Every once in a while, Antique Archaeology acquires slightly creepy picks, which almost instantly makes our shop look a little like a funhouse. What can we say? Sometimes Mike’s taste tilt towards the unusual. Like that one trip to upstate New York when he returned to our Nashville location with a load of clown heads and a gigantic old clown suit! It’s only appropriate with it being Halloween, that we showcase some of the spooky antiques that the Master of Junk has collected over the last few years.

You can see any of the following in Nashville. They’re sure to make your visit extra eerie.

This smiling, Oddfellows skeletal bust currently welcomes store guests behind the front counter.

Mike Wolfe Picks
Photo by Meghan Aileen

Anyone recognize the clown on the left? You saw it on Season 7 when Mike purchased it in upstate New York. The paper mache clown head use to be propped atop a circus sign to greet the audience. The Bozo clown head on the right was off that same pick. Either of the clowns is enough to be any coulrophobic person’s worst nightmare!

creepy clown photos
Photos by Meghan Aileen

Mike found himself in a Louisiana warehouse surrounded by coin operated bliss on this week’s American Pickers episode. Amongst the self-playing piano and gabbling gumball machines, Mike found Gypsy Grandma, a fortune-telling, coin-operated machine from the 1940s and 1950s.

You’d feed her a dime and then ask a “yes” or “no” question. She would then would reach over, open a cabinet, pull out your fortune, and drop it into a pot for you to pick up. While she may not be talking into a crystal ball anymore, Gypsy Grandma silently entertains visitors in the Nashville store!

gypsy grandma

Now this old thing… Nope, it’s not from your worst nightmare – it’s a dental mold tool.

Antique dentures
Photo by Meghan Aileen

Wolf Boy is undoubtedly one of the most famous picks in American Pickers history. He was displayed at circus shows as an attraction and was created by sideshow artist, Homer Tate (read more about him HERE!)

Honor Tate
Photos by Meghan Aileen

If you’ve ever Have you ever experienced the unsettling feeling like you’re being watched, heard whispers, or felt some serious chills? Let’s start a spooky story swap in the comments below. The creepier the better!



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8 thoughts on “Look (If You Dare) At A Few of Mike’s Most Creepy Picks!”

  1. Michael Kramer

    Love that you guys are saving the history and stories of Americana! Love the stuff ya’ll get and make available to those of us who love the old stuff but don’t have the time to search merica ourselves. Keep up the good work!
    P.S. Frank stop being so tight!

  2. Karen Jamison

    This really doesn’t have anything to do with the blog, directly. I want to complement you on the repectful way you handle the people you deal with on the show. Watching the clip of the AMC dealership. Not only did you handle the father and soon with honor and dignity, the videographer, showed the father-son relationship in a very beautiful way. Just small clips of the father and son. Hats off to you.

  3. Ron

    First, congratulations on 15 yrs.
    First time I saw your show I was hooked!
    I think it is most because of the way you handle the people and yours and Franks personalities. The education factor is tops also. I think others would agree that your job would be very cool to have but I also realize it is actually very hard work. I visited your Nashville shop and consider that off my bucket list…Iowa next?

  4. Christy Schadoff

    Mike the dental mold tool is actually a mold of a person’s mouth mounted on what’s called a Dental Articulator. I appears to also have a full set of old upper & lower dentures. I used to own a Dental Lab and when making crowns, caps & dentures, an articulator was always used after you poured a model of the person’s mouth. After the dental stone cured, the replica of their mouth was then mounted onto an articulator to give the technician an accurate account of the person’s mouth.

  5. Ron P

    Hiya, I watch you on Dave in the UK so maybe i’m a year behind, there is a very tame and corny version of your pickin’ travels here called Shed n Buried which in my opinion is crap. Why not do a US- UK pickin swop with both shows creators? Could be interesting?

  6. Ron P

    Hiya, here#s an idea, would you dare to pick a Ghost Adventures location ( if it’s rusty an’ crusty of course) while they’re setting up in the daytime?

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