Special Campaign Launch Event with Mike Wolfe

We are starting a campaign with the National Trust for Historic Preservation that runs through August on Instagram to raise money and awareness for the forgotton places of our communities. Places that are decomposing or in danger of being torn down under the threat of “new and improved”. Saving these places that matter is a cause that is very close to Mike’s heart.

To kick off the campaign, Mike and team had a special event at the Nashville store last weekend. This cause is a passion of his and he wanted to share it with all of you.

It was incredible to see all the people coming with their stories of places that matter to them in their community and sharing them with us and Mike.

In case you could not make it here are some highlights from the event!

antique archaeology nashville

mike wolfe signing

mike wolfe

lauren wray antique archaeology

CLICK HERE to get your shirt and join the movement from home! You will still have the chance to win a visit from Mike to your place that matters!

Here are the instructions for joining the campaign and contest:

1. Buy a This Place Matters shirt HERE or at one of our stores.

2. Think of a place that matters to you in your community that is in danger of being torn down or simply left in neglect. A school, baseball field, your old house, community center, or just a neat old house that you drive by and love.

3. Put on your shirt and take a photo in front of the place. (You can take a selfie, have someone take it or if you can’t get to the place hold up a sign with the name of it for the photo)

4. Upload your pic to Instagram and say why it matters to you.

5. Use #placestosave and tag @mikewolfeamericanpicker @savingplaces and @ontwolanes

This will create and incredible gallery of images and raise awareness for these places that matter. A portion of the sales from the shirts goes to the National Trust for Historic Preservation and their work in preserving these places all around.

In August we will pick a winning photo and Mike will visit your place to meet you and to bring even more attention to your place that matters.

national trust for historic preservation
Can’t Make the Event? CLICK HERE to get your shirt and join the movement

For more info on the partnership with the National Trust CLICK HERE




101 thoughts on “A Special Event With Mike Wolfe”

  1. Thomas Holt

    I love your show! Makes me want to dig through my archives and see what I can sell or donate to someone other than a trash can!!

    1. Thayer Jordan

      Mike and Frank are the best Pickers around. I just wish they’d come to Hwy. 70, near Hillsborough, N.C. There’s a junkman their.

    1. Denise

      Can’t come…it’s Easter weekend…I already bought a shirt several weeks ago…..Have a good event!
      Thank you for caring about Nashville…..Our heritage is dying here..

  2. Jason Burns

    Look into the Manoir Colimacon or maniac mansion. Built in 1800’s. Not sure where it’s at but really neat Victorian structure. Definitely needs saved.

  3. paula bennett

    we live in farm country western Nebraska, these old farmers do not like to get rid of anything you should come out this way, Scottsbluff, NE, it is also close to Cheyenne Wyo, lots of little antique stores in this area, might be surprised what you could find

    To bad we missed meeting you last year when we were on vacation but I did get my pic taken by your car

    Paula Bennett

  4. Linda Longenecker

    HI There…I have practically given up watching T.V.,, but stay totally connected to THE PICKERS……
    I find relaxation, interest, fun, humor and such an abundance of the good in life viewing this show………I love practically all things vintage so the topic is spot on…….The threesome: MIKE, FRANK & DANIELLE are some of my favorite people, but I also Love Mikes brother! Fond memories of the good ole days and the characters they do business with, amazing……They must have great patience to do what they do…Always come out smelling like a rose…….Seems to me they have the ability to charm the socks right off peoples feet! I am totally impressed! GREAT show and my honey tapes them all for me so I do not miss seeing their travels………..Really well produced..Keep up the great work! God Bless and keep them all safe and well……..

  5. Cheryl

    I am a lover of your show..it is a program I know that is a positive experience for our whole family..but Mr Mike, where is Ms Danielle and bearded charmer? Thank you for sending my autographed picture but was very disappointed that Ms D and Mr Frank didn’t get to sign..as a family coming back from burying my father, I had put this on our list of MUST SEE..and we did..love the stores, just wish we had more time..thank you for providing a positive experience while having family …love you all !!!!

      1. Kim

        Thanks Sarah! I’m excited too. I’ll see y’all next weekend.
        Do you have t-shirts in the store?
        I Hope you all have a wonderful
        Easter! He is risen!

  6. Tony Kirk

    Thanks for the invite I would love to be there but I live in the UK. Keep up the good work your TV program is the best thing on UK TV. Many thanks again & if you need a UK picker let me know.

