American Pickers
Courtesy of HISTORY

Mike Wolfe always says it’s really not about the stuff.  After all the searching and the dead ends, the discovery and the dealing that make up a picker’s life, it turns out that the real treasures are the stories about the people who made, used and saved the bits and pieces of American life.  So  Mike, first and always a storyteller found his calling: knowing that the stories that give our lives context and meaning are in danger of disappearing, he set out to preserve them and pass them on.

Time wasn’t on his side, and neither was the television industry. But he couldn’t sit around and wait for some network executive to have an “ah ha!” moment, so he bought a camera and a tripod, set them up on a gravel road out in the Iowa countryside and stood there alone, telling his stories.

It took five years to get from that raw storytelling to a television series. He brought in Frank, who he’d known since seventh grade, because two pickers talking, laughing and arguing on the road are more interesting than one guy alone in a van.  And with Danielle, a friend for 25 years, back at the store, there was always a connection to home.   He fiddled and tweaked and edited … and got rejected more times than he’d like to remember. 

Finally, against all odds, “American Pickers” made it to HISTORY’s schedule in Fall, 2010.  It was an overnight sensation, with a dedicated audience of more than five million viewers a week.  In its first year, it was the highest-rated unscripted series on cable and it’s now seen in 63 countries.  Still one of HISTORY’s biggest success stories, this signature series of the network is now shooting its eighth season with Mike, Frank, and Danielle.  Its millions of devoted fans have made “picker” part of the language, learning to search beneath the chipped paint and rust for the history hiding there and recognizing Mike as one of our greatest storytellers.

American Pickers Show
Courtesy of HISTORY
mike wolfe american pickers
Courtesy of HISTORY





  1. Laura Thompson

    Why don’t any of your clothes for sale say “American Pickers”? That’s a bummer. My hubbie loves your show but he doesn’t recognize it by “antique archeology.

    1. Sarah Buckholtz

      Great question, Laura. American Pickers is trademarked by History Channel. Antique Archaeology is the home of all the antiques picked on the show. Look for the rooster next time you watch the show. It’s on the side of the van and on the shop entrances. Come visit soon!

      1. Karen Johnson

        I love this show and never miss it. I worry about these guys digging around in rodent infested barns and sheds. Two close friends nearly died from breathing in racoon and mouse poop. My one buddy was cleaning up his hunting shack and 3 hours later was on a ventilator; he was 36 at the time and in great shape. Thankfully, both survived; however, it can be very deadly. As much as I like thier faces, they need some protection…

      2. Henry Kramer

        Mike its a great show you are putting on. I am a picker and dumpster diver myself. I do nautical antiques growing upon the water I had access to alot of old homes and barns where these things have been hidden for many years. Alot of these people are getting on in years and dont have any ideas what they have and I bring with me books so as to show them the value of what they have before I make an offer. I want to educate them with what they have and let them have a level playing field if they decide to sell. Your show has opened up many doors for me as I also do the same as you by being honest in your business style. To me honesty is the best policy. My problem is its time to start culling my stash and thats the hard thing not the item but remembering the wonderful times I have had obtaining these pieces. My wife of course thinks its time to sell but its hard seeing alot of my pieces are quarter boards and name boards from wrecks along the east coast that have a history and a story to tell. I think this is what keeps me going. I love your show and watch all the repeats over and over for you are a great teacher and good old Frank has schooled me in the toys hes picked up. Please keep going with this show for whether you realize it or not you are opening up peoples minds on the very history of this country. Tell your brother he has a heart of gold and hes alot like my brother when it comes tp picking up things that are to big or cumbersome for me to load up.

        1. Kim Weltig

          What an AWESOME anology of what All of You are doing to edycate yet be honest about Your findings and prices!! I have several cool and unique items I have inherited and collected over the years that have very interesting stories!! Ine is a Tinkermans Chest. I was told the cedar chest was used by a Tinkerman to store, move and display His wares back in the day. I’ve never had it looked at to verify the story but enjoy it just the same!! If You are ever in St. Louis area maybe I could show then to You Guys!!

          1. Murray Dinneen

            Hi all. We get your show on HGTVNZ here in New Zealand. I try and never miss a show. They have re runs and your new show on. It is amazing what you find and think Danelle ( sorry if spelt wrong) is great too. They need to get her out and about with Mike more. Luv ya show

          2. Tony

            Just gotta say American Pickers or Antique Archaeology is awesome. Mike and Frank are so normal and approachable that’s why they made it. I also like Pawn Stars but they rub me the wrong way very affluent and Corey gotta be the biggest snotface platinum spoon jerk and I ones across even on a TV screen. Thanks for staying grounded guys and Danni you are flawless and keep it real 💯! Ohio guy here in flyover country where we are often forgotten about thanks for bringing a little life back to the small town little nobody people like me who never get anything in life. Thank you.

