I spend countless hours on the road. For over 25 years I’ve been a full-time picker and on most of those trips it was just me, my van, and a radio. My team and I have gathered some of my favorite two lane travel tunes – hope you dig it.



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47 thoughts on “Back Roads Playlist”

  1. Garry Files

    I grew up in San Diego in the 70s. I am a huge fan of your show. I own two 1975 Dan Gurney Eagle box bikes. Mine was powdercoated black, my brothers was nickle . I bought my brothers from him in 1994.
    More than anything, I’d love to find out what they are worth. They are both complete, but neither is ready to ride. Information is the key.
    Mike mentioned he once owned one of these bikes. Made my heart jump at the mention.
    I’d love to talk about this. I can be reached at 303-949-3316. Thanks in advance. I’m close to Denver, Colorado.

  2. Julia Davis

    Whenever we climb in our VW bus and head out for an adventure our playlist starts with Canned Heats “Going up the Country”…. I KNOW, we are dating ourselves but that’s what we do…

    Enjoy the ride!

  3. Ronald Miller

    Great show and music, I’m into music too and by lookin at my web site you can see why.
    If your ever in the area stop by and visit. I’ll even give you a gift to listen to the tunes too.

    Keep a Pickin .
    R Miller

  4. Clifford


    I’m surprised “On the Road Again” by Willie Nelson is not on the play list. :o)



    1. Marcia Pannell

      Hi Mike,love your Tunes thanks for sharing. We NEVER miss your shows. It makes me yearn again for being on the Road. We went on Rt. 66 and to a lot of states and listened to music as well. The 66 song,Neil Diamond, Michael Bolton,John Denver. ..Willie Nelson,Charlie Rich etc. ..you have an amazing life with all the new people you met all the time. God bless your family too.

  5. william chenette

    I been Picking since I was 13 years old I have worked at 2 auction halls my friends owned. to this day I still pick up things here and there. Yard sales flea markets. I collect and restore old wind up phonographs as well as tubed radios. I also like to collect old 16mm Film. I also have a few super 8 and regular 8 films my earliest projector is a 1927 Kodak kodascope.

  6. Pat Leonhardt

    Anything by Elvis Presley makes a drive more fun and enjoyable. The King is always welcome in my car.

  7. Sandy Waters

    Love the music and absolutely live your shows!! All the time! I even love the reruns! I am a retired teacher having taught high school American History for 30 years! You have a passion for our great country and its past. ❤️ Thank you for sharing your travels across this great land and telling our history. You, Frank, “Dani D” and everyone at Antique Archaeology conducts yourselves with such class and integrity! Thank you❤️

    1. Sarah Buckholtz

      Thank you for spending 30 years teaching children about our history, Sandy! We admire your passion. Now that you’re retired, you can finally road trip to LeClarie or Nashville… or both? We’ll be waiting for you!:)

  8. marshal

    I grew up in the ’50s & ’60s! in so. cal. music back ground. over 1600 l.p.s, dj ed, some;
    the best deal I’ve found is XM radio. it never quits…………..

  9. Lisa getto

    Love the music my first car was a 57 ve panel bus growing up my parents had a dune buggy shop. Great times
    My mom and another lady race in the 1972 baja 500 ( for advertising of the shop)they didn’t finish but they had a great time. Keep up the great work the show rocks!!

  10. johan allex

    Hi dear pickers.

    I’m french but I love your show. I watch your show every Friday evening!

    The USA are for me a long time Holiday dream and at each time I discover a part of your marvellous country. Small village typical people. That’s for me a huge freedom and dream moment. The road is for You a second family and for me too. I’m coach driver. I know what is to ne alone with the two lanes below the wheels. Go on friends it’s fantastic…


  11. william howard

    I am also surprised that Willie Nelson’s “On the road again” is not on your list. This song is #1 on my play list. #2 is “Gimme Me Shelter”. Love your show and keep on keeping on.

  12. Rick

    Great mix of songs! My tastes are more all over the park. Pun intended. :)) 80’s, Disco, Country before 1980, Bluegrass, etc. Whatever sounds good to my ear I’ll listen to it.

  13. Bruce

    We were in Nashville last week (down from Connecticut) and HAD to stop in to the “Nashville Store”. We were pleasantly surprised! So many people told us that it was just a glorified gift shop but we found it to be anything but that. OK, did buy a bunch of T shirts, but there are a lot of items for sale too. And a lot of items that we all know from the show! The big red arrow, the Von Dutch, the Radio sign. As big fans of the show, seeing these things was like seeing a bunch of celebrities! Any fans of the show out there should pay the store a visit if you’re in the area. Lots of fun, just like the show.

