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It’s no secret that Mike has a thing for motorcycles — especially the antique ones. That same shared appreciation brought him and musician/producer, Butch Walker, together six years ago, taking rides down the historic highways and no-name back roads of America.

Butch inherited his love of vintage from his dad, Butch Walker Sr., an antique collector who matched Mike’s passion for history.

“Knowing his dad and I had a lot in common,” says Mike “Butch arranged us to have dinner together. We spent the evening swapping stories of our favorite finds and the ones we still hoped to discover. Right away, I felt connected to him.”

If it was that easy to connect with Butch Sr. over one dinner, you can imagine the unbreakable bond developed over the years between him and his son. Especially after all those miles logged together on a tour bus with fast food, stinky socks, and zero personal space.

Back when Butch just started playing shows, Butch Sr. would travel with the band to their gigs and even run their merch table. He was very popular with the fans — a real working groupie.

“Those late nights spent together sitting on a hotel floor counting merch money and talking about the show that night over cheap whiskey, are some of my favorite memories with him.”

Butch Walker photos
Butch Walker and his dad, Butch Sr.

As Butch’s career grew to nationwide tours playing sold-out shows for rock-loving fans, his favorite part of every show was busting out his flip phone and calling his dad from the stage.

“No matter where in the country we were playing, I would call and wake him up so he could talk to the crowd. I’d say ‘Dad, whatcha doing, you awake?’ then hold the microphone up the speaker and he’d always answer with, ‘I’m mowing the grass! What do you think I’m doing?’ Every crowd I played forgot to have that moment with him and me. It was so special every time.”

It’s really something special to see a man pause in the middle of a high energy rock show amongst leather, tattoos, and string-breaking guitar solos, to make a sentimental call to his dad. Here’s what that looks like.

It was a complete shock in 2013 when Butch’s dad was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and was immediately hospitalized. After only being diagnosed 24 hours prior, 71-year-old Butch Sr. lost his battle without even a chance to fight.

“I held his hand, closed my eyes, he closed his, and he was gone,” says Butch. “That’s the thing about pancreatic cancer. It doesn’t give you a chance to reconcile with it, it doesn’t let you make plans, or let you prepare for the ending. It sneaks up on you and gives you no warning until it’s too late. It’s the most reclusive and elusive killer in this inhuman family of diseases.”

After the sudden passing of his dad, Butch decided he wanted to help others battling pancreatic cancer. Named after his dad’s favorite season in the north Georgia mountains, he founded The Autumn Leaves Project. A free resource for families and individuals living with this illness to help alleviate the financial stress of the day-to-day fight with cancer. They believe it’s the little things like gas cards, nutritional meals, and personal care that make a world of difference during that difficult time.

“It can be financially crippling when a two-person income home becomes one after a diagnosis,” says Butch. “No one should have to make a decision about whether to feed their families or put gas in the car to go to an appointment. We exist to eliminate that barrier.”


Earlier this year,  Johnny Depp, Alice Cooper, Brad Whitford, Joe Perry, and more came together thanks to Nathan Fawley of Duesenberg Guitars for the Annual Imperial Ball Charity Concert where Autumn Leaves was chosen to be one of the beneficiaries to receive a portion of the ticket sales. Most recently, Butch played a sold-out benefit show for the Autumn Leaves Project in Topanga Canyon, CA inside a Shakespeare theater in the middle of the woods.

Butch Walker Autumn Leaves Concert

“Friends came out to perform late into the night and kept the energy up by snacking on dad’s cherished pickled green tomatoes,” shares Butch. “We had a beautiful experience out there. It was incredible to see people gravitate towards something so negative in such a positive light. I could feel dad there making sure everything went off without a hitch.”

Thanks to the passion of all involved, Autumn Leaves raised double what they expected that night.


Not only did Butch Sr. support his own family, he perpetually gave back and looked out for all those around him. Now, Autumn Leaves partners with like-minded organizations, some with personal experiences driving them, to amplify their outreach for aid as another way to honor his generous heart.

The biker and music communities have given an outpour of support through fundraisers and donations. The founders of Rock and Rides for the Cure based out of Yardley, Pennsylvania ride to help raise awareness about pancreatic cancer. After losing a brother to the disease and seeing how it can affect a family financially, they pick a patient to receive all their proceeds for the year.

