Custom, American Made Apparel With Vintage Styling

Two Lanes by Antique Archaeology


Rust, Dust & Two Lane Wanderlust!

The all new, original Two Lanes collection from Antique Archaeology embodies more than just the spirit of back roads travel. Two Lanes tanks and tees represent everything we believe about buying American and keeping small town businesses and dreams alive. Our first ever Two Lanes Collection includes some hand drawn artwork of very talented artisans, depicting our love of back roads travel, rust, dust & the spirit of the vintage motopioneer.

Produced with 100% cotton, quality fabric, and custom, vintage style washes, the entire collection is made right here in the USA!

See the Two Lanes LookBook below for style inspirations using Two Lanes apparel.

Every design is available in all sizes in our online store here now.

Shop Here.

All Photography by Meghan Aileen.


18 thoughts on “Two Lanes: The New Custom American Made Collection of Tanks & Tees”

  1. Richard Musitelli

    Can you post where you will be in Indiana in July? We live right on the way (I-94) in Portage, IN..

  2. mark bolin

    The best show ever! I love ya”ll handpick everything, but my favorite thing I ever saw is when you bought a product and left and had it appraised and it was appraised at much more than what you paid you went back over there and paid him the extra cash, that was wonderful!

  3. Susan green

    I love your show and the new line.I visited your leclaire store twice bought a few things.We bought a few t-shirts.Your women tee’s are really comfortable.Enjoyed ourselves You have a wonderful staff.Be safe on your travels

  4. Frank Hardy

    Being a second generation photographer, I cannot remember ever hearing another photographer commenting on June 29th as National Camera Day. At least not in any recent memory for the last fifteen years or so. The sad thing is that in another twenty years people will say … what is a camera? And the response will be your iPhone or whatever make of phone you are using. Times are changing. Thanks for the nice post on Camera Day …

    1. Meghan Schirmer

      Agreed Frank. I am the photographer here and I fear what my 3 year old daughter will think a camera is, so I gave her some vintage cameras to play with :)

    1. Janell Darlene Post Author

      Hi Olivia!
      “Part of the rust”…. I love it. I think we all feel that way sometimes, no? What a great way to say it.


  5. Roy Sorey

    Have watched your show ever since you came on . I also am a picker just not as big as you guys are. I also ride a Harley and have since I was 18 I am now 63 . Live your show especially when you come across old bikes. I tried to get in touch with your store looking for old biker movie posters but didn’t have any luck by phone or email so if you still have any old biker posters please get in touch with me . Great show !

  6. Sharon Weber

    Your show is one of the best shows on Tv. I really like you being so honest with the people who you buy from and give them as much information on item even when don’t purchase. I like your honesty,

  7. Joan Moore

    I love your show and always watch it but was disappointed last night when there was no new show so you must be on your summer break now. Wish there was more variety for women

  8. Mary Haugen

    Love your show. Disappointed when it isn’t on. Everyone seems so down to earth. That means you are easy to talk to. My daughter visited your store in Le Claire. Wish I could have been with her. She was on a business trip with her group. She said your store was only 15 minutes from Davenport.

    I enjoy your emails. But miss Frank. Plan to get Tee’s later on.

  9. Carol Barnes

    I always learn something new with each new show and enjoy the reruns as well. You all are great
    So sincere and honest with people. I feel like I know each one of you as a friend of my family

  10. Nancy Talbert

    I really enjoy your show and agree with all comments above. Hope to visit one of your
    stores some day in my travels.

  11. social sunday

    If people that write articles cared more about writing great material like you, more readers would read their content. It’s refreshing to find such original content in an otherwise copy-cat world. Thank you so much.

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