Remember how much fun we had playing in treehouses as kids? In our minds, a treehouse was more than just a clubhouse or an escape from a room shared with an annoying sibling. It was our own little hideout where we could create our own world and play how we wanted.

As grown-ups, it’s tough to live without those magical places we had as children. That stops today!

We’ve put together a group of treehouses that will transport you back to that feeling of wonder, and, like us, these treehouses have grown up. Some are rustic escapes to an off-the-grid experience, while others offer luxuries like running water, a spiral staircase, a master suite, and a sauna!

Get an eye-level view of the beautiful colors of fall from a whole new perspective, or at least one you haven’t had in a while… here are six of our favorite treehouses, located all around the country, and all available to rent at as little as $95 a night!


Treehouse in the Shire — $95 per night

Location: Conway, New Hampshire

The Tree: There’s no better place to observe the colors of fall than in New England, or, more specifically, from this treehouse in New Hampshire. The Shire is a cozy escape resting on 200+ acres and should only be reserved by folks looking to truly disconnect. (We’re talking zero wifi, electric, or running water.) Never taken a bucket bath before? You won’t be able to say that after your stay! Town is only 20 minutes away in case you need extra batteries or another bag of mallows. Don’t forget to bring your bike because the Kangamaguas Highway, the quietest stretch of road in New England, is right down the road!

Pet Friendly: Yes.

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The Stump House —  $100 per night

Location:  Seder- Woolley, Washington

The Tree: This yurt-style treehouse looks like it grew out of the old stump it lives on! Overlooking a peaceful pond in the Washington woods, The Stump House is a quiet retreat with your basic amenities: running water, electricity, and — we’re not making this up — a sauna. Cook your meals in the seasonal outdoor kitchen and enjoy a nice outdoor shower after exploring the 9-acre property. Fill up a cooler and get out here!

Pet Friendly: No.

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Whispering Wind Treehouse — $179 per night

Location: Argyle, New York

The Tree: The most appealing part of this treehouse is that while you rest your head on a full-sized mattress in the loft, you can look up through the clear roof and feel totally connected with the nature around you. The treehouse is full of salvaged windows which perfectly frame the changing leaves outside. You’re sure to feel like you’re in a nest! Now that we’ve hooked you, you should know that this treehouse is totally off-the-grid, with no electricity, and no wifi. Completely worth it.

Pet Friendly: No.

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Trillium Treehouse —  $195 per night  

Location: Linden, Virginia

The Tree: Can’t you see yourself reading a book or enjoying coffee on that balcony? Perch in this tree, and you’ll have more than 200 acres of wilderness to explore as well as access to the Appalachian Trail, Shenandoah Park, and a few wineries. After a long day of exploring, enjoy a spring-fed shower outback. There are battery-operated lights throughout and a gas stove for cooking your favorite camping meal. This treehouse also comes with its own four-legged welcome committee: three Anatolian Shepherd dogs! Sign us up!


Pet Friendly: No.

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Montana Treehouse Retreat— $250 per night

Location: Columbia Falls, Montana

The Tree: You will by no means be “roughing it” here. Nestled on seven acres of private woods, this double-decker, 500 sq feet treehouse includes two custom Douglas fir spiral staircases, a full kitchen, and a master suite. This treetop canopy castle rests at the gateway of Glacier National Park, is minutes from the slopes of Whitefish Mountain Ski Resort, and is close to the no-power town of Polebridge. Utopia in the trees…

Pet Friendly: Yes.

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Treehouse Retreat Bolt Farm— $265 per night

Location: Walhalla, South Carolina

The Tree: What’s better than one treehouse? TWO. Decked out with a fireplace, chandeliers, and antique furnishings, it also has access to a 40-acre farm. This luxury treehouse has romantic accents throughout and was designed by Seth Bolt of the band Needtobreathe, who grew up on the farm. They grow seasonal vegetables that are 100% organic. For $50 a person they’ll even deliver dinner to your tree! The ultimate honeymoon in a tree.

Pet Friendly: No.

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Who else is ready to retreat to the trees? If you have treehouse experience, we’d love to hear about it in the comments below.


