Local legends of phantom cars, ghosts, and murders provoke curiosity for the unknown.

haunted back roads
Photo by Meghan Aileen

Have you ever had that uncomfortable moment while driving down a back road when you thought you really should’ve taken a different route? Felt that tug at your gut saying, “Turn around! If you keep going something bad is going to happen!” You start believing that there’s someone or something out there in the dark waiting to jump out at you or you begin to wonder if you really are alone in your vehicle. Mike has.

“I was out near Los Angeles driving in the desert and hadn’t seen light for hours. Suddenly, for a second, I saw a man standing on the side of the road.  And then he completely vanished. I didn’t stop for anything! It’s freaky. Your mind starts to play tricks on you and you wonder if what you’re seeing is really there or just a figment of your imagination.”

Every small town has a local legend, told and retold, like a phantom ghost car that chases you for miles or a spooky spirit that likes to show up in your review mirror. What makes these stories so intriguing is that without even having been there, your imagination can totally set up the scene. In your mind you can see yourself driving down the dark road,  waiting for something paranormal to occur. It’s the build-up to the unknown that makes the picture in our minds more terrifying than what’s actually happening. (No matter how many versions of the story there are.)

So gather round, y’all. We’re gonna tell you a few ghost stories before lights out.

Seven Sisters Road- Nebraska City, Nebraska

If you’re sensitive to sibling drama, you’ll want to stay off this old road, the locale of one of the most gruesome legends to come out of the wholesome farmlands of Nebraska. An hour south of Omaha is Nebraska City. Ask anyone in this town of 7,000 and you’ll be cautioned to avoid Seven Sisters Road.  Legend has it that almost 100 years ago, a brother and his seven sisters were living in the hills outside the city. For reasons no one has ever known, one night the brother came home palm-twitching mad, poisonous thoughts swirling through his mind.  Slipping deeper and deeper into psychosis, the darkness finally overtook him, and unimaginably, he dragged each one of his innocent sisters to a separate hilltop and hung them all. While no one knows what happened to the brother, locals warn unsuspecting visitors that strange things happen on the road that curves through those seven forlorn hills.  Many brave souls who have dared to drive out there report cars suddenly drained of power, engines stalling and headlights dimming as if in warning to get away, the hills aren’t a place to be at night. But if you insist, and you park your car out on the road for long enough, you may just hear the wailing screams of those poor sisters out in the distance.

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Jogger’s Hill- Thornton, Colorado

Let this be a warning:  If you’re in Thornton and you’re headed out for an evening drive, let somebody know where you’re going.  Or better yet, just don’t go. About 20 minutes north of Denver in the foothills, less than one hour outside Golden Gate Canyon State Park sits this Colorado town. The story goes that one night, a jogger was out on a solo run on Riverdale Road, which leads to a popular hilltop overlook with a great view of the city lights.  Out of the quiet night came a speeding car, careening into the jogger, who was left to die alone in the darkness on the side of the road. Forever restless and angry at his fate, they say the jogger haunts this back road, looking for his killer in every passing car. He especially likes to creep up on people who park at the top of what is now called Jogger’s Hill. Word is, if you kill your lights and engine, he’ll think you’re the one who hit him. Folks have reported hearing sounds of quick feet running toward them followed by angry fists beating the sides of their cars and handprints appearing on the windows as though the jogger is outside trying to get a look at his killer inside. Seriously, don’t go up there.  Okay, we warned you

haunted back roads
Photos by Meghan Aileen

Cuba Road- Barrington, Illinois

What could possibly be scary about lingering in the most haunted cemetery in Illinois? Plenty. If you find yourself an hour north of Chicago, driving past White Cemetery, maybe keep driving. The spirits there have been known to wander outside the gates since the 1820s. Police and other reliable eyewitnesses have reported seeing all kinds of vanishing objects, from people to floating black phantom cars and even a house that was supposed to have burned down under mysterious circumstances. Locals say if you see the house, don’t go in or when it disappears into the mist, you’ll disappear with it. Forever. There have been sightings of a woman with a lantern, seemingly looking for a ride but then quickly vanishing behind the sunken headstones. Hazy figures lingering beside the trees and near the perimeter of the cemetery are a common occurrence out there too. So if you’re driving along Cuba Road and you happen to see someone out there, whatever you do,  DON’T offer anyone a ride. Chances are they’re already on the other side, heading back and looking to take you with them.

haunted back roads
Photo by Meghan Aileen

Route 44 – Rehoboth, Massachusetts

Possibly the most frightening local legend in these parts is the one about the elusive phantom hitchhiker who has been violently scaring drivers on Route 44 just east of Providence for the past 30 years. Described as a six feet tall, bearded, red-headed man, with dark lifeless eyes, he matches the description of a victim who years ago died in a terrible crash on that stretch of road.  Locals warn against offering him a lift because of those who have had some bad experiences. One woman talks about her encounter with the red-headed hitchhiker, remembering that when she stopped for him, as he reached for her door handle he suddenly evaporated, and then her car engine died. Frozen with fright, she could hear his maniacal laughter long after he had vanished from sight.

Many folks in town will tell you to never, under any circumstances, drive Route 44 with anything less than a full car because one of the most common ways to see this phantom hitchhiker is in your rearview mirror as he appears in the backseat. Just as you look up and see him staring at you, he disappears, but then all by itself, your car radio will start scanning stations so fast and loud that your car will begin to shake.  And through the radio static, you’ll hear that laugh.  Anyone up for a little New England road trip?

haunted back roads
Photo by Meghan Aileen

Gudgeonville Bridge- Girard, Pennsylvania

This story is set just south of Erie, Pennsylvania on a covered bridge built around 1868. Stretching 84 feet across Elk Creek, the Gudgeonville Bridge claimed its first life a little over 100 years ago. Legend says that a farmer named Obadiah Will was delivering a mule to a nearby farm when the animal suddenly began acting strangely. It led Obadiah down the road to the entrance of the covered bridge but stopped short, unwilling to cross. Frustrated, the farmer snapped the reins a few times to get the mule moving, but to no avail. The balking mule refused to take another step. Unable to turn around on the narrow bridge or to go forward, Obadiah grew more and more enraged, flogging the poor beast until he literally beat him to death. It is said that after having so brutally killed the animal, the farmer unhitched him from the wagon and buried him along the bank of the creek. Years later, a young girl playing along with Devils Backbone, the cliffs above the creek, fell to her death and drowned in the rushing water. When her family went to look for her, all they ever found was her left shoe. Today locals say that if you park on the Gudgeonville Bridge and roll the windows down, you can hear the clanking of hoofs — the mistreated mule approaching your car. It’s also said that along the banks walk a young girl, wearing just one shoe. Don’t linger too long, or she may get her hands on your shoe. Maybe with your leg still attached…

haunted back roads
Photo by Kelly Kemrer


Has anything spooky or unexplainable happened to you while driving on a haunted road? Tell us about it in the comments below!