  7. yael

    Want to save:All of Long Island. It is the home to Washington’s revolutionary spies that helped save the country. It is the home of America’s industrialists and the beautiful Gold Coast mansions and palaces.
    Why does it need saving? Because it is quickly devolving into a third world craphole. Illegals are everywhere leaving their trash along the highways. Neighborhoods are filled with immigrants with no interest in assimilating. Mosques are taking over in residential neighborhoods. Taxes are skyhigh. People are moving out and leaving LI behind. Packs of immigrants who don’t speak our language loiter on street corners, so it’s very rare that you ever see children outside playing anymore. I barely recognize this place anymore. It’s heartbreaking.

  8. Jeff Montgomery

    Mike I live in Salyersville ky , we have an old church here I think was built in 1923, it’s in great shape but the library board is wanting to demolish it to build a new library , there is a committee here trying to raise the money to save it, can you help save our old church ?

  9. Terry Johnson

    Love the show, but unable to attend. Live in the Dallas / Fort Worth area. Please keep us updated on future events.

  10. michael zaferatos

    I heard you were coming to Long Island last year.. Never made it???? I was hoping to see you guys here checking the goodies that we have here on the island. You guys have a great show. Keep up the good work. Michael

  11. Mike Preble

    Hey Mike Danielle Frank and Robbie
    Carefree theater downtown West Palm Beach used to be a best place to watch a band they would play Rocky horror picture show on Saturday night midnight love to save it give me a call Mike 351-4476 area code 561

  12. john morecroft

    I am based in the Chiltern Hills in the UK in a small viilage.Very lucky.We have the National Trust and British Heritage which have similar aims to your campaign.I wish you the very best.It is important all of us keep our history.
    Ps Enjoy your American Pickers .it very good at showing the USA we do not normally see.Regards to all.

  13. Sean Bamford

    Thanks for invite Mike but I live in U.K. & couldn’t travel.Loving your show on t.v. Over here,say hi to Frank & Danni & keep on pickin’….

  14. emma johnson

    Keep up the good work, Mike and Frank! We love you in Britain too! Hope you come to Brighton, England some day! Love, Light and Peace!x

  15. Brian Williamson

    Hi Mike. my name is Brian I live in LEEDS England, I watch your show daily, my question is i am unable to access your shops to buy things im looking for, an old schwinn bike for my grandson plus other items, ps im 76 and retired.

    regards Brian

  16. Thayer Jordan

    I love this show. There’s an old hotel here in Hillsborough, N.C., that is on the Natiomal Historic Places, that needs to be restored. Last year, the man that owned it, was trying to sell it, but it was in such disrepai, that no one would buy it. Finally, the town took over and told the owner to sell it to the town, but before he could do that, he would have to repair every thing, or else he would get into trouble with thown. So, he is trying to fix it up, so he doesn’t get in trouble.
    There’s a junk yard off of Hwy.70 that might be a possibilty to pick.

  17. Rich Milburn


    Just visited your NASHVILLE shop 2 weeks ago on our way from OXFORD, MS to our home in Northern VA. Great Fun for wife Joan who had three ANTIQUE shops until 4 year ago.

    Sorry we can not be there for your event but wish you well in this most worthy endeavor.

    Warmest Regards,


  18. Deborah BeCraft

    In our little town of 1500, we have an old school that was built in 1929. It was built on the site of our second school, which was 2 story. The 2 story was built in 1913 but sadly burnt to the ground in 1929. The flames were seen and reported from the second story bedroom in the old house that I bought.
    The school has long since stood empty but the 1st cafeteria is now our senior citizen center, the old gym is our vfd, and the newest cafeteria is our community center. There is talk of tearing down the old school class rooms. It is such a beautiful old building with the short rock fence still standing in front. I would love to see this building saved. It would be wonderful to re-use the building to house all the city offices in one wing and a few retail shops such a tea room in the other wing.
    History needs preserved and passed down to future generations, no matter how small the town or the building or what you use it for.
    Thank you for all you do in saving parts and pieces of our past! Love your show.

  19. Lisa Jeanette

    This is a place near and dear to 4 generations of the Hodge Homestead. It is in need of a total preservation. It is not very big, less than 900 sq. feet. However it has played host to birth’s, summer bar-b – ques, family reunion’s and so much more.The patriarch of the family will be 79 this year and it would be a wonderful surprise.
    Thank -you. Lisa Jeanette. I would post photo, but where……

  20. Brad

    Do we need a ticket for this event, or, do we just show up and stand in line? I am assuming there will be throngs of people wanting to attend. Thanks all.