    2. Robin Lada

      Where is all the stuff for sale that you picked on the shows? Nothing here but T-shirts & hats. I wanted to see what you price that junk for.
      My dad came home from WWII on an Army Issue, Olive Drab Harley, and was never without one for the rest of his life. My dad was in the Airforce, he was an Airforce Mechanic, so He Could Work on em like nothing.
      Our Garage was full of parts, boxes of carbs, exhausts, kickers and more. He hung Tanks & Fenders from the Rafters. Harleys, & Indians mostly, and he like em stock; so in the 70s & 80s when all these biker gangs were Chopping the hell out of the Harleys, he would either sell or trade them parts they needed for the stock pieces they were removing. I must say there is NOTHING Uglier than a Chopper.
      He did have a Matchless (I’ve never seen one on your show), an Arial Square 4 and a Vincent Black Shadow. He really didn’t care for the Limey Bikes (as he called em) Hondas were Disposable like a Bic Lighter, Yamis the same.
      He bought, worked on em and sold them. And he rode them, before the helmet law. He stopped riding when they passed the law, said it wasn’t the same, not feeling the wind in your hair.
      I remember 8 at a time, he would line em up & pay me to Gunk em with the OLD, REAL GUNK, I can still smell it. My mom divorced him after 35 yrs. told him to get all that motorcycle junk out of her garage, well he started another garage by that time & never came to get it. She gave him a whole year to clean it out. SO…after his year was up, (we had an in ground pool at the time that we didn’t really use anymore) She Decided to fill the pool in, and you guessed it; she & us kids, threw it all in the bottom of the pool and filled it with dirt on top. He had a massive heart attack & died when he was 63, he could pick up the rear end of a VW (did I mention he collected those too, must have had 100, I had 15, when the gas started mixing with the oil it was time for that one to go down the rode, that happened ALOT, and bad valves on the VW Buses, you had to know how to work on a basic engine to own a VW, (moving that distributor about once a week, TIMING) My dad liked Vdubs because the engine was soooo similar to a Harley, basic mechanics (back then)
      Once I ran out of gas in my VW but had a fifth of VODKA in the car (of course I did, we could drink at 18) there were no gas stations around, so I poured that fifth into the tank, and the VW never into missed a beat, it must of thought I finally gave it some GOOD gas! (keep that in mind if you have one that the gas gage doesn’t work, I don’t know about brown liquor, but Vodka works just fine.
      But now my brother has a garage full of motorcycles & motorcycle stuff, Hell, I found 3 glass rubies (small reflectors cut like crystal but red GLASS) in my basement, along with an original unopened CAN of the Old GUNK (you poured it in a coffee can and used a paint brush to scrub the engine & then rinsed it with the hose) so I gave that stuff to my brother. We’re from the outskirts of Detroit, and every year they would have a Police Auction (still do) and the older Harleys & 3 Wheelers (motor maids) Bikes would be for silent auction. Me & Dad would go down to the Police Garage, and you’d write your bid on a cardboard paper, turn it in & see if you won any of them, you could check em, and as long as they weren’t froze up he’d turn in a bid. They were all Silver, Solo Seats, and my dad actually got one that still had the siren on it, when we went to pick up what he bought they wanted to take the siren off, but my dad bullied them into letting it go, as it was ON the bike when he bid on it, so it was his. The good old days, he wouldn’t buy a Harley after ’59, that’s when they went from tank shift to foot shift. He liked the shifter. He always said a Harley 74 that didn’t have a drop of oil under it was either just re-built, or the guy cleaned it up & moved it to a clean spot in his garage. THEY MUST HAVE THAT LITTLE LEAK! (size of a nickel)
      My brother would buy em too, and he’d always make me take it down the road, I never wanted too, I was a teenage girl for gods sake, I wasn’t sure I could hold it up much less drive it, But he MADE ME, like he always does. Said as soon as you get going it holds itself up, and he was right.
      He has I dunno about 7 in his garage, 2 yrs ago he picked up an Olive Drab Harley 45 (with the waterproof spark plugs) Army Bike practically in a basket, and searched the Cycle Meets & internet for the parts that were missing, it’s complete now and original, he needed those twinklers for each side of the license plate. But I’m wondering WHERE is the stuff you buy? Ebay? I sold a lot of my brothers Injun stuff on Ebay, Indian Head Shift knob, Tool Box & more/ He hated letting it go, but he’s money hungry & found out the value of the old junk, he still has more than enough. He has a couple of those Police Issue, Horse Hide Leather Jackets from the 50s. He has the old ’37 Catalog to buy Accessories still, He gave me an Indian Silver Ring for the Beetles, Hat’s Tie Tacs ALL this extra stuff you could order from Indian, it’s worth a pretty penny.
      My brother went to Wassion last week, and said a guy had those little reflectors & he wanted 100 bills EACH for them. I miss those Fun OLD Days. But I still wonder WHERE is the stuff you buy? AND WHAT’S AT THE BOTTOM OF THE POOL? Oh and I thought Antique Archaeology was a complete different show, with RICK that does Restorations. And if you were here I’d Kick Ya for driving those prices up, shit, now everybody thinks a headlight is worth 200 bucks, when it’s only worth 50. It’s you guys fault, you drove the market up and no one can get a good deal anymore. I did find some Old Harley parts at an estate sale out building, they were scattered among 3 buildings, I grabbed the headlight, and called my brother, he found a lot of other parts there and they didn’t know what they were, so they were CHEAP. Well nice kickin’ ya…..But where’s the stuff you buy on TV, that’s set up isn’t it? I know it isss.

      1. Lauren Wray

        Great questions, Robin! All the picks are for sale in the shops only. They sell fast so an online innovatory doesn’t exist, minus a few of the lights. So you gotta come see us in LeClaire or Nashville. Sounds like you have some rusty gold on your hands. Happy pickin’ and see you soon!

        1. Anna LaVallee

          Can you clarify please? Isn’t there an online inventory of Antique Archaeology merchandise? Does it still exist? Seems a shame not to mention that at all. Thanks!

          1. Sarah Buckholtz

            Hi Anna. The only merchandise available online would be apparel and home goods. No picks! If picks are what you’re looking for, you’re going to have to visit us in person. Lucky you. 🙂

    3. Randy

      Love the show. I have watched since day one. I just wonder why Frank is rarely mentioned on your website. He’s a big part of the show. You would think he would be a bigger part of your website.

      1. Sarah Buckholtz

        Mike and Frank do the show together, but they have separate stores. Antique Archaeology is Mike’s business and Frank has his business in Savannah, Illinois. Think of it as brothers with separate rooms. Hope that clarifies a few things, Randy!

  2. janet dailey

    I am traveling to Nashville july 2-4th and would love to visit your store. do you have any events planned?
    janet dailey

  3. Joe Aiello

    Hi Gentlemen and My Lady,

    I have been watching your show for some time now. I have learned many things. My brother and I have been going through much of her belongings as she doesn’t need any of it. These items are from my dad who has passed and my mom who is 90 years old living in an assisted living facility. I also have some toys from when I was a kid. I would like to take pictures to see if any of theses items are of some value that you may want to purchase at a fair price. I have a 8 mm projector that is at least 50 years old, as well as a slide projector and screen. My toys are used but what I have seen on your show they still may have some value. These toys are metal air planes and 50 plus years old as well.
    Should you not want any of them I will more than likely toss them out. My wife is not to much like me in keeping things. I am always being yelled at as why I keep so much stuff.
    Please let me know if there is any interest as I would like to pass them to people who can care for them and to people who will enjoy them.

    Thank you,
    Joe Aiello

  4. Terry Lay

    Just wanted to say a big thank you to you all for the hard work you do in making such a great programme for me to enjoy in the UK. While I am not a picker I do a display at renactments which is a WW2 German medical collection I am slowly building up my collection with original items and the excitment of finding new items something I see with Mike and Frank . Best wishes to you all and on my bucket lists is to come and visit you all Terry.

  5. Robert Ramsey

    We visited your store on June 4, 2016 and had a wonderful time viewing the items there and talking with the staff. I had brought along an old vintage “State Fair” pinball machine and sold it to you. I was satisfied with the offer price. We intend to re-visit the store again in the future. As for the other items we offered you, we did sell them to the buyer your staff suggested down the street. I do thank you for the kindness and courtesy all of your staff displayed. It was a great experience being there!

  6. Pamela Hazlehurst

    Hi Mike and Frank , my husband and I love your show, its fun to see what you are finding and seeing how you value items. We are antique dealers in the UK and buy a lot from France and Europe in general. Take a look at our web site if you ever have any clients looking for genuine 19th century Sculpture. We have been in the business over 30 years and exhibit all over the UK. However at the moment we are looking for a VW camper either split screen or bay window if you hear of anything or have contacts who may have one or two, be grateful for the lead. kind regards Pamela Hazlehurst

    1. Diane Cooper

      Try checking out the Full Moon Bus Club for bays, splitty’s , vanagons for sale. We just camped at High Country for a week and had more than 100 Busses camping with us. You can also try Salem Imports, Florida Ave. Salem, Virginia. Owner Mark Dearing has some for sale and knows where more are for sale.
      Hope this helps you find one.
      We have a 77 Westy “Lil Beast” and we love camping in her.


