Inspired by a vintage gas station logo, our Station tee is printed on a soft and comfortable tri-blend red shirt with off white print. It pairs great with your favorite denim, rolled cuffs and some worn in short leather boots.

GET YOURS HERE NOW and give it your own style.

Get Your Red Vintage Style Gas Station Logo Inspired Tee HERE
Get Your Red Vintage Style Gas Station Logo Inspired Tee HERE

13 thoughts on “Wear It With: Gas Station Logo Vintage Style Red Tee”

  1. Agnes Brown

    I visited the Nashville store on 8/23, it is awesome. I have watched the show for a long time and remembered seeing most of the items in the store on tv. I purchased one of the Antique Archaeology tee shirts, I love it. Keep on pickin Mike and Frank, love the show and you guys.

  2. Bonnie Mayfield

    I don’t live close to either store and I see all kinds of stuff I might be interested in on the show. Why is the website so limited as far as merchandise?

    1. Sarah Buckholtz

      Great question, Bonnie. We don’t have an online pick inventory because they sell so fast. (Not a bad problem to have!) The only way to purchase picks is to make the trip to either LeClaire or Nashville.

  3. Tara

    Love some of the shirts on the website that i would like to buy but when i click to buy it they dont come up such as the vintage gas station shirt in red or the two lanes tee in green. What up?

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