87 thoughts on “5 Haunted Back Roads in America You’ve Got to Take”

  1. Kim Warren

    Leipers Fork Tennessee
    Around 2:am on Old Hillsboro pike heading out of the town of Leipers Fork with a friend. The roads are very winding and the only lights were our head lights from the car. The part of the road we were approaching had a severe left curve. As we were winding towards that curve we saw five ghostly figure’s dress like colonial people hovering about 3 feet off of the ground with hollow eyes and blank faces!
    We were going slow enough that we knew what we saw and what we saw were ghostly figures !!
    There are lots of ghost stories about that area this when I witnessed myself.
    It was May of 2000.

    1. Steve Simpson

      Arlington Texas
      In the late 80’s I worked for a manufacturer in Richmond, California. It was decided one year that shipping our product across the country from Richmond simply wasn’t cost effective. So the company decided to close the doors to the plant, lay off most of the employees, and relocate a select few to a new facility in Grand Prairie, Texas. My family and I were selected for the relocation. We decided to make the drive to Texas and kind of see the country on the way. We saw much more than we bargained for! On route, we thought that traveling the trucker’s route would be the safest on Interstate 10. My wife was convinced that should we break down, one of the big strong truckers would pull over and lend a hand to get us back on the road again.

      After all, it was just my wife, and I in our mid 20’s, and 3 small children. So we found ourselves on one of the most desolate stretches of road imaginable, between Las Cruces, New Mexico, and El Paso, Texas. It was early July, and we decided to stop, check into motels during the heat of the day, and drive when it was cooler at night. For the comfort of the kids, if nothing else. Being from Northern California, we had no real need for air conditioning in the car, and simply didn’t have it. If anyone has driven through New Mexico and Texas in mid-July, they know that hades itself is at least 15 degrees cooler, and the heat doesn’t dissipate at night! So there we were, driving through the heat and desolation at 1:30 am.

      The babies are restless, and whinny, the wife is constantly complaining, and I’m wondering when this endless stretch of road is going to end. There were no cars in front of us, and nothing behind. Pitch black, with only the headlights lighting the way. I kept my eyes trained on the right side of the road, along the solid line in order to see the curve of the road. Even so, there wasn’t much of one. This was a strait, desolate, and kind of creepy stretch of road. Then off in the distance I saw what I thought at first was a sheet of plastic film blowing in the breeze caught on the barbed wire fence we were driving along.

      As we grew nearer, we realized it was a woman walking along the side of the road in what appeared to be a party dress. Now, on long stretches of road, my right foot is loaded with about 15lbs of lead. (Or so it seems.) I was crusing comfortably between 95, and 100. No cars, no State Troopers, no speed traps… Just the woman on the road. At first, I passed her like she was standing still. My wife yelled, “slow down #@%$, she might be hurt, and need a ride! Now turn around and go see!”
      Not wishing to participate in a family argument at 1:30 am, I was in full compliance. I turned around at the first turnout I saw, then headed back in the direction we had seen the woman. Sure enough, there she was. As I slowed I noticed she was indeed wearing a white party dress. (50’s style) with one of those bouffant hairdo’s synonymous with the 50’s. As we slowed, my wife had her head out the passenger window. She was just about to ask her if she needed a ride, then suddenly turned to me as white as a sheet, and said, “Step on it. We need to get the hell out of here! Step on it now!” Curious, and kind of dumbfounded, I waited for the woman to catch up to us. We had passed her at a slow speed, and left her about 5 yards behind.
      As she approached the window where my wife was sitting, and now screaming for me to step on it, the woman stopped, and kind of leaned in. I was just about to ask her the same question as my wife, when I noticed she only had half a face! Her party dress was drenched in blood, and she appeared to be hovering about 2 inches off the ground! Suddenly I gained another 5lbs in my right foot, and thought I was going to put it through the floorboard! I was petrified. But for some weird reason, the babies who had been whining earlier, we completely quiet. I looked back to quickly check on them. All three were fast asleep. My wife was holding on to the dashboard so tightly, I thought she was going to leave a permanent hand print in it’s beautiful simulated leather. It was nearly 105 degrees out, and she was shaking like it was near freezing. Neither one of us spoke until we reached a little boarder / cattle town called Anthony. We pulled into a Union 76 rest and coffee shop open all night. I went in to soothe my nerves, have a quick cup of joe, and get back on the road. My wife stayed behind in the car with the kids. I must have looked bad because one of the truckers sitting at the breakfast bar asked if I was alright. He said he noticed I looked like I didn’t feel well. Now I don’t usually talk to folks I don’t know at length, but I felt compelled to tell this man the whole story of what I had seen about an hour before. He listened intently, then when I was finished, he kind of smiled gently. I thought for certain he was thinking I was half a bubble of plumb! As I started for the door, he said, “Wait a minute son. You see that rig out there? Well, I’ve been driving along this stretch for nearly 30 years. What you saw out there was completely real, I assure you. Her name was Peggy-Sue, like the lady Buddy Holly wrote a song about, but not the same. She and her beau were involved in a head long wreck back when 10 was just two lanes. They were on their way back from the fall dance, when he fell asleep at the wheel. It was about 1955 I think. The car veered into the left lane, and a semi hit them. Both were killed instantly. The truck driver was severely injured, but later survived. No one has had any experience with her boyfriend’s ghost, but just about everyone I know has dealt with her in one way or another if they drive this stretch. So don’t feel bad son. Ghosts are very real, and I’m here to tell you about it!”
      So, if you find yourself on that lonely stretch of road between Las Cruces and El Paso, you may see Peggy Sue. I was never a believer in ghost stories, or ghosts before that. She made me a believer. If you can debunk it, let me know. I still see the vision of that dress, and half face today. So does my now ex-wife!

        1. Steve Simpson

          So, what about Mike and Frank? They appear to be on the road 8 months out of the year. Could just be the History Channel’s production team giving us that impression, but surely either they, or film crew have similar experiences?

      1. Tauranga Web Designer

        Awesome story! I would love to travel some of these lonely creepy roads. There’s something about isolation and small town areas that comfort me. Especially at dusk/night. Keep those doors locked!

  2. K

    One night around 11pm about 2009 or so, it was cold and rainy as I cut through the town of Carver, MA (Near Plymouth, MA) to get home. I approached a very small bridge that once you passed over came to a stop sign. At the point of the bridge there is simply woods on both sides, no houses except the ones behind me. As I approached, I saw a woman that looked as if she was in her twenties, wearing a blue and teal winter coat that looked like it was from the 1980’s. The strange part was she stood still, staring across the road at the beginning of the bridge. At no time did she turn her head to see the oncoming car or headlights, she simply stood still and stared across the street. And where she was standing there was no explanation as to why she would be there on a cold rainy night or any other night as there are no trails from the woods or anything and it’s in the middle of nowhere. I’ve never seen her since and could not find any history of accidents or anything at that location.