    Driftless Badger

    1. Sarah Buckholtz

      Hey there, Brad! No tickets necessary. Just show up and jump in line. It will be crazy but we are so excited to hear everyone’s stories and spend the day with Mike.

  21. GuyHewson

    Love your show, and know more about Indian and Harley Davidsons bikes, thanks for you passion.
    Also love the. Banter between you, frank and Dani d.
    Only problem about attending your event I live in Wales, United Kingdom.
    Hope one day you come over to the uk,( not just England), we have some amazing history hear in Wales, especially with the old coal mining industry, lots of Rusty metal here for you guys to see.
    There is an old motor enthusiast. In port talbot, with lots of old cars, from the beginning of the century, I will try to get some pictures for you!
    Keep up the great show.
    Best wishes from Guy Hewson.

  22. Don Wheeler


    Hawaii is beautiful! and you and the “guy with the Beard” are always welcome. I’m a retired U.S. Army Master Sergeant/Disabled Viet Nam Veteran and Department of the Army Civilian (Total 50 Years), I watch your show as much as possible. FYI… I traveled to your neck of the woods/Iowa and surrounding states many times! I was stationed up at Fort Snelling State Park for a couple of years and worked all over the surrounding states training Reserve Units in Maintenance Management of their equipment. Good luck! Stay safe! And keep pickin!


  23. Clifford

    Thanks for the invite to the 26March2016 event. But, I cannot make it due to work schedule.

    I do have the “This Place Matters” shirt in my collection.

    Have a nice event and holiday.



  24. Scott D. Wingate

    Great educational show I can relate to. I’ve been collecting for 35 years. I used to have a large cast iron toy collection (right up Frank’s alley) but have dispersed all but my “only knowns”. History is a force that drives me. This is a great venture. SIGN ME UP! I am in coastal Maine…..you know, the area you both rave about, and for good reason. I had a bad year in 2015 with two major surgeries and 8 weeks in the hospital so I am still recovering. I, therefore, cannot make it to TN but would like to help in some way. Good luck and you have my email.

  25. Lynn S

    YeeeHaaaaa! I’ll be there for sure! I used to drive by old barns/sheds/garages and think what great pictures they would make. NOW whenever I go by one i think “Wonder what’s worth picking inside that old place” Thanks Mike and Frank for bringing BACK our past.

  26. sue Timothy

    I think its really good work want you are doing I wish you your team good luck were I live the national trust do a lot of work

  27. Dan Hicks

    Hi Mike and Frank. I have a place that id like to save. Its not a building though. Its a lake. People have been going to this lake to fish and socialize since the 1940’s. My dad went when he was in his 20’s to this lake. Hes 70 now…does this remotely qualify? Its about to be filled in to build houses on. When we have empty houses all around the area. New ones. I cant bear to see it go. I havent the resources to buy it or keep it open. Also I am trying to sale a few of my dads hot rods and 1927 and 1930 classic cars. Im in Indianapolis Indiana. 317 332 4897. Please Mike call me for more details. Or Frank or Dannielle….

  28. Marsha Brennrr

    Here in Jamestown, Tennessee, the old railroad depot, is ready to fall down. I have long for someone to fix it up for years. Unfortunately I will not be able to attend do to my health. Love you show an restorations.

  29. Victoria Rosario

    Hi Mike! I love your store in Nashville and I love your show! I have not lived in Centerville, TN long (approximately 3 1/2 years), but the landscape so reminds me of Hazlet, NJ where I grew up, I feel right at home. Anyway…there is this very old stable/barn with a wonderful sign on it, “COPLEY HORSES AND MULES”, i believe…it’s on the corner of Briggs St. and Columbia Ave., Centerville, TN 37033. There is a For Sale sign, but it’s been sitting there forever and I can just imagine the history of the place. Every time I pass by, I keep thinking, “If only I had the money, I’d buy it, fix it up; and hold jamborees or maybe turn it into an animal shelter. Hickman County so desperately needs one. Anyway…Please come down and take a look at it some time…it might draw you in, too. Thanks so much for the invite. Hope to meet you in person some day! Very Sincerely, Victoria Rosario

  30. Jodee McCubben

    We would so love to be there and show our support but it’s a bit far from Australia. We will be there in May. Good luck.

  31. Mary Mott

    Thank you for the invite but I can’t make it I live in Texas.
    Hope you have a great event.
    Thanks again,
    Mary Mott

  32. Margaret walter

    I absolutely love american pickers. It is wonderful thant you are saving these things that would disappear forever without you saving them. There is a hospital here in altoona,pa. That is in danger of disappearing forever because it was closed by the hospital that merged with it . there still has to be beds & other items in the building. It is a very old building.