  7. Donna Girmus

    My son steered me to your web site a few years ago and I fell in love with it. After my husband died in 2009 I decided to sell our house and have an auction. He was a real “pack rat” and saved everything! He had all kinds of tools, bicycles, shot guns, car parts, some signs, many years of license plates (all from Nebraska) – the very things that you have picked. Wish I would have known about your business before I had the auction. Great program – keep up the good work!
    Best regards, Donna Girmus

    1. Don Votava

      Do you folks ever come to Nebraska? It’s only one state away? I Live at York, west of Lincoln. I have 2 collections of Antique electrical instruments. Please come and look at them! Thank You.

  8. Roger Moore

    Navigating your website is kind of difficult I mean where do you actually buy stuff besides the silly t-shits and mugs. I can’t find any merchandise for sale except for two rusted light fixtures you have.

    1. Sarah Buckholtz

      Hi Roger! You won’t find any picks online because they sell too fast. The only way to see picks is to visit either LeClaire or Nashville shop locations. Hope to see you soon!

  9. Emily Arntz

    I heard y’all were coming to Michigan! There’s an old car place in East Jackson called Marshall Motors. They have tons of old signs, & I know how much you guys love those items. I hope you stop by!

  10. Trevor

    Hello Fellas,
    Love your show. I am from Guyana, S.A. I am a picker at heart! Love to see all the great stuff you find and have learned a lot. Your show is inspirational. Wish some one can come and pick in Guyana!

  11. Rocco Barbaro

    love your show every second of it, and so do millions of Australians, wish you could come to Australia one time.
    keep up the good work.
    cheers Rocco.

    1. Sarah Buckholtz

      Thank you, Rocco! We wouldn’t mind either. We’ve been lucky this summer to have many Australians visiting the shop, teaching us a few local words, and telling us the truth about Vegemite. 😉 Come visit soon!

  12. Debbie Rychak

    Why can’t I find any of the antiques on antique archeology website. We can only find tshirts and mugs. How do ou view the antiques for sale? Thanks

    1. Sarah Buckholtz

      We simply sell them too fast, Debbie. While you can find a few lights online, the only way to see picks is to visit us in Nashville or LeClaire.

  13. Gavin Singh

    Hello I watch the show here in Guyana South America. A visit to the shop is on my bucket list but are you open on weekends?

    Thanks and keep picking

  14. Katrina Nilsen

    First let me say I have watched you guys on the history channel for years. I love you passion for what you do. My main reason for writing is to see if you guys could send me a list of the stuff you guys buy.the reason why is my grandfather has a lot of old vintage stuff that he has been collecting for years and now he needs to sell it to help with medical bills for his wife . After watching you guys for years and just now realizing you have a store less than 2 hours from I was wondering what type of stuff I might be able to bring your way. we are planning to come over and see the shop in Iowa since it is a short trip from us and we thought we might bring some stuff with us to sell. A simple list would help us to determine what to bring you.

    Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

  15. Carolyn Caron

    Dear Mike, Frank, Danielle, and Laura,
    just wanted to let you know that I love your show. I have M.S., so for an hour a week, I live your adventures with your finds. I wish I could walk and climb through junk. I found an old pocketwatch for my dad who will turn 78 on his b-yday…and he went over the moon. This is the man who has mega- wristwatches…but he is still bragging about his pocketwatch. Mom likes brand new but he appreciates the old stuff. I live in St. Mary’s County MD and it is historically full of stuff that I know you would like, our town stuff can be listed at

    You guys crack me up. Keep having fun picking. Lil Jeanie

  16. Chuck Bryant

    Been watching you two wild and crazy dudes for years. Just got Sling, been using free TV, and found y’all again. Live 100 miles south in North Alabama. Got to make a visit to your store.

  17. lisa

    Would you consider having a ”guest picker” for one of your picks? 🙂
    Perhaps a freestyle guest??? That would be delightful to have a guest (me)

    1. Sarah Buckholtz

      Not sure how we missed you, Lisa! We wish we could take everyone on as a guest picker. It would be a good time and surely we’d all learn a lot from each other. See you soon!

  18. Stephen Retano

    I cannot turn the channel when American Pickers are on I do not want to miss Mike and Frank making deals. I am amazed what people store and how nice some of the items look like new. When I saw a barn full of pin ball machines, old cars that are stored like new I am looking at the TV with a surprised look. I cannot believe what people have that Mike and Frank find this is a wonderful show. Also, Danielle is one good looking girl. Thanks for this show.

  19. bobby Reynolds

    Been picking since 1972 when I did my first flea market in Sunrise Florida at age 22 . (Thunderbird Drive-In) Found junk in the neighborhood and went through the garbage that people threw out when they moved to South Florida. Lots of great stuff and sold it at the drive in on Saturday mornings. Opened my trunk and sold everything that I had at any price to get rid of it. Kept the Coca Cola items like metal coolers, buttons and old coke machines. Loved gas & oil stuff too, kept some really neat items. about 40 years later when I moved to Texas my wife and I sold all the items I kept over the years that interested me. Had 20 or more yard sales in GA that netted us over 20,000. in cash. Still have some great items fom the 1940’s like a Jennings Chief 25 cent slot (like new) some drive in speakers, coke items new and old nd texaco stuff. (Sold my 1950 Tokeim 39 pump completely restored), Went to the Nasville store on Oct 6, 2016 and saw the location in the Marathon Bld. liked the whole area and bought some neat stuff there. Ate at Jacks BBQ place on Charlotte, it was good but had better in GA, SC and Alabama. Thought Mike’s stuff was very expensive at the store didn’t see anyone I recognized from the show but had a good time. Didn’t buy a thing because I did not think it was worth the money and some of the designs were not my taste. As a picker I know what I like and most of the stuff I bought I kept for many years before I sold it. I still deal in collectables and have acquired more stuff and will most likely sell some and keep the rest. I hope the show stays around for a while, it’s neat to see where they go and what they buy. BTW I lived in GA next to where Gordon the 90 year old man who passed away had the huge collection of coke stuff in SC, got to see his wearhouse before he died but did not go to the auction after he passed. Still comb craigslist, the junk stores and other sites for good junk and collectables in the Conroe area.

