. Continue to stand for what matters to you! Just so you know, this contest never mentioned funds for winning. There may be potential for donors to take notice with Mike coming to raise further awareness of it’s importance, but the rest is mostly up to the people of Cleveland.

    1. Jayne Ansberry

      Hi John C!
      Thank you for asking. Just as excited as you! The Antique Archaeology Team is continuing to plan out all that will occur for Mike’s visit in Cleveland. Hoping to hear soon!

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