    1. Tracy

      Cool beans, that freaks me out! I was driving down a country road not too far from my home, as I went by a cemetery out by itself, I glanced in my rear view mirror and saw dark figures running across the road behind me!

        1. Cynthia Russak

          This is certainly interesting and No, you would not catch me DEAD in any of those places. I think I’ve heard some say these phenomena could be swamp gas…I have never wanted to see a ghost, and I can tell you anyhow, i’d rather not, Mike, Frank and Danielle…and since I started typing this, my computer is acting up. I’ve also heard that ghosts are real and some are very evil and disturbed, and would follow you home. They should have passed on, but didn’t for some reason, it says on the Ghost Whisperer…swamp gas maybe?

  3. rich

    grew up in nebraska city needless to say made plenty of trips to seven sisters could be scarey on moon lite nites in summer when leaves make it darker and more shadows plus hills were very steep then have been cut down some since then

  4. Marsha Fagerstrom

    I used to live near Barrington, Illinois and recall absolutely nothing about Cuba Road. I can’t believe I haven’t heard or seen these stories before!

    1. Cheryl Schmalz

      Lived there too. Heard all the stories, including the ‘hook’ hand left on your door handle. Been down Cuba road many times. The only scary thing that popped out at us from Cuba road was a cop. Now there are so many houses on it. I can’t even find the hill of the dissappearing house anymore. Maybe a ride late in fall after sundown will help…

        1. Nancy Young

          I grew up near barrington, Il. myself. Another story that was about Cuba road was if you parked on the road at night, you would hear scratching on roof of car as if someone wanted to get in. Supposedly it was from someone that hung them self from tree. That was spooky enough for me not to go down that road.

  5. Kelly

    I live in a small town in Pennsylvania. There is a cemetery claimed to be haunted. In my teen years 3 friends and I went up at night, rumor had it that an old antique car would chase your vehicle down the road. I kid you not there was a car, We didn’t stick around to see if it was antique or not. Scared the living sh**out of us. I have never been back!!!!

  6. Tim Stuy

    Let me add Shades of Death Road in Allamuchy, NJ. Yes that is the real name of the road – there are street signs at each end to prove it! At the mid-point on this road is Ghost Lake. You can see strange vapors come off the lake on those hot, humid, Summer nights.

    1. Sarah Buckholtz Post Author

      We read somewhere that the town has to keep the pole of the street sign greased to keep folks from stealing it! Is that true? We’ll grab a boat and meet you on Ghost Lake anytime!

      1. Tim Stuy

        They used to grease the signs. About 10 years ago they replaced them with vertical streets signs that are sunk until a concrete base. So far, no one has stolen one!

        1. Jaime Dritt

          I live about 15 minutes from Shades of Death Road. (I’m in Blairstown.) When I was in high school, I worked with someone at the A&P in Hackettstown who claimed his friend had stolen one of the signs. The sign that I often passed (near Great Meadows) was greased to keep climbers off of it. At one time, the sign was physically chained to the pole. Another time, the sign looked like it had been bent backward on both sides against the pole, as if someone had the worse time trying to retrieve it and finally gave up…but damaged it in the process. As someone else pointed out, the signs were replaced with vertical concrete signs.

    2. Lin Bender

      Let me make some added points to the Shades of Death Story…..the road is located in Great Meadows NJ. The story of Shades of Death Road and Ghost Lake are going back quite a ways to the early 1900’s. Someone was killed on that road and supposedly his body was dumped in the lake. Back in the 30’s people use to see an apparition of this guy looking for his head. Oh did I mention they cut his head off at some point? My father grew up on that road and lived 18 years right next to the lake and never saw anything that scared him. About the only thing scary about this NJ location is that our Governor is Chris Christie. Now that’s the scary part of the story.

  7. Ramona (Mona)

    This is not about dark roads, but spirits in your home. It was around 2:30am, my husband and I had our 2 month old sleeping between us as it was winter when we lived in the country, miles from anyone. Mind you I was raised in Riverside, Ca. and did not understand you don’tfill a coal stove to where there is no more room. Anyway, back to happinings of that early winter morning.
    My husband was snoring as if he were calling moose. I was wakened not by the snoring, but the baby was restless and I knew she was aboutto cry, it was feeding time. I thought I would act like I did not hear her, and, he was not going to get out of his warm bed, even when the bottle was between the baby and him. So, I turned over to give her the bottle. But even in the darkness I saw that he had taken the bottle and was giving it a little shake before giving it to her.
    Upon getting up around 7:00am that morning, I thanked him for feeding the baby earlier that morning. With a puzzled look he claimed he never touched the bottle. I said ” yes you did, you picked it up shook it and gave it to her”. As always he was questioning my mental status and it was at we realized at exacly the same time, it was neither one of us, it was, it had to be a ghost. We learned days later that the lady who lived in that house also died there aas well.
    I have pictures I hope I can post of my late grandmas house. Talk about scary…..not to me but some would swear it is a place they would not spend the night alone in.

      1. Lissa

        I am from Levittown Pennsylvania ( between Trenton NJ and Philadelphia ) On the weekends my boyfriend and I would just start driving and basically trying to go places we had never been ,but after a couple of weekends we set our sites on finding covered bridges!! We found about 7or 8 (we didn’t find them we discovered them ) LOL They are amazing !!! At any time of the year ! SORRY no Ghost story’s !!

    1. Marc

      I used to cruise out to the Gudgeonville bridge at night with friends when I was younger. Was very upset when it was burned down by some punk.

  8. Dan

    we travel this route every fall with our VW club cruise
    13 curves in Marcellus, NY

    The Bloody Bride of 13 Curves Road
    Over sixty years ago, a brutal, terrifying car accident occurred on Cedarvale Road, in Onondonga, New York, just ten miles southwest of Syracuse. Since that fateful day some six decades ago, it has been said that the road, which is known better by its nickname, “13 Curves,” has been haunted by the souls of those who died in this tragic accident.

    There are a variety of legends that explain how this road and its ominous curves have come to be haunted. All of the stories involve the untimely death of recently married young people.

    The most popular legend says that the car accident involved a newly married couple, who were negotiating the road on their wedding night. While coming around one of the thirteen curves of Cedarvale Road, the car veered out of control, off of the road, and into a nearby creek. The impact killed the bride and groom instantly. Since that day, travelers on Cedarvale Road have seen the ghostly image of a bride with glowing eyes, who is sometimes covered in blood, and who is sometimes carrying a glowing orange lantern, wandering the curves of the road. In some instances, the bride simply stands on the hills along the road, or walks along its shoulder. At other times, she seems more vindictive, leaping towards cars, causing their unsuspecting drivers to crash their vehicles.