  20. Kimberly

    Hello! First of all, I’d like to say ya’ll are great! Love learning about all of the cool finds. I’ve always enjoyed digging through junk to find something cool since I was a kid so it’s really cool to watch it being done with successful finds. My boyfriend absolutely loves the show! About two years ago we moved to Des Moines from St. Louis, Mo for his job. We have no family here and pretty much had to start from scratch. Two months after the move we got pregnant. It was a crazy experiencing so much change at once especially with no family or friends to help. I’ve worked a few weekend jobs here and there but my place is at home, taking care of my new family. My boyfriend works his butt off to support us financially, yet, we still struggle. I, then, took it upon myself to help bring in a little extra money without the commitment of a “real” job. I’ve tried a lot of things but the one that keeps following me is finding old things. I started dumpster diving, checking out curb alerts, and scrolling through Craigslist’s “free” section. Some of the things I’ve found aren’t antique but they’re still useful. After continuously piling up things in our garage, my boyfriend had enough. He said I to sell it now or it was going in the trash. I began clearing things out a little at a time and making very small amounts of money. Then I came across a curb alert ad. The picture was of a bunch of overflowing boxes lined up on the curb. There was no contact info or description of what might be in them. Only an address. I just HAD to find out. Against his wishes, I went to look anyway. I was the first person there! Yes! The owners of the house were still bringing things out. They said the stuff belonged to a collector who had rented space from them, but had abandoned all of his belongings. Double yes! I filled up my SUV, dropped that load at home, hitched up my trailer and went back for another load! I have so much stuff now that I could probably open my own store. I’ve been posting ads all over and I actually had a few people browse through my living room and buy things for super cheap! Everyone that has looked bought something. Well, I need my living room back now. With my boyfriend being so patient and cooperative with me while supporting and feeding me, I thought it would be a great gift for me to take him to your store. He’s been wanting to go ever since we moved to the same state. I am all willing to load up and come visit. I was wondering, however, if you guys do buy things in the store? I want to make sure it will be affordable and profitable for us and for you. Taking a trip to see the store would be so fun for him and it would probably help him to appreciate what I’ve been doing lately. Hope to see you soon!

  21. Jerome Walker

    I LOVE YOUR SHOW…I watch it as much as possible even the reruns ,it’s interesting and historically educational I too would like to be able to visit your store regularly . maybe it is better I live fare enough or I would buy to much..I HOPE TO MAKE IT SOMEDAY…KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.. Do you ever look for a request from a viewer like me…I use to work at a N/STAR , (north/star) gas the late 70s I have been looking for a sign from that Aira with no luck.there is two types mine is the newer you ever get them in your shop. A another thing I was wondered when mike and frank buy things on the show do you buy things separate, or do they buy things together and split the profit..

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  23. Johnny Frasure

    Love the show like everyone else, I’ve only seen one thing that was listed as wrong. You bought what the guy said was an old switch board for the Telephone company. He called this wrong it was called a Cord Board I know because my Mother worked on one for 20 years she retired with 35 years. I worked for AT&T and it’s several names for 27 years before I had to retire due to injury. I don’t have much stuff anymore my Wife has sold most of it I used to have a 1980 Kawasaki Z1R also had a 1970 Z1R but it git stolen. If You want to say Hi send me a note. Thanks another Loyal Fan
    Johnny Frasure

    1. Sarah Buckholtz

      Johnny- Thank you for sharing this with us! We always enjoy hearing from folks who have a personal attachment/knowledge of pieces we pick.

  24. Joyce Bell

    Hello I hope to visit your store in May 2017. We will be in Delhi,Iowa for a grand daughters graduation and I see you are only 4 hours away.

  25. Nels Jensen

    My wife and I love your show! We have an antique tricycle that is awesome and we’re wondering if you would be interested in purchasing it?
    We can’t see a name on it, but I’m sure you will know all about it with your knowledge. Sending pictures.
    Please let us know, either by email or I would love to hear from you by phone 801-598-5913
    Thanks so much!

    Nels Jensen
    Magna, Utah

  26. Ronald Miller

    I’v watched your show since day one and always enjoy it.
    I have visited both locations in Le Claire and Nashville and have always wanted to be pickin like you do.
    I own a small antique radio museum here in S. Central Pa. and have over 150 radios and Tv’s on display [All work.]
    1924 to 1960 are the years I cover.
    It is free to view and all units work. Out side I have a vintage service station display which attracts visitors from all over the world.
    To sum it up I pick old electronics and any thing else I can get that is worth saving .
    Keep up the wonderful show we’ll be a watching.

    Ron Miller

  27. Matthew Keller

    Hey guys love your show IV learned alot when you come to Florida there’s a few good places that i know of that’s has good old rusty stuff in floral city Fl y’all drive safe in your journeys

  28. Wind Charger Mike

    Great show…The subject matter is interesting and you have minimal character drama, thank you. Mike’s passion for history is contagious and you spend the right amount of time highlighting an artifact’s history. To my point….A historically significant industry that I’ve never seen you pick items from on the show is pre-rural electrification wind generators also known as “ wind chargers.” Before the REA brought power to rural America, many farmers relied on the wind to charge batteries to light a few electric bulbs and listen to their farm radio. Iowa, in particular, is vintage wind charger central as 100s of thousands were used in Iowa and surrounding states. Also, there were many manufacturers located in Iowa in the 20’s and 30’s; Wincharger (Sioux City), Parris-Dunn (Clarinda) and Air Electric (Jewell, Newton & Lohrville) to name a few. I’ve seen a few wind chargers in the background on a couple of your episodes and wondered why they were overlooked. Yes, it is a rather esoteric collector category so there are not that many of us wind charger collectors out here. Some of us collect and some actually still use them. Ironically, the federal government made farmers take down their wind generators before they could be connected to the grid. Consequently, many were scrapped and recycled for the war effort. Many of those that survived were rediscovered in the 70’s when wind energy experienced a resurgence. I’ve found wind chargers or at least parts in about every state. The decorator market usually labels the tail vanes as a windmill part and the propellers as from an airplane. My experience is that more than 99% of the country never knew they existed. The history is interesting and their existence is historically significant to early American farm life……if you do a little research and I think you will agree. Thanks

  29. Jasmine Goble

    Me and my boyfriend love to watch American Pickers! We have been planning and saving up for a long time to take a trip up to Nashville just to visit your shop. Planning on coming down March 18-20, 2017. It would be amazing if Mike and Frank were in town to meet them. Love the show and everyone involved!

  30. pete

    …i cant wait it get saturday and i can watch one episode of american pickers…!
    im in europe- i love those american things- also the beautiful old towns you travel sometimes- love these guys danielle, frank and mike- god bless you

  31. Jerry

    Love the show as a relatively newcomer. Even though the storylines are about the same, each episode is unique with the characters, stories, finds, etc. Problem is that I’m recording the shows and have built up a queue of about 70 episodes, and even though I may watch 1-2 a day, this number hardly goes down. Hope to visit the Nashville store when I visit my cousin in KY. Thanks guys!

  32. Steven Hintz

    My son James and I visited LeClaire last fall while I was on a remembrance visit to northeastern Iowa. My offer of lunch in Ventura, CA still stands. Great show, great shop, and the Two Lanes concept is genuine Americana.

