The ONLY American made water bottle on the market

We celebrate and support American made products whenever possible. After reading your comments, we know it’s important to you too. What better way to support American made than with something you use everyday – a water bottle. We’ve collaborated with Liberty Bottleworks out of Yakima, Washington on custom-designed, recyclable water bottles for Antique Archaeology and Two Lanes and love the results. (Takes a sip)


Not only are the bottles particularly affordable, but you can also design your own from the color to the cap. Pretty great reason to ditch that disposable plastic!

And being made in America is reason enough to choose this bottle, we’ve got back-up!

1) Liberty bottles are 100% manufactured in America and start at $21!

In 2011, when Liberty set out to develop an American made water bottle they could be proud of, they ended up creating more than 500 jobs in their community.  They also hired artists from all across the country to develop designs for the exterior of the bottles. Each step of creating these bottles has been carefully thought out with the intention of making a quality product that is 100% manufactured in America —from the furnace to the bottle washer.

“People want to know where their shirt, backpack, food, and other goods come from. They have very little knowledge of how the product has been manufactured when it arrives from overseas,” explains Shawn Hill, Liberty Bottleworks sales director. “At Liberty, we have an obligation to let people know where their products are coming from and how exactly they were made.”

For example, you won’t find chemicals or harmful glazes on their bottles. They opt to use a food-grade powder coat instead. It’s not the cheapest way, but it’s the healthy way. Which was not an easy thing to get funding for.

Which brings us to reason #2

Interior of Liberty Bottleworks shipping department

2) They persisted even after banks rejected their idea.

As any start-up company will tell you, trying to generate funds is an issue.  After multiple loan rejections, it seemed that Liberty would never take off.

“We’d go into banks, show them our business plan, and they’d look at us like we had six heads,” says Shawn. “They didn’t understand why someone would open a water bottle business in America when you can have them branded and manufactured in China for 30 cents piece. Banks thought we were a risk and would never have success.”

Liberty eventually became a privately owned company with investors who saw their potential and appreciated their approach to sustainability.

Assortment of Liberty water bottles

3) They seriously care about the environment.

It’s more than just switching to energy efficient light bulbs.

“Our high quality, sustainable metal water bottles are built in a plant that does not negatively impact the environment,” explains Shawn. “We use primarily recyclable materials, recycle nearly all of our waste, and only ship UPS carbon neutral.”

If you’re wondering how long your water will stay cold in a Liberty bottle, Shawn has no problem telling you straight up – it’s not going to be all day. Similar to buying organic produce that might not last as long as its preservative-coated competition, consider Liberty bottles the organic apple in the water bottle orchard.

“You should be drinking more than one bottle of water a day!” exclaims Shawn. “If you’re drinking water as often as recommended, the water will always be just cold enough. Our bottles may not keep water cold for three days, but that’s OK because we care more about the health of the individual using it and the factory we’re making them in, so fill ‘er up and drink up!”

The making of a Liberty water bottle

4) They donate a percentage of sales to organizations doing cool stuff to help those in need.

With Liberty, you’ll always know that each purchase not only supports the local community, but also goes towards a charity. Liberty Bottleworks donates 5% of the net profits from their line of Karma collection bottles to great organizations like CannedWater4Kids and National Parks Conservation Association. The company is always looking for other ways to contribute, and regularly donates supplies of bottles to the homeless, to children in need, and to our troops

“At Liberty, we’re not here to make millions of dollars,” says Shawn. “We want to look back and see we did something good.”

Job well done, Liberty!

Liberty bottles being distributed to our troops

Shop or create your own eco-friendly, American made water bottle HERE.

Photos from Liberty Bottleworks


Antique Archaeology help you pop a few bottles with our wall mount bottle opener


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  1. Bill Kendrick

    I am the old Vietnam Combat Veteran, needing help to get my Purple Heart, I commented on Danielle’s blog, but cannot get back there. I wanted to let her know You Tube has now created a new category, and I am the only entry. Go to You Tube the Separating Atoms category. You Tube seems to agree with me.

  2. John Allender

    Some time ago watching American pickers, Mike made reference to a treatment he used on old rusty roached metal signs..
    I have an old Coke sign that I’d like to preserve.

    Any help would be awesome!

    Love you show and the hole family enjoy every episode..


  3. Anne McCoy

    Mike, Frank and Danielle, my family watch the show nightly and I finally sat down to check out the website – WATER BOTTLES!!! Awesome but unexpected product find! Finding a quality water bottle made in North America is surprisingly challenging. Thank you! Keep up the great work on the show, fun to watch with our kids.


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