  33. Sean sheerin

    Howdy Mike, I feel that we are cut from the same cloth. Both growing up with a love of bikes Australian cattle dogs and preserving our history. I love the show, but more so what you are doing beyond the show. Please keep me posted on future events :)

  34. Rick Flickinger

    We were in Nashville last Aprilsnd stopped by the shop just Missed Mike by 1 day ,would like to meet him or Frank or Danny . I wrote in trip adviser ; Rusted junk till you get drunk. Loved the shop !!!

  35. Dolores Powell

    Thanks for the invite Mike. Love your show. Although TN is not that far, we’re in Jacksonville, FL and committed to Resurrection Weekend at a local church.
    Please keep me in the loop.

  36. Greg Parry

    Hi Mike and family [& Frank],

    Gooday from the Gold Coast – Queensland, Australia.

    Wishing you and your team the very best with your kick-off event for “This Place Matters” this coming weekend.
    It is encouraging to see you with sincere intent in keeping the US of A as original and real as possible and not allow it to crumble away into a pile of forgotten dust.

    All the best from a keen picker Down Under.


  37. Jennifer Higdon

    We have preserved a former 39,000 sq ft elementary school and turned it into a country mall full of antique, unique and vintage finds:). You should come see what a nurse and a teacher mother-daughter team did with Preservation Station Market and Event Center in Owensboro KY:)

  38. Wendy Proehl

    I won’t be able to attend sorry. Are Mike & Frank planning a trip to Ohio soon? I would love to meet them.

  39. Bryon Sanford

    Just so happens that I will be in Nashville this weekend and will probably stop by for sure to see “the old guy” lol….
    Only 2 hours with limited parking tho could be a madhouse. I’ll give it s shot…

  40. Wanda Owens

    Love your show ,So proud of you for wanting to save our history . I wish I had the money to save my Grandmother’s house it is hard watching it slowly fall down. My Grandpa built it many years ago it is a log house and so many memories. So if you can save homes or businesses going to waste I am behind you. May God Bless you in this and all you do. You guys stay safe on the road.

    Wanda Owens 03/22/2016

  41. carolyn adams

    I LOVE your show. I cant make it, but want shirt and to tell you of an old hotel and restaurant in Tallassee Al. that needs attention and reopening . it is over 100 years old ( I think ). it was being restored until some juvenile set a building behind it on fire and the fire quickly spread to the hotel which was badly damaged. It overlooks the river at the point where there was an armory during the civil war . there is a very interesting story about that armory . there are many interesting stories about both the hotel and the armory.
    your friend in junking aka picking , Carolyn Adams

  42. Sherri Stewart

    My boyfriend and I love to watch your show, we are always looking for places that would make a good pick. We are both looking forward to seeing this weekend.

  43. Paula Rankin

    I don’t know what all is in the store, but there is an “Indian” motorcycle store in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.

  44. Edward Pape

    I would like to invite Mike, Frank and all their motorcycle friends to come to Butte Montana some summer for Evel Knievel days. The 14th annual will be held this year 7/21/16 – 7/24/16. Many riders come to this event on their way to Sturgis. Another huge plus is Butte is the nations largest historical district with many hidden gems (literally, treasure state) and rusty gold. I personally have many interesting items that I’m sure you would enjoy & yes I’ll sell them. Friend has a 2006 Harley signed by Evel and Robbie Knievel. Own a saloon so I have many beer and alcohol related items plus tons of personal items. Believe my Mom was one of the original pickers.

  45. harley from northeast missouri

    hi you guys @ that cool picken place my son and I were at the kid picker fleamarket as vendors and I must say we had a real good time and we plan to go to the event this weekend it is a very good cause that needs more light put on it and again you made us feel at home last time so I hope to see you all in Nashville thanks for the invite

  46. Avis Wyckoff

    Sadly, I lived in Shillington, Pa., outside of Reading, Pa. We had some awesome movie houses, one in particular was very art deco and all have been torn down. We had a pretty town……….it’s mostly gone. However, there are beautiful homes in Reading, the architecture on the homes is so awesome, it’s called the Historic District.

  47. Thomas Fouts

    I’ll be down there the next week. If we stop by, will you still have some of the shirts left?

    I helped save our oldest wood structure in our county. It was a blacksmith shop. Now it houses a vintage fire truck.