  33. Gordon Tyrer

    My Little Brother and I read in our Local Paper that you had spent some time, i don’t how much time, but you came out to our end of the world, Riverhead, Long Island New York. What show number of date was the show on, so we can watch it? And the last time we saw you was at the car show in NY a few years ago when you came alone because you had said that Frank was ill and couldn’t come. You were showing the Indian Racer that was in the Movie that broke the speed record for 2 wheel vehicle. Anyway, thank you for your show My wife and I love it as well as my Brother and his wife! Thank you, for a learning experience!……gt

  34. Rick Shelton

    Love your show. Would like to know more about Danielle. Glad that your are starting to include her in more of the shows. Also would like to know what happens to some of the picks you make. Are they restored or left as-is. Are they in a museum or some collector’s garage.

  35. Bill

    Hi there, was wondering what you guys use to clean your metal signs with to bring back the colour, I did see in 1 episode that Mike mentioned Liquid Gold, is that a cleaner ?

    1. Sarah Buckholtz

      Hi Mary! If you have picks and leads, email is the only way, however, if you’re interested in purchasing picks from the show, you’ve got to come visit us in person. Hope this helps!

  36. Ben Byrd

    The guys are cool ,their shop is cool, their employees are cool(and one is super hot…guess who…) And their job is cool. Flat out awesome. I would take minimum wage and work my tail off to work for those guys anywhere they needed me to. Im cometely serious. Get ahold of me please!

  37. Ellen

    Our family loves watching American Pickers! We are taking a cross country road trip this summer and the trip wouldn’t be complete without a trip to your Le Claire store. I was just looking at the itinerary and realized that we are scheduled to be there July 4th. Will you be open for the holiday?

  38. Jim Wicker

    Hi Folks. Great show, been a fan for years. Going to stop in and see ya in Iowa in about 3 weeks. In a 40′ motorhome so I might have to find a campground to park up in and then drive my “toad” over. When ya coming back to western PA? I heard you picked a friend of mine here, Morgy but I haven’t seen the episode yet. Would love to see your reactions as you went thru his treasures. I did see in the previews of Mike firing that 50 cal and especially the Dr Frankenstein voltage machine.

    On a side note, I have a few treasures. Mike, I have a stack of Easyriders mags from the late 70’s to early 80’s. Most of them still have the David Mann centerfolds in place. For the camera buffs, I have an old Bell & Howell projector and the bulb still works. Anyway, we can talk about that later. Hope to see you guys at the shop.

    Sweeeeet Pickin’

    Jim W

  39. ty

    in the SHOP area it is all new clothes, where can we see your picked items for sale and buy them? and this site is confusing, there are like 5 for mike, the show, 2 lane something….etc…huh….whats what?

  40. clarence collins

    i watch your show ever time it come on in florida maimi i love watch it i sale think to like watch and computers too

  41. Mark Evans

    Greetings from Perth Australia – Just wanted to say I love your show – unfortunely your Australian spin off is not as good as the original, but that’s true for anything!!!!!

  42. Andrew O'Crowley

    Yes dear Mike ! Feel free to bring Y’ALL down under any time? How’z Frank& gang going? I’m an avid Civil War buff as our ancestors (great Grandmother) in 1863 went to our harbour to see the Confederate White Fleet pull into the docks here with her children! This fleet got attacked by the Union Navy when it returned to home port and all were sunk! We’ve held this in our family since as unpublished. Now you know it ! Best regards from Duke Andrew

  43. wahyu setyawan

    Dear Mike and friends. I love so much your American Pickers TV’s show. But i just worried with your safety while you digging the rusty gold. I suggest you better equipped with safety apparels such as gloves, helmet, anti dust masker and so on. I believe that it may be reducing the comfort of freestyle digging. But it can educate the people about safety aspect when they work in risky situation. It just my humble suggestions. Warm regards from warm Indonesia.

  44. Tia Tinker

    Dear Mike and Frank,
    My grandma has a bunch of stuff in her house and everywhere outside. I have been trying to help her get rid of some things but she won’t. She is a hoarder very bad. I would ​like to help her out and see if I can get her house back to the way it was. Would like to know what all you guys take and if you can help me to help her. Please let me know if you get this message to get back to me. My name is Tia thank you.

  45. Jimmy

    Hi Mike & Gang.
    I’ve been a fan of the show since the beginning and am a ‘Bike Guy’.
    Next week I open my new ‘Travelling Bicycle mini- Museum’ here in Ireland…all inspired by you guys!

    Old Bikes Rule !

    Kindest Regards from Ireland


      1. Jimmy

        Will do Sarah!
        Exciting times ahead (I hope) I’ve a nice little collection of bicycles to show, (mostly ‘rescued’ from ditches, Barns and hedges)
        A talk on the evolution of ‘bicycling’ followed by pictures via overhead projector, then a question and answer session.
        The show will last 80 minutes or so.
        That’s the plan anyway.
        I got a small piece in a National Newspaper recently and am waiting for the local ones to follow suit.
        From small acorns, grow mighty oaks!

        1. Tony Mildinhall

          We love the shows, watched it from the beginning, well done on your success and opening our eyes to whats out there, and how we humans hoard so much stuff. Loved the episode of you two in Italy and then coming to England, upto East Anglia (our area)
          Its great to see how its all developed over the years. Keep on Picking

  46. katherine mulford

    Hello love the show have been watching for years , keep the good work up . like hen your Brother and Danny she goes on the hunt too .
    Hugzs to the Both of you and your gang Kathy mulford here in ohio

  47. Stacy

    I am an avid fan, and I watch as much as I possibly can, which drives my partner crazy, he likes the show, too, but he hates the reruns. I watch so much that my 16 year old son is now also an avid fan, which in this day and age is amazing, although, I think he has a huge crush on Danielle. I hope in the near future that I’ll be able to take a road trip from Cape May, NJ, and make it to your Nashville store. Unfortunately for me, I have completely over-shopped every antique shop in this area, and probably every antique shop in the state of New Jersey, guess that means it’s time to spread my wings and fly. Keep up the great work, all of you!!

  48. Peter Jordan

    Hi from London. Fan of these show so much so that I’m starting to collect vintage stuff for myself. Couple of weeks back I was driving near Madrid, Spain and I saw an Antique Archeology van on the road. Is that possible? Were you guys travelling around Spain recently?

  49. Fabien

    Hi, I love your show, and I follow it from France. I’d like to know if it’s possible for you to organise one trip in France because it’s THE country for antiques. If you need some help I’m here for you if you need some help. I live in south of France, the best place for antique’s market.

  50. David Hunter

    Hi this is David Hunter from Orlando Florida. I love American pickers, I’m a big fan I love seeing Mike and Frank going out on picks. I watch the show on the history channel. I always watch it when its on. Just wanted to say hi Mike and Frank you guys are the best.