  9. Sandra Huntley

    In the summer of 2015 , I went with a friend and her granddaughter, my daughter-in-law and my granddaughter to a local cemetery to leave flowers and take some pictures. We were the only people in the cemetery, it’s small and an old cemetery and you can see the whole thing from every place so there is no way you could miss seeing people in the cemetery. Both the girls were playing in the road that goes between the rows of graves and they were about 3 rows down the hill from us grown-ups, I took a picture of them playing just to be taking it. When I looked at the screen of the camera afterwards, there were both girls with a white haired woman and another girl who had on a pink blouse and had dark hair. You could see both of these figures plainly, they were not a vapor looking figure . They showed up in 2 pictures with the girls out of about 20 pictures that I took after that. We were all a little amazed to say the least. We have had these pictures looked at by some professionals since then and they have confirmed that the 2 images are not solid images.

  10. bob nevins

    old route 2A down Maine – ran through a section of pine forest known as the Hainsville Woods(not sure of the spelling)– was a country tune came out in the 50’s or early 60’s, sung about the road – “a tombstone every mile” – spoke of the death that hung over the road like a bad fog on a cold dark night – you could see the paths that the logging trucks cut through the pine forest as they crashed off the road trying to avoid the witch that appeared in the road in front of the big rigs — lots of widows made up there —-

  11. kellie carrara

    Deep in the woods on Kayo Road in Hartselle, Alabama, is a tiny one lane bridge known for decades to locals as Cry Baby Hollow. The bridge is about 12 feet across and although there are signs that it had guardrails at one time, but there aren`t any now.

    The legend of Cry Baby Hollow varies depending on who you ask, but the story that sticks out the most is that in the 1800s a horse pulled wagon was crossing the bridge when a wheel snapped, causing the wagon to overturn and ejecting an infant child into the creek, where it drowned. It is said that if you go to the bridge at night you can hear the sound of a baby crying off in the distance & even the sobbing of the mother. It is also claimed that If you leave a candybar on the bridge, leave & comeback, a bite will be taken out of it.

    It’s a common cut-through, but a chilling drive nonetheless.

  12. Bonita Esquibel

    Last year my Mom and her best friend, my daughter and grandson and I, drove down the road Seven Sisters Road- Nebraska City, Nebraska. It was a clear night. We stopped on the side of the road to check out the stars. My mom’s best friend got back in their car and ask her if she heard the men talking. My mom said no. My mom and I had taken our cameras out there. All the batteries were fully charged when we went out there. I took a few pictures that night with no problem.

    The next day at the hotel some family had come to visit so we wanted to take pictures. I was only able to take one or two pictures and both batteries said that they were dead. The same thing happened with my moms two batteries. They are both new camera’s and new batteries. Since then they have worked with no problem.

  13. Donald Smith

    There’s a road across from Rockerville So. Dak. as you are heading towards Mt. Rushmore called Silver Mountain Road that is said to be haunted by a school teacher. Never have seen her, but still gives me chills every time I drive it.

  14. Phyllis A Hawley

    You guys are good! You tend to make the hair on my forearms stand up straight!!
    Send more nonsense, as it is quite entertaining…..

    1. Steve Simpson

      Yep! Thank was my attitude to the T… Until I had my first experience. Things that can’t be explained away tend to change your perspective.

  15. Elaine Addy

    When I was a teenager I was vacuuming the stairs in our house. I wasn’t really thinking of anything when turning around I saw a man dressed as an old pirate holding onto the railing. He was gone as quickly as he appeared. He didn’t really scare me but when I told my mother she said it was a lost spirit.

  16. Kenny Anderson

    If you are from the southside of Chicago and a baby-boomer you probably have heard about Bachelors Grove Cemetery on the Midlothian turnpike in Midlothian,IL. it’s located right off of 143rd and the Midlothian turnpike between Ridgeland av. and Cicero Av. It’s the most haunted place in all of Chicagoland. Well, Back in 1976 when I was just 19 years old I was out with a buddy of mine. We just bought a 12-pack of beer (drinking age for beer and wine was 19 at the time) and we were looking for a place to park, chill out and drink our beers. It was a totally different time back then. Anyway the Midlothian turnpike was just a country type 2-lane road that headed out to the middle of the forest preserves at the time. The road was paved but after driving on it for about 10 minutes or so from the busy Cicero Av. it suddenly curved to the right but if you drove straight ahead instead of curving it turned into a gravel road that seemed to go nowhere so we figured it would lead us to a good spot to park and drink our beer. Well this gravel road goes back about 2-3 blocks or so and dead ends at a small old abandoned cemetery from well over 100 years ago. I’ve always heard rumors about this place but figured it was just stories that people made up but that night changed my mind about that place and things that go bump in the night. Once we hit the gravel I turned off my headlights and just ran with my parking lights on so no one would see us back there, even though there was no one around anyway but I didn’t know what was down this deserted road and didn’t want to take the chance as it might have been someone’s driveway or something. There was a sign posted that read “private road no trespassing” right at the curve where the gravel started. We drove as far as we could with the road getting in real bad disrepair the farther we went. Finally to the point that you couldn’t go more than a couple miles per hour because of the huge potholes and dips in the road. We went as far as we could and figured this was a good as a spot as any to just pull over to the side and park. My buddy had already cracked open a bottle of beer by then and was spilling it all over himself from all the bumps and holes in the road. Anyway we were parked there for about a half hour and we got out of the car to pee and look at all the old headstones from the 1800’s. We finally got back into the car and I said to my buddy that I was going to try to turn the car around so it would be easier once we left but we still had a few beers left so we weren’t in any big hurry.. Directly to the right of us you could see the huge old headstones of the derelict 100 year old cemetery shooting up over a small 4 foot ridge that we climbed up on earlier. . . I started the car and was trying to backup but couldn’t see anything as my backup lights weren’t too bright and it was real foggy out too. As I was backing up I opened my door and hung my head out to see. As I backed up the car into the direction of the headstones all of a sudden I saw a white ghost-like shadow of a person coming up over that 4 foot ridge coming right at me. It was a white outline of a person coming right at me about 5 feet behind the car. It scared the bejesus out of me and I threw the car in drive and flew out of there, spinning my tires and throwing up gravel and dirt everywhere. I flew down that gravel road hitting every bump and pothole but I didn’t care. I wanted to get the heck out of there as fast as I could. I didn’t stop until I was miles away. Now, My friend was facing forward in the passenger seat so he didn’t see anything and he didn’t know what the heck I was doing, driving like a maniac. I told him what I saw and he didn’t believe me but I saw what I saw and I’ll never forget it to this day. Since then they’ve fenced that gravel road off so no one could drive down it. I guess some kids were knocking down the headstones in the later years so the county came in and fenced it all off right at the curve and put no trespassing signs all over the place but the cemetery is still there and supposedly late at night you can still hear cries coming out of the cemetery and there have been strange things happening along the turnpike late at night even now.