  48. Ryan Jeanes

    Mike, it’s Ryan again with Really Entertaining Tours – Nashville.

    I’m the guy who was paddling the Mississippi River when I pulled my boat over not knowing if you’d be in Le Claire and there you were! Just to refresh, I’m a tour guide now in Nashville – totally do my tour man! Drinks on me after (or during haha!).

    But I am totally down with what you’re trying to accomplish and am working with the historical society here to do just this!

    I will see you Saturday!



    Would so love to accept but Africa is a lifetime away. Watch your show with such delight that you’ve all become like family. Keep up the good work. Thanks and best regards.

  50. Daryl Clark

    From Melbourne Australia. Not time for my yearly trip to USA (Wilton Iowa) yet. Did enjoy Le Claire store last year and still hope to get to Nashville to see that store & sing Chiseled In Stone at Vern Gosdin’s resting place. Good luck with the event.

  51. Jani Laaksonen

    Jani. I come from Finland and town Rovaniemi.Otherwise it would be nice to take part but you have a good case side. best regards jani .

  52. Mark

    I would love to attend although I’m pretty far away I’d like to nominate my house please I’m in Blackpool uk full restoration req addicted to the show getting to know the very early episodes from new by how many tatts on Danielle

    Happy pickin!!

  53. Al & Shirley Kapitan

    Because of health issues we cannot attend Nashville on the 26th.
    Thanks for the invite.
    We never miss an AMERICAN PICKERS episode.
    Our best regards,
    Al & Shirley Kapitan

  54. Frank W. Pell

    I Love the show!!!! It I great seeing someone preserve the history of our land and the artifacts that made this country great. I will not be able to attend but if you areever in central Pa let me know. I currently own a one room schoolhouse that has been in my family for my life It does contain some old stuff. I’m not sure if you would be interested but I will try to get it cleaned out someday. Thanks again for the invite. I also was wondering how some of the things you purchase on the show can be bought without going to the store locations?

  55. Bonnie Guess

    You guys remind me of my brother. He passed away in 2005 & left me with old rusty tractors, implements of every kind, old Mercedes cars & not enough in a lifetime to find someone to sell things too. He had a cabin full of antiques & my moms basement was crammed. He loved anything old cause workmanship today is not up to par. If you get near the Kettering OH (Dayton) area please post it. I have a prior commitment & can’t make it down this time. Would love to stop in sometime! Love your show! I keep watching to see if you come across a 1950’s Irish Male pump car. If I ever find a pic of my old one, I will send it. Love you guys! Bonnie Morris Guess



  57. Jeannie Dionisio

    Thank you so very much for invite,in. NY ,so we can’t come,but would love to buy a shirt from you,it’s a great ,worthy cause,God bless you for keeping the Homefront going!

  58. presley Middlebrooks

    I would love for you guys to come and help my church,we are really in need of support,I grew up going there and its on its last leg,thanks.

  59. Carter martin

    Love , Show will not make trip but would like to another time. I consider your show a history lesson, What an amazing industrial nation this was. B well and good luck with show and all other projects.

  60. Lorraine Carl

    So wish I could meet you, my husband and I watched your show all the time. But he has since passed away.
    If you are ever in Smithfield, Virginia let me know i have a surprise for you to see. Take care

  61. Julie LeHunt

    Wish I could make the event, but alas, a road trip is not in the cards at this time. Maybe I’ll see you if/when you come through Indianapolis (or Bloomfield) if you haven’t already been here. Thanx for what you do to help save our heritage. Safe travels & happy picking!

  62. Barbara Brock


  63. Steve McNaron

    I wanted to take a moment to thank Mike Wolfe for his super cool Antique Archaeology store in Nashville. Most of you don’t know this fact however Mike supports the local songwriter groups in Nashville by letting them play in his “Pickin Corner”. Mike has donated a portion of his store for local songwriters to play their songs for his customers. He has a local sound man named Doc Bennett who runs the show. It runs Fri Sat and Sunday each week for the folks visiting his store.They can listed to live music as they cruise through all the cool stuff he and Frank had grabbed on the show and now displayed in their store in Nashville. I am also a supporter of the songwriters in Nashville and appreciate Mikes help in giving our local guys a great venue to play their original songs and possibly sell a few CD’s while picking at the Nashville Antique Archaeology.

  64. Kathryn Kutil

    Due to recent surgery /health issues I can’t make the campaign but would love a T shirt. Size large.
    Thanks for your efforts to always restore and make every one aware and remember.