      1. David Hunter

        I would love to see the picks in person. I will go when I’m on vacation. Also I have not gotten an email from antique archaeology in a while. It says I’m on the email list but I have not gotten an email lately.

  51. Alfredo M.

    Hi Sarah, this is Alfredo from Barcelona, Spain.
    I’m writing because I saw a van of Antique Archaeology today, 19 miles from Barcelona more or less, the same thing like the comment of Peter Jordan (July 22, 2017)???
    I’m a big fan of the show and I’ve been in shock… So if it’s not you, who is it?
    Best regards,

  52. TXAG

    Very disappointed there haven’t been any actual new episodes in ages…just these silly compilation episodes made up of other episodes we’ve seen dozens of times.

    Are y’all going to get canceled or something? If you don’t start airing new content soon, we won’t be watching anymore. Used to love the show, but not with the reruns on reruns.

  53. Pete Hotrock

    Hi all, here in Australia we are lucky enough to get the American Pickers shows on TV several evenings a week. Mike and Frank are so entertaining and their search for “rusty gold” continues to surprise us with the amazing objects they find.
    I do have a question though, we see the guys visit a barn or warehouse full of amazing stuff but they seem to only buy a few items they put in the van when there are so many gr8 pieces they pass. Is this just selective editing or is there a reason you don’t buy lots of “smalls” that must be worthwhile. Are we missing the extent of your buying or do you really just focus on a few main items.
    FYI Australia has lots of old gold in vehicles and motorcycles. I was lucky enough to inherit my uncle’s 1916 Douglas belt-drive motorcycle. It is a flat-twin 350cc innovative British bike, my 93yo Mom still tells the story of jump-starting this bike when she was 15yo in 1939 in her small country town on Tasmania and not knowing hoe to stop! Having the same bike has real history. Her father was an early car nut at the start of the 20th century.
    Some of his cars included Ford’s, a Rolls Royce Silver Ghost, Fiats and Bentleys. He had a motor garage and vehicle service shop, manufactured bicyles and even prototyped motorcycles with a variety of early engines. He also hired his services as a driver to show tourists from the mainland around the island state and was a most enterprising man.
    The huge double story house (originally built as a stage coach stop and hotel in 1833), the stables and outbuildings were full of motor parts and garaged a range of cars I explored in the 1950’s and 60’s. He also ran a petrol station and did mechanical repairs – oil ran in his veins!
    Sadly when he passed in 1978 at 87yo the property and many vehicles were sold off but luckily some vehicles stayed in the family.
    Anyway, sorry I am rambling-on but I love the show as it brings back so many memories and still reminds me of that oily smell of an old garage.
    Keep up the good work as we need to remember our motoring history and the pioneers who gave us so much.
    Cheers, Pete

    1. Sarah Buckholtz

      Thanks for your message! You’re seeing only a small amount of the picks. We’d have to make the show two hours or more if we wanted to show everything! All the picks come to the Nashville and LeClaire shops and sell fairly quickly. Next time we’re in Australia we’ll be looking for a picking guide. You free, Pete? 🙂

      1. Pete Hotrock

        Hi Sarah, thanks for your reply. I’ve seen the guys have done trips to Europe and I’m sure Australia would be an interesting visit for them.
        As mentioned we have regular broadcasts of the shows here and there is a huge following them here. Not only entertaining but educational.
        Coming from a family of hoarders I understand the benefits of keeping in touch with our past. The cupboards at my 93yo mother’s house are like an archealogical dig the further you go back in them and the treasures she has keep continue to surprise.
        If Mike and Frank come to Australia I’d be happy to show them around now I’ve retired. One thing they won’t need is an interpreter, we speak a similar language 🙂
        All the best, Pete

  54. Hale Guyer

    Hi – Fan of your show and living in the Rockford IL area (about an hour and a half away from your Iowa shop.) Do you have any “meet & greets” scheduled in the future? Thanks!


    dear mike l was just going too ask you and frank and danila when are you going too get the new tv show going as l like watch you all and would love too see you all in action again

  56. David Hunter

    This is David Hunter from Orlando, i just wanted to say it don’t bother me to see the same episode’s of American pickers . Over and over because for the love i have for Mike and Frank the American pickers. I really love and enjoy seeing the guys go on picks. My birthday is this October 23, im turning 50 years old. I’m hoping to meet Mike and Frank in person and talk to them about picks. Mike and Frank you guys are the best happy picking.

    1. David Hunter

      Hi everyone in picker nation, i think the stuff that Mike and Frank find when they go out on picks is awesome. When i watch the show i learn alot about the stuff they pick that I didn’t know and that’s really amazing to me. And it’s not junk they pick it’s something great. i really admire mike and Frank and i RESPECT THE RUST !!!!!! AMERICAN PICKERS IS THE BEST !!!!

  57. Duane Trippler

    Hey guys and gals. Love the show, never miss a one. I have been a dealer for 37 years. I have thousands of smalls and a whole house full of antique furniture and other items. If you want to come to see and buy stuff you can get in touch with me. I have no more room to collect, so you would be doing me a big favor by buying some of my treasures. Thanks for a great show and the education.

  58. Billy Yeomans

    I truly enjoy the show. My brother-in-law has alot of unique stuff. He has 2 barns and his house has alot of stuff as well. He s a organized Horder. LOL. Keep up the good work and may God bless you and your family!!!

  59. Chris Hazzard

    Hi. My wife and I love this show when aired in the UK and are avid Art Deco collectors. Always amazed at the neon clocks that still work even after years of storage. One of these days though, one of them is going to go “bang” when plugged in !
    Keep up the picking, and finding those hidden gems. Are you visiting the UK again..?
    All the best

  60. David Knight

    This TV show remains one of my favourites, ever. I both enjoy and learn from Mike and Frank. Two gems! Please keep going.

  61. Robert Matheson

    We love your show it reminds us of the good guys/gals show that is honest and American. Our past that you have found is great for all to learn what was back when we had nothing. Thank you all for this great show.

  62. Brad Techy

    Happy holidays to all of you from Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada! I am a huge fan of American Pickers! It is one of my favourite shows. It should be shown in schools to teach American history. What better way to learn about the past than to see it through the treasures that you show us each week! Keep up the fantastic work that you do! American Pickers forever!!!!!!!!

  63. David Hunter

    Hi everyone in picker nation, this is David from Orlando Florida. I’m here sitting in my living room watching American Pickers. Just wanted to say happy holidays to , Mike and Frank and Danielle I hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas. And also happy holidays to all the American pickers fans in picker nation. And remember RESPECT the RUST..!!!!!!