  17. Calinna Ward

    I haven’t had a issue on the roads around here in the middle of the mitten. But I did catch a image that shouldn’t have been there in a mirror. I was taking a picture of our dog Sasha it was her birthday April 1 2015. It was an upward pix as she was sitting In her chair. Behind her above the fireplace is a mirror. I didn’t see it that day. In fact I uploaded it to my pc and didn’t notice it while editing, anyhow eventually I saw the image of a black dog in the mirror. This was after April was over. My cat of 12 years past away April 23rd. 2015. I used to have a black dog named Duke. I think he was showing himself so when my cat Smokey passed, I would know he would still be here with us. That or something evil is in my house. I choose the first scenario.

  18. Daniel Howard

    There’s a road in the backroads in Ulverstone, Tasmania, Australia where you head down this long Hill and the instant you touch the bottom the engine and lights are killed and you wanna hope your going fast enough to get back up the hill. People have reported it lasts around 10 minutes. No thank you!

  19. Sophi

    40 years ago my friend Geo and I use to hang out at this Cemetery by Wenona IL. It is called Cumberland Cemetery camp Darnell use to be there and that is where the Black Hawk War was. Geo and I would always go smoke ciggys, some green and search and collect fossil artifacts called Indian beads. I still have mine and enjoy looking at them. As time went on and lost contact with Geo I would still cruise thru there, with my Wolf/Shepard mix Lady one day getting close to dark Lady and I were out of the car and she started playfully chasing something so I took a picture of her back then it took days to get pics back but as Lady had propped her front paws on top of a headstone and when I looked at the picture there were 3 orbs over her head like playing with her. As Lady and I jumped in the car to leave there was a little girl standing by corner stone of cemetery as I turned right to leave I’m heading down the road and saw an Indian running with hatchet in his hand waving it over his head riding right by him he was so dirty and bloody anyway just scared the heck out of me and had no one to share this with till now …. It still sits in my memory so vividly. Thanks for reading SOPHI Rene here is some literature on Cumberland Cemetery. https://mysteriousheartland.com/haunted-places/cemeteries/cumberland-cemetery/

  20. Shirley Marino

    I lived in Plainfield Indiana several years ago , Some friends and I heard about the railroad tracks that went over a hold country road , late at night you would her a baby crying , So we went late at night and sure enough , I heard a baby crying scared the #### out of me and I have never been back , This location is off of old 267 , This was 30 years ago , That’s all I remember.

  21. Bedford Bob

    In. North Arlington theres an area called the river bottoms a winding narrow road goes though it. During the Texas summertime late late at night theres a fog floating over this empty area. Halfway to the next town there are railroad tracks it is said a woman walks the road by the tracks, being in a car wreck with the train on prom night. She is said to be standing in front of cars who go there and then disappear it’s been over 20 years since I’ve been there i didn’t see her but i saw something. Yes i do believe, i saw something that made my hair stand up.

  22. joseph d smith

    Hello Folks. Some of what you describe are classic signs of the ” Third Man ” Syndrome. This can occur when an individual is alone and involved in an intense activity or one that requires direct and total concentration. Suddenly there is this person just there looking at you etc. and not necessarily one that is familiar to you. This is a well known phenomena.

    MY 2 cents. Our Favorite Haunt in Philadelphia ( when we were teens ). The Pitcairn Estate outside of Philadelphia. An very large estate surrounded and interlaced by winding, wooded roads. Legend has it two ” parking ” Teens tried to start their car when it was time to go home and it would not turnover no matter what they did. The young man went for help and the young lady stayed in the car with the doors locked curled under a blanket. She fell asleep eventually and when she awoke there was her boyfriend, hanging by his neck dangling right in front of the car, dead. She tried to start the car and it turned right over as she sped away she saw the young mans body swaying as his feet had dragged across the cars top as she left.
    We use to fill our cars with our friends and drive around until we were chased off by the estate security people who were always in a big black car cruising the grounds. It took a lot of guts just to drive around the place as it had a creep factor of 10 Plus. I don’t think I would have survived if I had to walk those roads at night.


  23. David Pokrywka

    One early morning around the spring 1978 my buddy Joe and I were returning from a Rock Concert in Joe’s VW Bug. Everything was going great when suddenly this classic ghost passed right in front of the car. It stood in the left lane just in time as we passed by. Joe and I both starred at each other and said “What was that!”. Since we were on or way to the police station anyway Joe stopped the car and got out and I reported everything the best I could to the dispatcher at the desk of the New Milford, CT Police. The report may still exist.

  24. Stephen.A.Yonkoski

    Spooky stories i was in oxon hill maryland in transitition between two jobs finishinh out the last two weeks of one job 9am to 4pm in arlington va drive to montgomery county md,germantown for 8pm to 8am with the one hour to shit and get to finish up with the las two weeks of the other job. My new job was running a sweeper truck so i had to go with on of the experience drivers to show me the ropes or ruitine. I was somewhat lucky for i could rest a little ridding around while the other employee did everything for the most part. Now we finaly reached Oxon hill maryland in the wea hours of the morrning or twilight going down the road down hil and then i saw it. I saw a woman and i child crossing what was a three or four lane road out in middle of the road. The driver hit on the breaks a little when i said that and looked at me when i said what i saw. He look carefuly down the road and said where. I looked a secocond more gone like where they go. Was i tired yes,dose the mind play tricks on you yes with not a lot of sleep yes. You your self know when you see something with your own two eyes,you know what you saw. To this day i will put my hand on a bible and say thats what i saw.
    There is on other time i had a strange xeperience like that when i was just a lad 13 or 14 out back side of the yard cutting grass at the house i grew up in Mt.ary MD i was not overley hot or anything simply pushing the lwan mower and for a brief moment it was almost like i was imbraced by a woman with long hair and felt as tho there were hands on my shoulders from behind me then a vary slight wind blew and then it was gone. Thats another a will stand by strange things happen and no way to prove it spirits make contacts with for what ever reasons and those that have these experience are the only ones that can say what the felt and saw.

  25. Chuck

    My friend is a home healthcare nurse. Used to live in Denver, but had a route in Golden. She had never even heard of Joggers hill. After reading her the story, she got goosebumps, and her eyes started watering. She told me of a man she took care of that was riding his bicycle in that area. He felt something bump him from behind, and it shoved him into the ditch, where he lay for hours until help came. There were no witnesses, but was sure it wasn’t a car. And there was no damage to the back of the bike, yet he said it was a very heavy blow. Doesn’t prove anything, but it does raise some questions.

  26. Court

    My family rented a cabin and a pontoon boat, really it was a nice house on Sage Lake in Lupton Michigan. This lake, unbeknownst to me had history. The Purple Gang from Detroit had a hide out there called Kenyon’s and through their dealings, Al Capone had quite a presence there himself. Regardless of the media hype, these were not good people, nothing more than murderers and thieves.

