Our new Respect the Rust oil washed sleeveless tee pairs great with some worn black boots, a flat brim hat with an old leather strap, and your favorite pair of jeans.

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Muscle tee and boots
Photo by Meghan Aileen

2 thoughts on “Wear it With…”


    Wild wicked shirt, love the chain stitch work, almost makes me want to start a hobby up chain stitching, as when I was 16 years old I was being trained as a stationary engineer at a suit company called. WARREN K COOKS high end suits,in Toronto, Ontario Canada, for a year or so until one day I decided to sleep in late with this lovely girl I me at a party , well I was supposed to be at work for 6 am and staggered in at 8:30 to down blast the boilers to heat up the lines for all the steam press machines, well little to say how long that job lasted after that day, but in the time I was there I learned a lot about them sewing machines I can take one apart and put it back together, and steam fit pips now too, so it would be a swell idea to maybe start a hobby doing chain stitching on clothing, I will be retired soon so the tips you left on your site on places to get parts an these chain stitch machines is perfect information and I would like to get one of your shirts with that chain link stitching you made on the motorcycle club blue shirt in a XXXL would be real swell or a jacket like that , we’ll you all keep up the swell work down there , love your show, love your hearts and your class.

    Be true, and honest and never be Blue, and the sound of your sweet music , will always flow through any grey clouds that may over hang you ,on any Givin day, and may the roads you travel on be as smooth as a gentle flowing creek as its waters gracefully and smoothly flows over every corner and rock as the way a byplain sweeps through the sky deaking in and out of every cloud in its path, and when it rains may good angles open there wings above all your heads to protect you all and deflect the droplets as you all progress your way through the never ending story’s of history you all come across in every day of all your lives.
    your friends.
    from up in Ontario, Canada
    A.W. + better half

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