Butch walker pants off racing

Pants Off Racing is another organization Autumn Leaves partners with. These high energy, sports enthusiasts connect patients with resources to meet various needs and really form personal relationships with patients. They’ve even been known to deliver Christmas trees!


Donating to Autumn Leaves means directly providing relief to those fighting against this dreadful disease. All proceeds go right into the pockets of patients and their families who need help getting through the daily struggle.

“It feels good to make a difference on an independent level,” says Butch. “When you focus on the humanity of it and its immediate impact, instead of strictly financial, you feel good about contributing.”

Because Mike and Butch have been friends for a long time, this holiday season Mike wants to help give back to the cause inspired by a man he greatly respected.

In his honor, to help raise funding for this incredible organization, Mike wanted to give you all the opportunity to win a piece of American Pickers history from the very first season of the show: The Piggly Wiggly head. The winner was announced on January 4th, 2018 on Mike’s Facebook page.


Watch Mike find the Piggly Wiggly head in Season One in the clip below!


Cheers to you! Now this is a koozie for the ultimate picker! Inspired by vintage oil cans, this full-color wrap, foam koozie has the right amount of patina and a secret message on the bottom. SHOP NOW! 



  1. Deon Donlan

    Loved the article about Butch Walker and the Autumn Leaves project. It brought me to tears. My brother Danny Donlan from Cresco, Iowa was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer last Wednesday. He just had surgery yesterday and got out of the ICU tonight. He’s in the hospital in La Crosse and will be for 2 more weeks. He has a wife and three children. God Bless you guys and the work that you are doing for this devastating disease.

    Deon Donlan


    dear mike and frank l watch all your shows and do a lot for chairty and l was wondering if by chances l could get a pair of your t-shirts sign by you frank and danilla so l could sell too the highes bidders your mr anderson address 21 bacon close weston nr southampton hants s019 9pz england many thanks for you too read this

  3. Pamela Houston

    I lost my husband to pancreatic cancer almost 5 years ago. I totally understand the devastation of this disease and how horrible the battle. I’m honored to donate to the Autumn Leaves Project. Best wishes for continued success raising money to help these families.

    1. Joe Baker

      My donation is the knowledge to buy some food grade hydrogen peroxide(at least 30-35% purity and free of stabilisers),take just a few drops from an eye dropper in a glass of water everyday in turn helping to balance your pH as well as creating an internal environment that prevents any cancer from ever taking hold!!!! All these donations are merely paying someone that we never see or gain any return from!!!! The cures are already there but nobody ever speaks of them because they are not making a return customer for big pharma!!! Yet it’s as simple as the pool in your back yard and the pH balance that keeps it clean,its the same in living cells of the human body!!! No disease or infection can manifest itself in a pH balanced body. Going on 8yrs ago I was given 2-5yrs to live after being diagnosed with hypersensitive pneumonitis,and after countless test as to the cause and many different treatments I had had enough and started doing my own research!!! And after many months of study I stumbled upon the pH thing by incident. Thou it’s different for each individual because of life choices and styles,the biggest difference me was diet and not taking hot showers!!! Now I don’t even take aspirin( or any kind of pharmacy drugs)and haven’t been sick 1 single time since,literally not a single time,not even a cold and I work construction in central Indiana where the weather changes constantly!!!! I was 34 when diagnosed and I’m now 42 and very fit and healthy so please take what I’m telling you all and do the research yourself, don’t just dismiss me as a crazy man just rattling on because it could very likely save you or someone dear to you!!!! Thanks for your time and I’m sorry to hear about your dad!!! I’m also proud of your for doing all you have done,I’m betting your dad would be very proud of you knowing he did his responsibility the right way and raised a real man!!! Please,please please listen to me and research it yourself thou and tell everyone you know after you come to the same conclusion that helped me get healthy!!!!

  4. Madonna Borromeo

    I lost my only sibling, my beloved brother 2 years ago from PC. My prayers go out to all who’ve cared for and lost the battle to this horrible disease..🙏✝️🙏.

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