  14. Les Goekler

    I watched last Wednesday, first of the new season, but it was an old rerun. Can I shop on line? If so, do you use Paypal or Credit cards. Mike, keep that truck on the road to recover our long last American History

  15. Anthony Sweet

    I’m surprised “King of the Road,” “Crosstown Traffic,” and “Highway Chile,” didn’t make it on your playlist. These are “must listens” for two-lane travelers. As always, LOVE!! the show and the national parks pics. SWEET picking!!!!

    1. Clifford


      I remember singing with Dad “King of the Road” back in the 60’s while we were on a road trip listening to the radio.
      I starting singing it when I saw your post. :o)



  16. Rick Flickinger

    What about Johnny Cash , I got it one piece at a time and it didn’t cost me a dime , to I picked it one piece at a time but it did cost me some time !

  17. Bambi Gibson

    Hello Danny D Mike Frankie And Jodi and Little Charlie I will be coming to Iowia in the Second week Of September 10 and 11 will be there and we are big fans of you all Guys I”m hoping to get to see you all of you . Your Friends and Fans Always Bambi and Mark

  18. Garry Reed

    I’m a Springsteen fan &I also enjoy various country music, plus anything with heavy guitar sounds. Love the show Mike, I wish I had been able to go on the pick did back 2015 when you found that 2 door coupe in that barn covered with a dusty tarp! I would like to find a ford econoline to convert to a dual cab that tilts. cheers Garry.

  19. Shawn Callahan

    You guys need to check out some Joe Bonnamassa on your travels. He plays some wicked blues. Always puts me in the pickin mood!

  20. WendyLee

    Great play list, but no Creedence. Am from Australia, watch the show ever night, hope to come over and check out shop one day.

  21. carlos fandango rance

    ello.. ive watched and followed you on telly for years and have only just looked at ur website today.. just a little message to say that me and my fiance love your work, your attitude and how you live your life.. you inspire us both to travle and look outside the box.. we live in shefford England and we plan to come over to america to travel around work and be happy.. we would love to meet ya n shake ur hand on our travels.. all the best, carlosfandango and rossanna king .. your a legend…

  22. Minimom1964

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Taking a road trip at the end of summer and this is going to be a big help to revitalize my playlists!!

  23. Liz wagstaff

    Hi there its Liz and Dave again from a not so sunny England!
    Love the play list, we’ve been driving today with Thomas dolby in our cd player and I’ve had david bowies hours album on in the car for my comute to work all this week so sad we lost him.
    We’re loving father john misty and john grant Dave being a huge reggae fan loved bob marley being included on your list! We too would love to know Danny and Frankies list we are huge fans of the who and lou reed and the velvet underground and notice Danny has tshirts of both, cool!
    Loving your work x

  24. Carolyn Donovan

    Love your list as you can see by my email I am a picker myself (guitar tho) and I spent from 1972-2000 on those roads, many of the same ones you guys traveled. I also love your show, watch it every day its on, and the reruns are fun because I try to guess the prices to see how much I remember. I retired from Las Vegas in 2007 after working with my mgr. out of Los Angeles since 1972 and moved to Colorado and in 2008 was in a motorcycle accident that ended me being a full time musician and guitar tech. I’ve had 15 surgeries since the accident and am finally getting to the point of being able to at least play bass and guitar. I sure wish you guys and I had exchanged emails as being a guitar tech I’ve not only worked on some amazing guitars, basses, banjos, mandolins, and fiddles over the yrs. but collected some and also passed some collectible inst. on to friends, so although I wouldn’t call myself an expert I do know quite a bit. Of course George Gruhn is no slouch when you need information either! Well, as usual talked too much but just wanted you to know how much I enjoy you guys and to let you know how much you’ve helped me in my recuperation since my accident. I’m a motorcycle gal as well but have learned a whole lot more watching your show over the years and also traveled with my bikes for about half of my career . Next time I make it to Nashvile I’m planning on stopping in an may even bring you a surprise or two in guitars. Thanks for a very entertaining and and educational show. Keep ‘ em coming.
    All the Best,

  25. Carryl R

    Took a trip from Washington Mo. to Nashville just to visit your store. Hopefully, this spring La Claire, IA. Can’t wait.
    Keep rocking down the road and living the dream. Awesome store !!!

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