Antique Archaeology in Nashville has been honored by House Beautiful on the magazine’s very first list of the “Best Home Stores in America”. To celebrate, Mike’s on hand here to give you an exclusive personal tour of the shop. Join him as he walks you through a collection of the very special items you’ve seen on American Pickers, proudly displayed in this unique setting, awaiting the appreciative shoppers who will help these collectibles find their new homes. Watch the tour below. Enjoy!

Previously published by House Beautiful by Candace Braun Davison. November 21, 2019 

At Antique Archaeology, the treasure is real.

Just like when he’s scouring small towns across the U.S., Mike Wolfe has a rule when you visit his store, Antique Archaeology: Take three laps before committing to anything. “In my experience, the best pieces are sometimes in the places you would least expect them to be found,” he explains.


He’s not exaggerating—look up and you’ll find bicycles and vintage light fixtures dangling overhead. Used guitars dot the exposed-brick wall, holding court alongside Loretta Lynn’s sequined stage dress from the 1970s. There are also actual relics from Wolfe’s show about antiquing, American Pickers, such as the 1942 Harley Von Dutch motorcycle that fans clamor to take selfies with.


The space is designed to be half-shop, half-museum—with a surprise hidden in every corner and a tag telling you its story.



These custom Antique Archaeology shop rags are sold in a set of 3. This blue set features a motorcycle service inspired design printed in white on each rag. Perfect for drying, wiping, and cleaning any and all of your favorite finds. SHOP NOW!



69 thoughts on “All Those Finds on American Pickers? Here’s Where You Can Shop Them”

  1. Sandra I Suro

    Good afternoon, I Love watching Mike, Frank and Danielle…even Robbie and the interesting picks every week!! This is my FAVORITE SHOW. I Love the picks from the 40’s and 50’s. I am looking forward to coming to your store (not sure which yet) someday soon!. Have a great Pick!!

    Sandra S.
    New York City, (Harlem)

  2. Debbie Randall

    Absolutely one of my favorite shows! Mike is so compassionate about what he does, what he finds on the picks and especially the people he encounters. He, Frank, Danielle and Robbie are truly saving our history through these finds and they are also teaching life lessons through their love and joy of it. Hoping to get to their store one day!

    1. Vickie walter

      Been to both of your stores, love your TV show….watch reruns over and over…… I have meeting the boys on my bucket list…… there’s not much importance on there but meeting Mike and frank on the top. Thank you…..

  3. Chris Cope

    Mike, you your team and shops are just fantastic, and your shows are just so unreal. Because we see the real Culture and History of the U.S.A. Thank you. Chris in the Midlands of the U.K.

  4. Frank Walerczyk

    Miiiiike! Frankie!!!!!
    Love the show and look forward to every episode!
    Been to the Nashville store a couple of years ago and it was very cool. Just wanted to let you know you have a big fan in Amarillo Texas! Keep up the fight!

  5. wade

    Mike I watch your show all the time! my family loves it!! I hope ne day to visit your store and maybe meet you and frank and Danielle!

  6. Kathy Kennebrook

    We have been to the store a few times, every time we get to Nashville in fact. Love the program as well. We are pickers and have an ebay store so we can relate to Mikes theory about “putting things back where they belong”

  7. Lonnie Saylor

    Hi. I love your show and watching the old ones I dont think I’ve ever meet 3 cool nice and careing people. I think your brother Mike is awesome to. I knew you guys were so awesome the show where you took money back to the guy you bought from. Love the show where the guy had all the things from the Bluegrass king and you took things to his home town and gave to the people to show. Live you guys hope you come to Westminster maryland sometime . I’m legally blind dont know how long I’ll have my sight but I hope to see your store in Tennessee and will watch till I cant see no more but hey I can still listen. My accident wont allow the long distance to the original store hopefully I’ll get to go to Tennessee n meet you guys God Bless besafe . Lonnie Saylor

  8. Samuel Nigh

    My wife and I watch and record your shows continually. Remarkable the things you run across on your journeys. Must be satisfying finding things and putting them back in circulation, or as you say, in there right place. Great show, keep em coming !!!

    Can’t wait to stop by your shops, maybe this summer !

  9. Jerry Burmeister

    I Have been lucky enough to have visited both store’s and even lucky enough to talk to Robbie in the Iowa store! Love the show-and enjoyed talking to Robbie! Keep doing what your doing-looking forward to the new episodes coming up soon-Happy picking!

  10. Ronald Johnson

    Hay folks how come you don’t put all the cool stuff you pick and put in your stores up on the website for sale?? You all have very nice stuff be it seems unless I go to one of your stores i can’t get it…Thanks Ron

  11. Jeannie Kiehn

    I love watching Pickers! I’ve been to the Nashville store twice and so enjoyed seeing the picks from the shows I watched! Being from Washington State, it’s a trip to Nashville, but I would do it again and of course, stop by the store – it’s always on my agenda when there! Thank you American Pickers for keeping our history alive!
    Jeannie K.

