Have you ever explored an abandoned location and experienced that unsettling feeling that something that has a haunted history or was left forsaken by mother nature? It’s a sensation unlike any other.

If you’re looking to get yourself some eerie chills, head south to New Orleans where an abandoned amusement park calls out to all urban explorers who dare to be in the company of jesters and jazz.

Photo by © lostlosangeles facebook.com/lostlosangeles
Photo by © lostlosangeles facebook.com/lostlosangeles

The cajun-themed amusement park, formerly known as Jazzland, opened in 2000 and was later purchased by Six Flags in 2002. Jazzland was host to the biggest thrills in Louisiana until one of the deadliest hurricanes in United States history broke land in August 2005.

Hurricane Katrina left the park, as well as most of the Gulf Coast underwater, and caused an estimated $108 billion in total property damage. When the storm passed and the destruction was assessed, Six Flags dissolved their lease with the park.

six flags jazz land abandoned
Clown Photo by Keoni Cabral

Once populated with roller coasters and families, Six Flags New Orleans now decays in the remnants of Hurricane Katrina. Take a look and share your favorite abandoned location with us.

six flags jazz land abandoned
Clown and graffiti Photo by Jason Knight lostlosangeles and Mischelle Dawn Wright


six flags jazz land abandoned
Jazzland carousel Photo by Jason Knight lostlosangeles


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9 thoughts on “Abandoned Places: Six Flags New Orleans”

  1. Carol shanholtz

    I grew up in new orleans pre katrina.its heartbreaking to see so much still in ruins.enjoy all the pics and post guys.love the show

  2. Janelle Haley

    Love the show (and all the people you run into). If you ever get back to Oklahoma you need to check out Bixby -(a few miles south of Tulsa). Was in an antique/junk/whatever shop located between 151st & 161st on Memorial Drive. They had a gasoline pump that looked as if it was in mint condition – thought of you guys immediately.

    My late husband used to watch the program religiously – I told him he was my favorite antique!!

  3. steven

    Try to buy a hat blue but I didn’t get 15% off. It won’t take so I don’t think I bought so I wanted to let you know.thks Mike. Steve burrall. 9412349141 txt

  4. Gary

    Hi Mike I live in Belfast Northern Ireland
    Love the show . On one of the shows there was an old vespa in the shop do you have any at the moment
    Please reply

    1. Sarah Buckholtz Post Author

      Hello over there Gary! How’s everything in Belfast these days? No, vespas right now, just motorcycles. 🙂 Come see us soon!

  5. James West

    I have been watching your show since it came out. Best Show on Tv. I am to a picker from way back. Me and My brother would walk the road when we were kids in the 60’s and pick up Hubcaps. Still guilty of picking even now, It’s just not much picking going on down here in GA. WIth the COVID and all. You a’ll bring history back to life.
    Thanks Mike and Frank and Keep Picking

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