  64. Carolyn Bohnen

    I know Mike has a young daughter he wants/ needs to spend time with, but please don’t decrease the shows… send Frank and Danielle, or Dave… have Mike on fewer shows so he can be home more… but please don’t stop the show. You are too beloved.
    Also, how about doing a bloopers show… or show us some of the stuff you pick and have not made it to the final cuts… kind of like how they will add back in cut scenes in movies. Throw some of that together to buy an extra week for Mike to be with his family.

    Thank you for providing interesting, educating and wholesome entertainment i can share with my kids.
    -Carolyn Bohnen (Everett, WA)

    1. Sarah Buckholtz

      Carolyn today is your lucky day! Today we are celebrating the very first episode of American Pickers airing eight years ago! To celebrate, History is showing a special rebroadcasting of the episode featuring never before seen commentary from Mike and Frank this is sure to make you laugh. It’s all happening TONIGHT at 9/8C AND we just announced new episodes pick up again this Monday so reset your DVR!!

      1. Murray Dinneen

        Hiya. It is soo great that we here in New Zealand get re runs too. Sometimes you miss bits but when you view it for a second time, you seem to see more…weird aye.
        keep up the great work/show that you guys, and girls, do!!!!
        LUV IT.

  65. Philippe NOTERMANS

    I live in Belgium and I was very glad to discovery your Tv Series. Your adventures can be seen on TV in Belgium. It’s a fine way to discover America, towns and its wonderul citizens.
    I collect WWII Airborne uniforms. i live near Bastogne.
    Best wishes to each of you

  66. Simon Barnes

    Hi, I’ve been watching your show from here in Bristol in the U.K. I have it on series link so I’ve been watching them back to back. I love it. The past is a great place to visit and to hold a piece of history with a story, in your hand. I never realised picking was actually a thing until I saw your show and you 3 guys drew me into the show. Being in my early 50’s I immediately could relate to you and Frank and your memories of your youth were similar to mine.

    Thanks for creating American Pickers. I’ve loved watching your passion for the past and Danielle is very easy on the eyes after seeing so much rusty gold. I wish you all the best and hope you keep going a bit longer. “ Good Picking”.

  67. Henry Esquenazi

    Dear Mike,Frank & Danielle;
    I must congratulate you on your show. I have spent all day Sunday watching an “American Pickers” Marathon. I really appreciate the wonderful lifetime bond of friendship between you and Frank. Danielle is a gorgeous Lady and a beautiful soul. Please don’t tell my wife I have a secret crush on her. I will be 70 on June 24; and, I don’t think I can afford a divorce at this stage of the game. Your brother is fantastic and I really enjoy the times he is on the show. I have been a stamp and coin collector since I was 12 years old, but I learn so much more from your show about collecting in general. May God bless you all and keep you all. Wishing you all Love, Peace, Health and Prosperity for a 120 years and for me to see it.!

  68. Esmeralda Chavez

    U guys are awesome my husband n me we are fans of ur show. Mike u are so cool by the way u act on ur show i can imagine ur the same way in person. My husband n i started collecting things and little by little we are getting cheap street sings or stuff like that for my husband’s men’s cave hopping one day we can collect more n have u guys come an visit us here in Somerton, Az 85350. Its a small town but it has a long history. It havent grow much from the years. Im happy to get the opportunity to write something to u 3. Take care! N hopefully u guys come visit my little town.

  69. Robert Mortimer

    Going to Nashville next week for work and I noticed that your shop is 8 minutes away from where we are staying at. That’s AWESOME!!! I have been a huge fan since day 1 and have told my wife that I would like to go to one of your shops before I die!! well, now’s my chance! I can’t wait to go there. Living in Las Vegas I see a lot of new things, but not too much vintage out here that hasn’t already been picked. I can’t wait to shop your store. I will again be there on the 4th of April. i’ll be the guy from Vegas!!!

    1. Murray Dinneen

      Hi Robert. I live in New Zealand but if I lived close to Antique Archaeology, I’d be there quite often.
      It’s a great show aye!!!

  70. Mark a mcsheffrey sr

    Man it hard to ride that far down the page but …I just love what yall do and I hope when I go yall are still picking but I don’t think so so ill tell ya I want that v.w. truck u have lol yall keep picking your watcher mark

  71. Murray Dinneen

    Hi all. In New Zealand at the moment, we are getting a series of “The Best Of…”. I reckon a series about “What happened to…” would be gr8 as with the vehicles you buy and soe of the other pieces when you get them appraised. What do you all think?
    STILL love the show…Hi to Danielle too.

  72. Scott Breeze

    Your show is just the best. The whole cast and crew are real and likable. I thought I was a little nuts finding “stuff” and restoring or stacking it. Then I found your show. Thanks.

  73. Greg

    I’m a picker of everything vintage from Barbies to a meat press from 1883 and found it a little upsetting that I couldn’t haggle for a agreeable price for an item I found d st your store

  74. Ed

    Saw the show last night from Trinidad, CO. When he pulled out the butcher’s bench it brought back memories as the store it came from was where my family shopped from 1963 til mid 70’s. I could see the owner trimming meat and breaking down sides to get the perfect cuts. Visiting town in early 80’s, he was in a power chair, still there to supervise and be doing what he loved. Thanks for the segment.

  75. Deron Brosh

    Is there a way to get more info about something the guys picked on one of the shows? I inherited a ceiling light very similar to one the guys picked while in Sea Cross NY. I believe it was called a glass lamp shade from the 20s. The only difference I can tell between them is the one the guys picked was 4 sided, and the one I have is 8. Otherwise the pattern and colors are the same.
    Any help/info on the piece would be wonderful.

    Thank you

  76. Gregory Howard Battleson

    I always watch your show…… I am a flea market and garbage picker from way back. I collect mostly Green Bay Packers sports memorabilia and have a substantial mancave with all sorts of artifacts. The upstairs is my wife’s and we collect all sorts of stuff without overcrowding the rooms. I have Beatles books and memorabilia , NY World’s Fair 64-65 stuff, every stein that Avon ever put out, statuettes and figurines, my wife has a big cookbook collection. If I had the space and money, I would buy more garbage and re purpose it or refinish it. My workshop in the basement has some cabinets that I re purposed for storing my tools and swivel bar stools at the work bench. Your show is very laid back and I feel like I’m sitting in the van with you guys looking for the next big pick of something being discarded and being reinvented for future use. Thanks for the ride Mike and Frank !

  77. Florence

    Bonjour de France

    J’adore votre émission , vous êtes tous adorables !
    Continuez comme ça, vous êtes top !

    Merci , je vous adore tous .

  78. Michael Jabczynski

    Looking forward to visiting Nashville store at the end of August while we are in the vicinity for the 25th Anniv. of the National Corvette Museum in Bowling.Green.