    After getting the kids to bed, having a few beers or 20, my brother in law and I decided to take the pontoon out for a late night / early morning stroll. Now there’s no one on the lake, very quiet, no wake and enough moonlight to see ok. We picked up the throttle a bit in the middle of the lake and were just moving along enjoying the warm weather on a lake we had all to ourselves when out of nowhere BAM, a boat cuts right in front of us, but this was no ordinary boat, nor was it a true life form. Picture a row boat made back in the 1930’s, very long wood boat but narrow with a “twist the rope” around the circle pull start on top of the motor mounted on the back of this thing. The guy driving this boat was moving at a pretty good clip when he cut right in front of us. The guy looked like someone out of the move American Graffiti, wearing dark jeans, a white T-shirt and short blonde hair. It was freaking weird. The boat cut right in front of our boat but when we hit the wake that we seen, it had zero effect on our boat, like it didn’t exist. Now there’s zero fear with me, just a thought of “do I bring this up” to my brother in law? LOL, if I do does he ask if I’m on drugs? Well, I nonchalantly say, hey, did you see that? He says “you mean that boat that just passed in front of us that isn’t really a boat? hahahaha. Yep, he seen it too. We tooled around that lake for over an hour trying to see it again but to no avail. One good thing is I had a bonafide witness, which did me no good as the woman said the next day we had too many beers.

    The next day we were at Kenyon’s which is now a nice restaurant / room rental, discussing it with the barmaid she said that she had heard these stories over the years but has never been spooked on the lake, only inside the building that the purple gang built. She did say that no one ever goes on the lake at that hour because everyone that knows this place knows better…. apparently we didn’t. I’d surly do it again!

    I personally don’t believe people that die are ghosts, I do though believe there are evil spirits or demonic forces that can take any shape. That being said, that ghastly figure you see is very real.

    This is no ad and I have no interest in anyone visiting Kenyon’s, but if you want to read about this place and the purple gang hit the link and watch the youtube video. Very interesting. http://www.kenyonsresort.com/

  27. John Timothy Gay

    You want ghost! Come to Natchez Mississippi! We turned 300 years old
    In 2016 ! Oldest settlement on the Mississippi ! GREAT PICKING AS WELL !
    I’m on FB as John Timothy Gay Sr. !
    We have plenty of ghosts

  28. markhine

    many stories of a covered bridge in indiana county penna. the bridge is known as thomas road covered bridge on thomas road just a ways off ben fanklin rd west to cheeseman rd to thomas rd. get to ben franklin by taking rt422 business to ben franklin . turn left at light at ymca. it is reported and i have seen this personally that if at night you stop on the bridge and yell murder three times, that the next morning two hand impressions will be seen n your car’s hood. it is said that this is because a man was murdered by a vehicle in the past. the hand prints are not able to be cleaned off car, but fade over a few days. weird

  29. John Schmidt

    Maybe I’m an angel – or maybe one was riding on my shoulders

    In the late 1960’s, while attending college at Central Michigan University in Mt Pleasant, Michigan, I drove school bus for the Mt Pleasant Public Schools to cover my student expenses.

    My run from Rosebush, MI back to Mt Pleasant was the longest run in the school district, and, therefore, I had to be out at the pick-up location well before the school superintendent arose from his bed to determine if the roads were sufficiently bad enough to close school. If he said “SNOW DAY!” on the public a.m. radio – then I would deadhead back empty, but if he said “School is open!” – I would pick up the kids along the route and haul them in to high school. The unfortunate thing for me was that I lived in Mt Pleasant and therefore had to drive empty to Rosebush every morning to start the process.

    It was a weird early morning, as I recall in December 1969 or January 1970. It was pitch dark with sunrise at least an hour away. There had been a light freezing rain/sleet storm all during the night and everything was covered with an eighth of an inch of ice. But then there was also a fog – a fog so thick I could hardly see past the front of the bus. The roads had yet to see a snow plow – nor would the County Road Commission’s plows get to the back roads for hours. But “duty called” and I cleaned the ice from the windshield and started the bus north. The headlights just shone off a white, impenetrable, mist-filled, blanket seemingly six feet in front of me as I pointed the bus up the road.

    Rosebush is about 10 miles north of my home (where I kept the bus). Normally, on the morning run I would travel east and then north on the main Michigan state highways to my pick-up point. But this morning – in the worst weather imaginable – I decided to take one of the back roads north. This was a gravel road with a high crown and deep ditches on either side. It was slick as greased glass. Why I took it I do not rationally know, but I had this weird feeling I had to go this way. After about six miles of hellacious driving I got gun-shy about driving this back road and took a lateral gravel road east to regain the main highway (and also my sanity). The lateral route to the main highway (which was three miles to the east) was another ice covered trek, again constructed of gravel with side ditches. These ditches were 10 to 12 feet deep and full of rain water, ice, snow; not to mention a summer’s worth of dry brush and dead cat-tails standing three feet high in the bottom. They would be a real chore for the County Road Commission to clear come spring.

    About two miles east along the trek lies the Ann Arbor Railroad crossing. Michigan law states that a school bus must stop short of the RR tracks – open the door – look both ways – and proceed if clear. Michigan, in the Saginaw Valley, is flat as a billiard table and open farm land. Normally, I would be able to see for miles that there was no train coming and with an empty bus would just blast across to make up time. But it was pitch dark with fog that you could cut with a knife, so dutifully I stopped and opened the door.

    There in the ditch was a car on its side. Its headlights were very dim (it had been there a while). I activated the emergency warning flashers on the bus and jumped out to see what was going on. I found a woman, unconscious but alive, in the car. The blood running from her face had now partially coagulated. I couldn’t get her out of the car; plus my Boy Scout training was crying out to me “Don’t move her – she may have a broken back.” Again Boy Scout training – STOP BLEADING! I did a quick patch job on her head with bandages in the school bus first aid kit. PREVENT SHOCK – I threw my coat and the ratty old blanket every school bus driver keeps in a box for sick kids over her in an effort to somehow keep her warm. Then I got back on the bus and beat it to the first farm house to call an ambulance. Those were the days before radios or cellphones. Pounding on the door of the farm house the residents were apprehensive to open the door to a stranger at this early hour – but did. After me telling the story – the housewife called the police and ambulance. I grabbed more of the offered blankets and returned to the RR crossing and sat with the unconscious woman until the ambulance came. Then, in a wail of sirens and flashing lights, she was gone.

    I then remounted my faithful school bus and continued north to Rosebush School – my pick-up point – and turned on the a.m. radio. The superintendent’s voice came on loud and clear “SNOW DAY – stay home!” Now in daylight, I drove home, and ironically, since it was a SNOW DAY, I would get no pay for the trip that officially never happened.

    AFTERMATH: Later that day I called the hospital. The woman had been treated and released – apparently with only a bad headache to show for the ordeal. And NO! – they would not disclose her name – hospital policy, etc., etc., blah, blah. I never found out who she was.

    Years later I tried to reenact the route from memory. I knew the back road going north was Bradley Street/Baumer Road, but I never could locate the east-west side road I took to the RR tracks. I drove down each of the possible five roads to their intersecting RR crossings, but never found the one that matched my mind’s eye vision of the deep ditch with the car smashed against the culvert.