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8 thoughts on “6 Treehouses For Rent This Fall”

  1. Jay Villwock

    When I was a tv reporter in Des Moines I did a story on an amazing tree house near Marshalltown Iowa I was surprised you didn’tInclude that one…by the way I love your show it’s always fascinating hope you guys never leave the road.

  2. David Hunter

    When i was young my friends and I didn’t have a tree house, we built a little cabin in the woods. Like a little get away from our parents so we didn’t have to do chores our parents wanted us to do . Plus it was an adventure and imagination we had in the cabin acting like we were living off the land it was awesome.

  3. Neil Lambert

    Wow! These tree houses are amazing. Great getaway destinations. I will certainly put them on my ‘to visit’ list should I get the opportunity to visit your wonderful country.Can I just plug my home town of Stroud (I’m ‘Stroud and Proud!’) and the Cotswolds in general to you guys. Here in this part of the UK, like so many others, you can soak up the great history and hospitality we have to offer, and maybe do some picking along the way…. I look forward to your next post Mike, but in the meantime, may I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

  4. Rachel Chartier

    Thanks for including many different locations for Tree House rentals.
    Here in Southern Oregon there is a place with many treehouses on one site:” OutnAbout “ in Cave Junction Oregon.
    (Near the famous (Natural) “Oregon Caves”.)
    Can’t wait to try one of these Treehouse spaces.
    P.S.- WISH: Good pickings to the guys.
    Thanks for taking us along with you Mike and Frank.

  5. Mary

    I just love to watch American Pickers!! It is my favorite show! Most of us feel like we know you guys and Danielle. I collect bottles, so whenever you guys are digging around, my eyes are looking for old bottles in the background. I would love to be able to buy some, and some of those old perfume bottles from those old drugstores (like in that house that had about 6 generations). I also enjoyed a couple houses that seemed haunted!! I watch Ghost Adventures, too and am so fascinated by those places you go. Mary M

  6. Chris Grazzio

    The treehouse rentals are awesome!!…..however since most of them are located in hillbilly nation, my fear is that I will wake up to them good ole boys who live in the hills, and before you know it I’m going to be bent over a tree trunk squealing like a piggy, with a bald toothless 12 y/0 playing the banjo. And two brothers yelling at each other on who gets to poke the piggy first. Ooh wait!!!.. sounds like “Deliverance” 2018.
    Love the show American Pickers, but it’s time for the little short chubby guy Frank to go!!!..he is annoying beyond control, he’s a cheap ass who rips off the poor old people by low balling them for their junk then selling it at double what he paid, that’s if he gets what he thinks he will for his garbage, I personally think he is on Xanax if he thinks he will get anywhere near what he asks for stuff. He is also annoying as hell, he just walks into peoples homes and starts nosing around on all their stuff on his own will. If he was at my house doing that I would have to slap his hand over and over before slapping his face. He needs to take his garbage of oil cans and rusty toys go to a flea market with his fat cat and sell his crap there. Mike needs to get his brother Rob as his new partner and change the show to American brothers picking the US.
    Frank can also get a job at one of those treehouse motels put the little fat guy in some torn up overalls with a greasy stained white tank top and a little red wagon filled with oil cans and busted toys rusty old motorcycle parts that are useless and have him go around to the guest selling his collection. Put a leash on the cat and they can both do a little jig dance for money to buy cherry pies.

    1. Linda Maynard

      Chris, you must not really watch the show, you missed a lot of details, such as the people invite them in and are showing them around and let them look through everything every nook and cranny. And if you haven’t noticed both Mike and Frank tell them what you know this is worth a lot more than that you’re asking. You must not be paying attention very well . It’s a great show it’s one of a kind, and it’s fun seeing the places that they go meeting the wonderful different people that they meet. You got a Lotta negativity there buddy.
      Linda in Texas

  7. Diane Berger

    First trip to Nashville a few weeks ago. First thing I wanted to see … Antique Archeology! I remember some of the items from the shows in the store. I have watched every episode and reruns over the years. I love how you save pieces of history for others to enjoy! People waiting in line to get in. Went back twice just to make sure I saw everything! I am just a small town girl from Pennsylvania but wanted Mike, Frank, Danielle to know how much I love this show! Diane Berger!😁

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