  12. Susan Ryan

    I’ve been watching since the very beginning 10 years ago!
    I was invited to visit a good friend in TIPTON, Iowa. I said we would come only if we made a field trip to Le Claire to visit the AA store. Not being much of a TV viewer, the poor guy didn’t know a thing about Antique Archaeology. I had to patiently explain to him all about Mike, Frank and Danny D! Needless to say, we made the visit and loved every minute of it. My favorite part was chatting with an lovely woman that works there who said: “I knew MIke in school, and I never expected to be working for him!”
    We had a great laugh over that. And our good buddy is now an Antique Archaeology fan.
    And we drove across from Kansas City along the back roads as much as possible. Awesome scenery!

    – Susan Ryan, Fullerton, CA

  13. Marlene Conner

    My daughter and son-in-law visited your Nashville store last year, took a picture of the outside of the building for me….and purchased a big coffee mug with Antique Archaeology on the side for me also. I am the one who watches this show every week, rerun or not…just love it ( am 84 and remember a LOT of what you pick and what our family once had. My dad owned Stan’s Standard Service station here in Helena, Mt for a number of years when I was about 8 years old and once in awhile I got to do the windows, ask what the customer needed, etc and I loved every minute of it. Then Dad had to go to the Navy and came home with a lung injury so the station was sold. And we didn’t save but one picture of him dressed in his Standard Oil hat and shirt….have always regretted that fact. Would love one of those gas pump globes, red and white! Love your show, keep up the good work and stop in Montana, Helena at least so you can see what our beautiful state has to offer you.

    1. Christine

      Thank you for sharing your special story. I think this is why we need to preserve the past, as Mike is trying to do. 😊

  14. Jerry Dybevik

    I love the show.not only the items you find.but I enjoy the people showing there stuff also.At times it’s like the items are an extension of themselves.. very interesting..thanks..

  15. Una Bowman

    I loved visiting your store in Nashville . I was on my way to my way to Memphis to see family . My hometown . Always love going to Nashville as we drive through ! Love your show ! 💞.
    Una Bowman

  16. Raven Hugh

    So why is it that you have a place to shop on line but nowhere do you offer things from the show?
    Do you keep it for yourselves? There are some of us who would like to maybe purchase something you have picked but can not get to a store.
    Please can you explain this for us.

    1. Sarah Buckholtz Post Author

      Hi Raven! Because inventory moves fast, we only offer picks in store. The crew is out filming/picking every two weeks so that when we’re able to get more items in. At the requests of picker nation, we offer apparel and accessories for them to take home (get through customs with!) So you have to pick us in person if you want antiques! Hope this helps!

  17. Sue Weller

    We so love the programme – watching it in New Zealand. Have made 2 purchases but the exchange rate and postage doubles the price.
    Waiting for new series as have watched so many of them as repeats.
    Thank you for preserving the history of your country. So interesting.
    Keep it going.

  18. Justin

    Love your show and have been wstching it for 5 years. The best part of the show is all the ‘characters’ you meet on your travels and getting to see all the cool places you visit.

    I’ve been watching American Pickers this winter on Prime. It’s still my favorite show to watch.
    Take care

  19. Susan Rugh

    I’ve watched every episode from the beginning. I’ve seen them all many times over. I always see something in the background I’ve never noticed before. It’s like I’m out there picking with the guys myself! My only regret is that there are not more new episodes. Congrats on your first 10 years!

  20. Theo Desjardin

    Absolutely love the show! Don’t know what’s better the finds or the stories behind them. I recently just watched the episode when Mike and Frank picked Vinnies from Jesse’s Roamers MC in my hometown of Pawtucket, RI. I’m very interested in the history of Pawtucket and would love to own some of the Roamers memorabilia. Was wondering if any of it was still available and which location I can find them at as well as the tattoo collectibles. Thank you and happy picking!

  21. Barb Foley

    We visited your Nashville store about two years ago. We all love the show. My grandson wanted to meet you (Mike and Frank) in the worst way but didn’t get the chance as you two weren’t there. Hoping to get to your Iowa store someday. Love the show.

  22. David R Gesell

    Love the show. Always learning. Stay true to who you are. Don’t gimmick for ratings. I will have to make the pilgrimage to you.

  23. Bobby burke

    Love watching the show.i try to make sure I see them all. I am going to ask you a question about Frank.. I am just wondering if he’s ok looks like he’s lost a lot of weight and I have been through a lot of stuff. Just wanted to know if he is healthy. Really hope so. Like I said love watching you guys

  24. dan perry

    There is a converted Buick dealership to a bar restaurant in Covington, KY my birthplace with the identical structure as your as your Tennessee location no lie Scott St Covington KY

  25. Mark Prechtl

    I love your show! On the 2/3/2020 program, Danielle picked a “Chautauqua Kindergarten” wooden easel with a learning scroll on the top…it has a fold down desk. I am interesting in purchasing this item. How would I get info on this? Can you reply to this email?
    Thank you, Mark Prechtl

  26. Tim Loomis

    Going to the shop this morning! Can’t wait! I love how you celebrate America and what has made us great! Thank you for you patriotism and saving the memories from our past! Love the show!