    Sometimes, angels also walk the back roads.

  30. Nicolas Tipple

    The Molly Pond Road gets dark in November, and if you go there you better take heed. The tales of the folks murdered by the ghosts and left by the road by the Molly Pond Road. (chorus)
    I went walking with my love early in the morning so she would be home before it got dark. But night came upon her with never any warning; you should have heard the crying when they found that woman lying face down on the Molly Pond Road.
    The Molly Pond Road gets dark in November etc….
    Don’t pity me my friends, I’ve found another lover , and when the sun is set and red in the west, I’ll meet her in the woods, and leave her like the others. And when you find her dying, you might see me flying, flying down the road on the Molly Pond Road.
    The Molly Pond Road gets dark in November …….
    That nasty little song I learned many years ago. I understand that robbers used to waylay people along that road and rob and murder passersby, and local lore would blame it on ghosts. As historians would any of you at Antique Archeology know anything about this song. I wouldn’t be surprised if some research might come with some historical basis for it.

    Nick Tipple nicolastipple@gmail.com

  31. Sue Mantell

    Today on the news in Rochester, NY, there was a story about a woman’s spirit who could be seen now and then apparently looking for her lost child. This park is by Lake Ontario. In the past two weeks, we have had terrible wind storms. One tree in the park lost a big limb. Inside where the break was, was an image of a woman holding a child!
    People have seen the woman many times. Perhaps this was the signal that she finally found her child! The story was shown on channel 8 on the news in Rochester, NY

  32. Zoie

    You left off the heading to the Riverdale Road story Its in the town of Thornton, not really in the foothills… east of there about half an hour but anyway… I live on Riverdale Road so people ask me about it all the time. I don’t live near Joggers Hill and honestly I have not had anything weird happen but it is very, very dark out here sometimes… like you can not see more than a couple feet from you at night, kinda like a cave… it is eerie.

  33. patricia

    Our house is supposedly on the site of an old farmhouse that was destroyed in the 50’s to build this subdivision. There are rumors about a “lost” Civil War treasure along with a hoard of weapons of that time somewhere near our neighborhood. All five of my sons have told their dad and I that they saw a man in a Union Officer’s uniform peering into the kitchen through the back window. Each saw this sight when they were between 5 and 9. My daughter came running into my room one morning and asked who was the man standing in the kitchen with a uniform on. I ran to check, but nothing was there. She had not heard of her brother’s sightings. She was only three years old at the time. I have seen a shadow figure of a woman come out of the kitchen and float through the living room and down the hallway. This has happened dozens of times. Two of my grandsons won’t come over because they say people in the hallway point at them. My other grandson asked me one winter’s night five years ago who was the man with red glowing eyes standing in my doorway? I called two priesthood leaders from church to come over and bless my house right then and there. They did and nothing has been spotted since. My husband has never seen anything and refuses to believe any of our stories.

  34. Craig

    This one is on the old Ketchum road, on the other side of the river between, Hampton and Kingston, New Brunswick, Canada. There’s a sharp turn in the road right after you climb the hill from along the river. It was gravel right up until about 17 years ago. It’s cambered the wrong way and the story goes like this.
    Back in the early 1800’s (there’s an exact year, but it escapes me now) a newlywed couple were on their way to their honeymoon in Kingston, when the horses were spooked by someone or something and sent the stagecoach speeding off toward the sharp curve. Of course, the driver had no control and it went carreening over the embankment on the curve, killing the bride and seriously injuring everyone else. Legend goes that when travelling the road at night, on or just before the curve, dubbed Ghost Hollow by the locals, you’ll see a young bride in her wedding gown quickly walking up and down the side of the road. Sobbing and turning her head back and forth looking for her husband. If you stop to help, she looks at you and instantly vanishes.
    I’ve driven that road for 30 years and have yet to experience this, but at night. Approaching that turn. I’m checking the sides of the road and my rear view mirror, just in case. The accident was real and is In the Hampton historical newspaper archive. Makes it just a little more believable………sleep tight…..;).

  35. David Pokrywka

    I searched my memory and came up with one road in Vermont which is so evil I can not go into detail about it here. The last time I was there was 1965.

  36. Mark Anthony Wyatt

    I was followed by what I thought was a guy wearing period clothes (1920s)on an old motorcycle, he was very close behind me. I pulled over to let him go by…… But he didn’t, he had just totally disappeared!! There was NOWHERE he could have gone. This happened to me in the mid 90s in Northumberland in England on a very sunny day on a very quiet single track road near Bellingham. All my life I have had strange experiences similar to this, so much so that I published ‘Wyatt’s Weird World’ and I talk about this weird **** on podcasts. I’m currently working on a book of other peoples experiences in Cornwall, UK. I love your programme Mike, we visited your yard and lovely town recently, we would have loved to have met you and your gang,maybe next time! Mark

  37. Angie Ely

    In kennebunkport maine, we stayed in a rental for 5 summers. My husband worked for the government and we were blessed to have a beautiful home on Canterbury circle. This horseshoe secluded sub was perfect for our children to play in the summers and so close to the beach to ride on a bike! We loved, cherished and adored each of our days there. One day my husband and I came from a beach bonfire with all 5 kids. All awake ! It was late. About 2am, we were driving down our dark cul de sac. All 7 ofnus, saw a couple walking the street in intricate period clothing. Beautiful lady . I remember her eyes . Almost like who are you and what are you doing here. We passed them in shock. Passed our house. We went back to find them again.. and they were gone. Capoot, vanished. This circle was right next to a cemetery ..we’re they ghost from there? So crazy! My only ghost encounter. And had with my entire family. So weird.

  38. Angie Ely

    In kennebunkport maine, we stayed in a rental for 5 summers. My husband worked for the government and we were blessed to have a beautiful home on Canterbury circle. This horseshoe secluded sub was perfect for our children to play in the summers and so close to the beach to ride on a bike! We loved, cherished and adored each of our days there. One day my husband and I came from a beach

  39. Niki

    whoah this blog is magnificent i love reading your posts.
    Keep up the great work! You know, lots of individuals are hunting round
    for this information, you could help them greatly.

  40. CJ Buchanan

    A few years back I was driving home from a town about 10 minutes away around dusk. I have driven this curvy road many times without incident. The road runs through a State Forest here in Wisconsin. I was driving home and it was a nice summer evening, no clouds, fog etc. I came to a top of a hill and I saw a white wispy ghost-like thing come across the road. At first I thought it was some mist rolling in, but it had a shape of a person floating across the road. It was at the top of the hill and not the bottom, where usually mist rolls through. I kept looking in my rear view mirror looking to see if it was following me. Needless to say, I drove as fast as I could to get back home! To this day, I only drive that way when it’s light out.