  79. Mike Ashcraft

    I love the show. Was in LeClaire store in August. Loved it. I love the show too. Either watch it when it airs or DVR it. I hate it when the guys pass up Rc airplanes. I see them in the background all the time. I know they can’t buy Everything but it looks like a lit of great planes going to waste lol. Keep up the awesome work. Mike Ashcraft

  80. Tom Knowles

    I have enjoyed the show since its inception, have several picks myself and find we’re pretty close in our mutual assessments. Once in a while you pick something I would like to bid on, is there a way to stay in touch with that? I ma be a buyer on certain things.
    About twice a month I am in your area as I am helping restore the locomotive that was in Centennial Park and went to live rails right past the Marmon Factory, and will again this March 9th on its way to Nashville Union Station.
    Bone to pick: I just watched the episode in Detroit where you picked the huge warehouse, and ya’ll found the live steam locomotive FS and bought at $6500. Franks credibility on trains is not great anyway, so here’s a detail point> Just because it has flanged wheels and runs on rails does not make it a “TRAIN”. What you found was a live steam LOCOMOTIVE with tender, appearing to be made to whats called 3/4 scale, that is 3/4″ equals 1 foot actual, or 1/16 actual size. Most of these are made by hand from hand made patterns but there are suppliers of parts for them to make them runable on steam. I think you did well, and should ask more than the $8K you estimated, perhaps $10K for a well-made unit. Remember, a locomotive is not called a “Train” by educated train people!

    Maybe see you at Union Station next Saturday!

  81. Patricia Stark

    Absolutely love love this show. You all are such a great team and work well together. And can be damn funny. I love Danielle she’s awesome. Her tattoos ROCK

  82. Billy King

    Just watched the episode in California where Mike true to his nature donated a surfboard to a museum. He paid 1000.00 for the Plastic Fantastic found it’s place and let it go. Thank you Mike for being who you are. The next episode was the Hatfield one where that Rat-Fink possum looking pay me to take it cheep pos Frank paid 200.00 for an item believed to be from William Anderson Hatfield took it to the museum Had them spend time talking and educating us on the piece. Then good ol’ Frank found a way to stuff a profit of 100.00 in his cheep fat sweaty money grubbing fist. Frank showed his true colors. It’s a shame. Fat boy spends that at Burger King. Frank take a lesson from Mike. Sometimes it’s not about the money. l tolerate you on the show because l have too. lf you ever make it to my shop. You would have to wait in the truck. Sorry but l really don’t like you…


    This is Xavier from Barcelona, Spain. Here Im following your program American Pickers.
    it shows me the beauty side of USA, the culture and great people you can find. We can thanks that there’ s still good / real and authentic people in the world. i’m thinking to visit one of your shops in a few time.
    Once the episode starts i can stop watching it.

    Thank you for your program.


  84. Bruce Brandenburg

    Loved or show until all the remakes of prior shows. Tell me when” you start new shows. History channel shouldn’t advertise shows as new.

    1. Sarah Buckholtz

      New episodes are always on Mondays and just picked up again last week. Sometimes HISTORY calls an episode “new” when it’s a new compilation. Can be tricky but we appreciate you watching!

  85. Brian

    I know y’all started restoring the Aerosmith van but I thought It was supposed to continue showing the
    Completed restoration on the next episode which never happened. Did I miss something? Also I think I speak for alot of fans when I say this: Over the last year or two y’all been showing less new episodes and more best of episodes which honestly alot of us fans hate bc all those are is compilations of episodes we already saw. Used to he episode after episode was new and now y’all have a few new episodes mayne 3 or 4 then y’all go away for what seems like months. Why show a partial season then go away so long ? Usually yall do the whole season then like all shows only then do you take a break and thats when you can show the best of episodes. Its just not fair to us fans who been here since the beginning. I feel like theres been slacking with how the episodes are aired maybe 2 weels in a row and then out of nowhere theres npthing new for weeks again and I know the season didnt end yet. Please show new episodes week after week for the whilole season and stop showing best of which are just a compilation of repeats. I love y’all guys and the show just get disappointed when I turn on the tv for the weekly new episodes I look forward to as do most of us fans and its not on when its supposed to be or theres a best of episode instead.

  86. Phil Tolme

    I’ve been watching American Pickers for years on the History channel. Enjoyed every show. Never did I think I would visit your store in Le Claire. My daughter moved to Iowa City near Le Claire a few years ago and we have visited your store in Le Claire many times hoping to meet Mike or Frank. We met Danelle and Robby. Your whole staff were very nice. Every time we go to your shop, we see and enjoy your new picks.

    Phil Tolme

  87. Larry

    I LOVE your show. I have every episode on my hopper and watch reruns all the time. Y’all have picked little towns all around my little town in south georgia. I had a chance to see y’all in a small town next to me and I got called into work that day (darn). I picked a place where Frank signed the wall (won’t mention name) as it has been sold. Keep it going y’all.

  88. Meade

    Love your show and your passion for what you do. Most of all, I appreciate the respect and kindness you give the individuals you meet whether you buy something or not. The story that is told as the pick unfolds kind of gives me a connection to, and, an understanding of the individual. Never miss an episode! My DVR runith over!

  89. Matthew Pryer

    Good morning,
    I just wanted to say I’m a big fan of the show! I like what you guys are doing. Finding treasures in old barns and salvage yards has become a passion of mine as well. I am a local artist based out of Springfield, Illinois. I use scrap iron to create sculptures. Anyway just wanted to give you a shout.
    Thank you

  90. Marie Mersereau

    I am a really big fan of your show. As you probably know, it sometimes run back to back on History channel – and I have been know to watch 3 episodes in a row. In this crazy time, it is nice to just relax and watch. that being said, I have a burning question – why don’t you wear gloves? I have watched Mike pick through some really scary stuff, and no gloves.

    That’s it – just wanted to write a “fan letter” stay safe out there.

  91. Chris Havard

    Hi folks,
    Just wanted to add my appreciation of your marvelous show & how you go about presenting the passion you have for picking…’s infectious as is evident by the many positive comments already added to this website. By far the most interesting show on TV & I’ve lost count how many times that I have even watched the repeat episodes!
    Although the pandemic has put the brakes on us all in how we go about our normal day to day activities, watching your show throughout has only added to my personal enthusiasm & yearning to get out and follow my own interests once lockdown restrictions ease.
    As for myself, I’m a humble ‘Tegestologist’ from across the pond, in Wales, UK. i note some of your episodes have touched upon breweriana, but I can’t recollect any mentioning beer coasters (known as beermats, over here). I have a modest collection which includes a couple of hundred pre war US brewery coasters which are so more interesting/attractive than the many issued nowadays.
    Like others, my bucket list would definitely include a visit to your shops in Nashville & Le Claire!!

    For the benefit of the many, please don’t stop doing what you’re doing……..just stay safe & hope one day to be able to make that trip to visit one of your outlets.
    Keep pickin’!!

  92. Leon Gignac

    I bought a respect the rust hat and just recently purchased the 1920’s tin toy car that was on the site and looking forward to giving it to my dad. My dad and I love the show and looking forward to gifting it to him. Thank you stay safe.

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