  27. Dave Schleusner

    Love the show but I wish y’all would quit beating me to all the cool stuff!, we live on the world’s longest yard sale route in Mentone, Al. so at least I get 1 week a year of treasure hunting. (Yes, I’ve found a couple of very cool finds but don’t tell Frank lol). Happy Pickin’

  28. Charley Hauner

    Yes, we all “sheltering in place” these days. (Or at least we are supposed to be.)

    I had my own “sip” other the past year or so having to battle throat cancer.
    I am here to tell you that practically everyday I watched Mike, Frank and the crew exploring America. I am convinced that looking forward to the shows each day helped me get through a really difficult medical situation. I am doing really well and continue to be a huge fan of American Pickers! Please stop by next time you are in California. Stay safe and keep on pickin’! 🚂

  29. Bruce Reynolds

    Just got your American Picker reruns on TV in Western Australia.

    Love it. Great travelogue with interesting locals from my old stomping grounds.

    Keep it up!

    Bruce Reynolds (ISU ‘71)

  30. Jacob Lewellyn

    Love the Season 20 episode 17 with the movie posters but wondered why you didn’t say anything about all the plastic totes full of old comics? Some of those EC horror and sci-fi are really worth allot and big sellers!

  31. Dan Carr

    Just want to shake your hand someday. You have inspired me, since episode one, to become a picker. Right now I have rusty gold in three different cities in northeastern Ohio. These shops have become my life since I retired from retail sales. Finding treasure, cleaning it up, selling it, and putting stuff “where it belongs”, have been my passion for almost 10 years now. I have sold merchandise to Lauren in Nashville and also to your store in Iowa. My wife let me use two vacations to see you, Frank and Daniels. Unfortunately, we have not been able to meet any of you although I did drop some silver wrapping paper gifts at the LaClarie store several years ago. I hope to meet you someday soon. You are kinda on my bucket list. Thanks for being an inspiration man. I appreciate you!

  32. Pat Velie

    Love the program. Love Mike and Frank. Do you purchase more than what you show on the program at individual places you go to? I know you select some but just wondering. Love the way you two intermingle with the places you go to.

  33. Sharon Blair

    Visited the store a few years ago, loved it!! Didn’t see Mike, Frank or Dani, but we did meet Lauren, such a sweet lady!!


    Hi love the show watch it all the time. My wife and I have been to both stores.she grew up in Iowa so we’ve been to that one a few times when we go back to visit.first time there we met Mike and got our picture taken with him it was Awsome. Jim sutton

  35. Stephen Spund

    Me a little late to the AP abondanza ! Now, at almost age 74, last 7 years of watching all 4 of you’Pickers’ spin yarns, talk small town hokee ville speak, interact with unmet maybe even some unwashed and even uncouth scavengers mostly hoping for a little payday and some dignity through your talents and sincere generosity to all strangers.
    And, that is my turning point, for other viewers this is the part of the equation that takes this viewing to becoming dressed for the ho-down. This uniqueness of it all makes me, feel like I’m on the ‘pick’, how would I negotiate the find items. It’s surreal, but uncannily it So Real, you feel emotions for those picked, as if they were kinfolk. I was transitioning, but became transformed, mb I hope forever. This is not merely a gig for y’all. I’m seriously humbled to be a teeny tiny part of your voyeuristic fan-base💜🤷🏻‍♂️Other than a cumbayah discussion meetup, I’ve inherited my dad’s MOPAR passion, if you still have the Star of David hood ornament from ye olde Dodge Boys, late ‘20s early 30’s I hope it’s available, I want a ‘67 Cuda or ‘65 Satellite daily driver and want that Star of David on my hood as homage to my dad, not only rural folks struggle elsewhere is so similar. 💓for y’all , some people are takers and then there are the givers, respect appreciation time together. 🙏🏻

  36. Gerald Lawrence

    Love the show . Have always wondered why not devote more show time to one place that is loaded with picks? Well finally this week with “Picking Nirivana” you have done it. A full show in one place and that was not even 10% of what could have been done there. Kudos to y’all.

  37. Mike Donate ❤️ Janet Torres

    Hello from beautiful Puerto Rico!!🌞

    We love your show!! We enjoy every antique hunting trip and we get just as excited and thrilled as you guys do. Our favorite scene was the time Dani thru Mike’s magnetic reading glasses out the window, but had new modern ones for him.🤣 It was hilarious.

    keep it up guys!! 🤙.
    Mike & Janet

  38. Kenneth Moss

    my family loves your show and it keeps getting more interesting I know all of the finds will have a good home one day keep on picking

  39. Vickie Beel

    Would love to see what some of the stuff the guys buy, bikes, motorcycles, old cars that get restored and do it up as a show. Call it AP Re-DO.😁

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