Inspired by the “Main Street of America” it takes us back to a time a little more simple – no Wifi, no problem. This unisex design is printed on a heavily distressed sage-green, custom-dyed, Made in America crew neck tee. Extremely worn in and soft, just like your favorite tee. Here we pair it with a vintage pair of pants picked by Mike Wolfe and some great lace up work boots.



travel gear vintage clothes two lanes tee
Photo by Meghan Aileen


Shop our Two Lanes Collection Now
Shop our Two Lanes Collection Now




8 thoughts on “Two Lanes Travel Wear”

  1. Marion Polchlopek

    Dear Mike
    Did you ever receive yellow Thermometer i sent you this summer it was on my porch of a condo i had purchased i couldn,t see it very good it,, was hung so high, it had a creamery ad on it
    and some rusty gold too,, i hope you received it?
    Marion Polchlopek Kettering OH, OK have a great Thanksgiving with Your Family Jodi and Adorable Charlie. Shes so cute,

  2. Sad but true

    You know we really love your show and your purpose, just dont’ ever forget I’t could all go away in a heart beat. We lived on a cloud for 26 years with a booming bussiness to loose it all in 2005, and yes it will repeat it’s self you start over and you get burned again 15 years later, and we are only in our late 60’s, so be carefull and always be humble and kins

  3. Susan Elliott

    My friends and I would like to buy and wear your Respect the Rust shirt, but us rusty women don’t like to bare our upper arms! There comes a point in life it’s just not very pretty anymore. If you ever do a regular T, we’re in!

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