  65. Peg & Jon Bill, Curator Auburn Cord Duesenberg Automobile Museum

    Sorry we can’t make it to Nashville Saturday, being Easter weekend. We are the proud owners of the ‘Rocketman’ car, everybody enjoys seeing it on our front porch!

  66. Donna Chasen

    I will not be able to attend but would like to call your attention to the Downman House aka Idlewild, in the city of Fredericksburg Va. It is on the National Trust but sits deserted and open to graffiti, etc….It is a burned out ruin of a wonderful American Gothic Revival Mansion that served as General Lee’s headquarters for the Battle of Chancellorsville. I am hoping to get interest stirred up again for this site and think that you could be the answer to my prayers!

  67. Eugenia Ware

    If there is massive turnout as suspect there will be, will Mike stay until he sees everyone or will he have to leave exactly at 4? I will be driving all the way from NC and would hate not to be able to see him to tell him about my “Place That Matters”.

    1. Sarah Buckholtz

      Hi Eugenia! Mike is going to try to see as many people/hear as many stories as possible. It’s gonna be tight but try to come as early as you can. We are so excited to see you and wish you safe travels to Nashville!

  68. Trudy smith

    I know of an old place that is an old land mark and needs saving. It’s one of a kind and has a lot to do with the history of Boontling. Let me know if interested.

    Sincerely, Trudy

  69. mary t schmidt

    Hello there Mike, old buddy!! I met you at your launching of this campaign in Nashville, I know you met a lot of folks but..I bet you remember me! I was the energetic crazy chick that you hugged a lot- and we really had a great meet. You gave me a t shirt…I just wanted to thank you once again for doing what you do- and believing in the historical value of what is left in America. Also the respect you show for the people you meet and their treasures. Keep on doing what you do- you have tapped into a vital resource of love of what was great then and now!

  70. Dan C

    Loved the show from day one
    But Mike lately every show you’ve been using the word MAN this is 2016 not the 70’s.
    Surprised Frank hasn’t said something.
    Other than this enjoy the show.
    Cheers Dan

  71. Steve Coady

    Been watching the show since it’s inception. Absolutely amazing the places you and Frank travel to. I’m waiting to see a show about somewhere in Washington state or my state of Oregon. I live in Eugene, which at one time was home to all turn of the century buildings. A mayor in the early ’70s created an organization called “Urban Renewal” and gutted the downtown area, leaving only a few buildings intact. For years the downtown core appeared to have been bombed. It’s coming back now but with ground floor business’s and apartments above. They even destroyed the old fraternity house that was used for Animal House! Keep preserving the past for the future. Love the show, keep on keeping on guys.

    1. Scott Wingate

      Urban Renewal is the bane on society. One of the biggest crimes of the 20th century was the destruction of the Bangor, Maine train station. A beautiful building and clock to die for. All relegated to post cards now; a tragic victim of urban renewal. They put up a white dinosaur of a shopping center in its place. And to think they could have converted that architectural icon into shopping. An exceptionally stupid move.

  72. shirley a. wachtel

    I watch your show constantly. Just wanted you to know, in 1953, my girlfriend and I went to the Carroll county Fair in Carrollton Ohio. We rode on the wall of death mororcycles. I was 16. I am now 79 and still living. lol.
    I am Shirley Wachtel from Massillon Ohio. 44646 and my phone is 1 330 880 0091

  73. Charles Inman

    Mike Wolfe You should out Blue Heron Paper in Oregon City. It went bankrupt an they are planning to tear it all down. A mill had been there for over a hundred years. Lots of industrial things maybe there to buy from bankruptcy owner. Just look up using name Blue Heron Paper.

  74. George Head

    I attended my last two years of high school in Savanna Illinois, just just a few miles from your Iowa store. The major employer in the area, US Army ammo storage and decommissioning center closed and my high school went from my graduating class of 76 students to 4 total high school students…. period.

    Many homes and business were closed and the once nice town was coverted to a ghost town. Many buildings were closed leaving a wealth of stored goods. You might be able to help and find some great deals. I haven’t been there in decades but maybe it would be a place you could get some good buys and help the remaining people.

  75. vaughn pierson

    HI Mike
    Me and the wife went to some garage sales last weekend and the 2nd sale I talk to this older man and he told me Mike from American Pickers bought a old scale from him this past summer in Michigan

    1. Donna Chasen

      i am writing about Idlewild in the city of Fredericksburg VA. It was the victim of arson several years ago and has since sat open to vandalism and the elements for over ten years. I hope to find someone to take over (the city would give it and six acres to a qualified buyer) and save it.

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