Ameripolitan music’s biggest night returns to Austin’s Paramount Theatre Tuesday, February 16th, 2016 hosted by Music Legend Ray Benson. Doors will open at 7 p.m. with Awards Ceremony at 8 p.m. Mike will be in attendance as a presenter.

The Paramount Theatre is located at 713 Congress Avenue, Austin, TX 78701.

What is Ameripolitan?

We’re not leaving Country Music behind, we’re taking “real” country music with us.

The Ameripolitan Music Awards were created to benefit and acknowledge artists whose work does not readily conform to the tastes of today’s “country” or other music genres and organizations. It also provides fans with a means of finding these artists and their music.

Ameripolitan – This thought provoking word is intended to be an invitation to discuss the future of the music that is important to so many of us. By leaving the hopelessly compromised word “country” behind and exclusively using the term “Ameripolitan”, our intention is to reestablish this music’s own unique identity, elevate its significance and help reinvigorate it creatively. Also, because of our place in history, we have the privilege and responsibility to pass a great musical tradition on to future generations who will otherwise have no direct connection to this music.

The Ameripolitan Music genre is here. We invite all of you who love Ameripolitan Music to help spread the word.

Where can I listen to Ameripolitan?  

Check out some of the artists HERE! Some of our faves are Elizabeth Cook, Sarah Gayle Meech, and Dale Watson.


Get your tickets HERE!


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14 thoughts on “Ameripolitan Awards: Austin, TX”

  1. John reed

    I use to live in California but now live in England there are so many old stuff here it’s crazy
    And was wondering that I could help you in anyway there a lot of old bikes here mike you would go crazy there are a lot of old trade bikes like the old butcher shop bikes
    If you want any thing let me know I would love to help you out

  2. Tom to see this response…big fan and great listener…of what u and Frank have to offer …Sarah…thank you baby…..let this spill…of my love to a profession that promotes fun…and love of old !

  3. Steven humphries

    Hi mike , a big hello from England ! Love your show watch it all the time, just wondered if you have any plans to come to England for a pick? Great stuff over here to wet your appetite! Keep doing what your doing , great to watch and learn… Steve

  4. Rob & Sherry Ray

    Hi Mike!

    My husband & I have watched & enjoyed “American Pickers” since the first day it aired. We didn’t realize though just how much fun it would be getting to know all of you there over the years!
    We are blessed this summer to have the opportunity to get away for a few days…..and after about 3 minutes of thinking, we both said “Let’s see the Picker’s store in Nashville.” We’ve talked about it since ya’ll opened there & can’t wait to see all the “rusty gold”.
    Of course, my husband is “really” hoping he might catch Ms. Danny D in town. He and our boys are hopelessly taken with her charms. I would just love to meet all of you…AND….I wanna see the STUFF!
    Is it possible to know if she might be in town around the July 4th Holiday this year? I would love to surprise Rob if possible.
    Thanks for being such an awesome “caretaker” of our history!
    Sherry Ray

    [sget away for at least a few days small vacationwould like to plan a 2-3 day trip during the July 4th holiday coming up

    I am hoping to schedule a 2-3 day visit to the Nashville area so we can visit your nst
    when Danielle might be spending any time down at the Nashville store! I’ve

    1. Sarah Buckholtz

      Lookin forward to seeing y’all over the 4th! There’s no telling who will be around, but no matter what we’ll show you a fun time. 🙂

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