If you are looking for a book to challenge your imagination, make you laugh, and offer a life lesson or two, check out The Perils of Fishboy: A Tale Split in Two by Cory Basil. A self-trained artist living in Nashville, Basil’s book caught Mike’s attention with his macabre imaginary, comical and approachable writing style, and of course the more than 60 original illustrations scattered throughout the 380 page book.

Whimsical children's book Fishboy by Cory Basil

The significance of the book is to enhance your imagination and rekindle child-like wonder. The older we get, the less magic and wonder we tend to see. Throughout, Basil’s plot descriptions have you thinking up is down and orange is blue. Instead of fighting with your logic, you submit and ride the wave.¬†Basil also draws attention the need for both light and darkness in one’s life. “Light gives everything its color and shape, and if you never knew the darkness, how would you know just how great the light is?”

In the very beginning of the book, you’ll read a letter from Basil to you, the curious reader, setting the tone of the story. What makes this amazing is Basil is talking to you as your tour guide to this under water world known as Aquaria Springs. You’ll quickly pickup on his comedic descriptions of why the months in the book are colors, who/what Fishboy is, and how measurement of time in the world beneath the waves is askew.

Fishboy is about a young boy growing up with a unique characteristic: he has human legs instead of a tail fin. The story breaks up into two parts, (hence a tale split in two) each with it’s own adventure and lesson. In the first part Fishboy has to be the town hero, and in the second part, be his own hero. Each perilous adventure has Fishboy¬†chasing purpose and on the current to self discovery. You’ll find yourself connecting with the characters and getting lost in the whimsy. Or dare we say it… hooked.

Ready to get reacquainted with your imagination? Order The Perils of Fishboy: A Tale Split in Two and let us know what you think in the comments below.



Fishboy Illustrations by Cory Basil

sketches from Cory Basil




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2 thoughts on “Book Club: The Perils of Fishboy”

  1. Laura Blankenship

    Great movie suggestion not sure if
    It is in book form or not.
    “THE BIG FISH” about a boy whose
    Father is a story teller. Boy thinks
    The father’s stories are made up and
    Does not listen to father’s anymore.
    Boy becomes a man and discovers
    That there is a truth to these
    Stories. Very good story.
    When he becomes man

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