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  42. Lisa Deascenti

    I have never been to a haunted place or road etc. , but from between the ages of 9 years old and 28 maybe? (Stopped 22 years ago, I am now 50) anyway I have had a number of creepy things happen to me! First, I was 9 years old and my great grandfather had just died and our family was having an estate sale of his belongings…..just about 6 months before him his brother had died as well…his brother lived with him and my great grandma….when my great uncle was alive he had a distinct sound when he walked….his bedroom was in a separate room outside of my grandparents house….everytime he came in the kitchen from outside the floor would shake…..well that day of the estate sale, my whole family was outside and I was DEFINITELY inside the house by myself! In the kitchen my great uncle had a favorite chair and I was sitting in it alone in the kitchen! All of a sudden, the door at the end of the kitchen opens making a creaking sound! And you could hear those well known familiar steps clump clump coming closer and closer to me and the floor was shaking like when he was alive! I just sat there frozen by fear looking towards where the footsteps came from and no one was there! Suddenly the steps stopped right in front of me! I lit out of that house as fast as I could! I ran outside and tried to tell my mom what just happened to me and she thought I was nuts! (Funny coming from my mom who had things happen to her as a kid!) . One night I was was about 18 and living with my sister and her boyfriend in a condo. They were asleep in the next room, and I was suddenly waking up in the middle of the night….I had my hand palm down on my pillow…suddenly what felt like a cold clammy hand, brushed across mine!! I jumped out of bed and flipped the light fast and nothing was there!
    One day I was about 21 and I was in my apartment alone and walking down the hallway to my bedroom…suddenly there was a breathy whisper in my ear and it said my name (Lisa!) Scared the daylights out of me! In that same apartment months later I was coming out of the bedroom with a blanket and I had to go to the bathroom so I put the blanket on the floor in front of the bathroom and shut the door…..as this was going on, my boyfriend (now husband) was in the kitchen making dinner. When I was done, I open the bathroom door and no blanket!! I walk out to the living room and there is the blanket folded up on the couch! I walk into the kitchen and ask my boyfriend if he put the blanket on the couch! He just laughed at me and said no! At first I kept asking him did you put it there as a joke because you are laughing! He swore up and down that he was in the kitchen, the whole time! Every once in awhile I will bring it up and he swears he did not touch that blanket!! One time I was driving home from work on the freeway and all of a sudden I smelled a soapy, perfume smell coming from my back seat (and this scent was exactly how my grandmother used to smell!) And just when I smelled the perfume scent my hoop earring in my ear flipped up in the air still in my ear!! I didn’t go over a bump or have the window open with air or anything like that!! This last one is creepy because unbeknownst, to my mom, sister and I! The same thing was happening to the three of us at the same time period! My sister lived in Sacramento at the time, my mom in Santa Barbara, and I in Santa Maria which was in between the two cities but closer to Santa Barbara….anyway without knowing that it was happening to each of us on different days, but same period in time….we each would be woken up with what felt like someone kicking the end of our bed with their foot! And stopped just like that! And this happened to all 3 of us multiple times! One night my sister and I were visiting at my parents house and I forget how it got brought up, but my mom started telling us how she kept getting woken up in the middle of the night with this kicking at the end of her bed! My sister instantaneously looked wide eyed at each other and said “No way!” My sister said it was happening to her, and I said it was happening to me! One night, my husband was out of town and my mom came and spent the night with me….in the middle of the night the kicking woke us both up at the same time! And my mom sits up and says”I’m getting sick of this! Who are you, and what do you want!” I said mom!! Don’t say that!! What if it gets mad and does something bad!! Lol…
    My mom told me when she was a kid, one day her parents went to town and left her sister and her alone in the house….they had an upstairs……my mom and aunt were on the couch reading magazines…..all of a sudden, there came footsteps down the stairs that sounded like a lady wearing high heels running down the stairs, but no one was there! My mom and aunt looked at each other and ran out of the house and refused to go back inside until their parents came home! And there was a story amongst the people in town that the people that had the house before my family….that a doctor lived there and supposedly he murdered his wife in that house! I could keep going on but am getting tired! Lol….basically things happened to my mom’s dad and my mom’s brother as well! Our whole family is weird! Lol twilight zone! 😆

  43. Mitch

    The most haunted area in Illinois isn’t in Barrington. It’s Batchelor’s Grove Cemetery. Google it. That’s all I’m saying.

  44. DMC5

    This is the perfect web site for anybody who would like to understand this topic. You realize so much its almost hard to argue with you (not that I actually will need to…HaHa). You definitely put a new spin on a subject which has been written about for a long time. Wonderful stuff, just excellent!

  45. Cathleen

    I grew up in Rehoboth, MA and traveled Route 44 many times (alone and otherwise). I’ve never experienced the Rt. 44 phantom, but hear he has even been blamed for a car accident or two. There are a few stories about Rehoboth in the New England Ghost Stories book, but I have yet to hear anyone repeat something I experienced. On Water St. in Rehoboth I was driving home around 11:00 pm and a vehicle was approaching, I didn’t pay too close attention until I came up on it. The car was moving at an incredibly slow speed. As I passed I glanced over and the inside of the car was illuminated, in a glowing sort of way. The driver looked frail, almost skeletal. She appeared to be a very old woman and she was the same color as the rest of the interior. She just passed by, hands on the steering wheel, she didn’t look at me. I remember I was driving around a bend, but I don’t recall if I couldn’t see the car in my rear-view, or if I refused to look! At the time I didn’t even consider turning around, I just wanted to get home!! Today, however, I would turn around immediately..I think!

  46. Dana Blevins

    My Mom told me of this incident. She said one night they was driving past an old graveyard and a ghostly figure was hitchhiking on the side of the road. of course they didn’t pick him up but he ended up in the back seat of the car anyways.he creeped them all out so bad. but he only rode to the end of the graveyard with them. story has it that one night him and his family was on the way home and thier car broke down. well his wife and children was walking around on the road while the man tried to fix the car. it was out of gas.so he tried to hitch a ride to get gas but while he was walking to get a ride, he found his family had been hit by a car that past him earlier and it killed them. till this day they say he still tries to get a ride to get gas, but he won’t rest in peace till he gets in the car that killed his family.

  47. Dana Blevins

    Rhis happened in Harlen county Kentucky.My Mom told me of this incident. She said one night they was driving past an old graveyard and a ghostly figure was hitchhiking on the side of the road. of course they didn’t pick him up but he ended up in the back seat of the car anyways.he creeped them all out so bad. but he only rode to the end of the graveyard with them. story has it that one night him and his family was on the way home and thier car broke down. well his wife and children was walking around on the road while the man tried to fix the car. it was out of gas.so he tried to hitch a ride to get gas but while he was walking to get a ride, he found his family had been hit by a car that past him earlier and it killed them. till this day they say he still tries to get a ride to get gas, but he won’t rest in peace till he gets in the car that killed his family.

  48. Leslie Spoden

    Sarah, you never disappoint. Loved reading all the spooky stories. Now it’s getting dark, I have to walk out to my car at work day end, and I’m scared to death. Thanks a lot everyone from Erie, PA.

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