Charlie’s Smile

In Support of Operation Smile

Inspired by the realization that he and his wife were blessed to have the best surgical solutions in the world for his daughter’s cleft lip and palette, Mike Wolfe has collaborated with Isabel Bloom to bring you an opportunity to support Operation Smile.

Operation Smile, the largest surgical organization in the world, puts smiles on children’s faces around the globe.

Learn more about Operation Smile online here, and support their efforts with the purchase of the handcrafted Charlie’s Smile sculpture online at Isabel Bloom here.

Featured Image by Meghan Aileen


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20 thoughts on “Mike Wolfe & Isabel Bloom Collaborate on Charlie’s Smile”

  1. Paula T. Smith

    Hey Mike- My husband and I LOVE your show! We’re originally from So. IL and love your picks in that area. Wanted to let you know you might want to check out my Uncle’s book titled “The Social History of the Bicycle” by Robert A. Smith. He was from So. IL too but lived most of his life in So. Cal as a History Prof! I thought you might be interested due to your love for old bicycles!!


  2. Greg Musgrove

    You are in a position to make differences in many ways.The groups and causes you support,open eyes,hearts and donations.Success is not what you keep,it’s what you share

  3. Kathryn bertieri

    Mike thank you for not only sharing you fantastic program, but being such a compassionate man to share with others you love for helping others. God bless you mike. You have been blessed with a beautiful family. Kay Bertieri

  4. Dr. Tony Rizzuto, Lt Col (ret) USAF

    Hi Mike, thanks for using your celebrity to draw attention to this important program. My wife Joye and I have contributed to Operation Smile for many years as the result of their help to one of our many nieces. Love your show – Best to you, Frank and Dani D. Pick on!

  5. Randy Myrick

    We in the Nashville motorcycle community are very appreciative of the attention you bring to the history of motorcycles….. Harley, Indian, BSA… N brands I’d never heard of! LOL. Love the show! Love seeing you stop in at Pucketts in Leiper’s Fork on one of your many vintage bikes. You showed me the VonDutch bike once couple years ago when I was in the Nashville store. Was cool seeing you be the same guy you are on the show. Thankyou for celebrating “Rusty Americana” n being Real.

    1. Randy Myrick

      More Importantly Happy Fathers Day! I have daughters as well although all are grown now. They are indeed such a fantastic blessing from God. Happy you’re off the road n celebrating Fathers Day at home.

  6. Mike Ward


    Thank you for the great show of American Pickers with all your adventures of preserving history with the show and digging up the past in the treasures you find to show others of really how far we have all came in life, I have not missed a episode since it began and with the good Lords blessings never will!, You are the show and what makes it work, Its not a reality show like others out there where the show changes the people like you into celebrities which changes the show completely and takes away its roots, You and your show have stayed true to what the show is all about, And you seem just like a ordinary guy still after all these years even after and from that first episode!, So thank you for not selling out and still being a person the person whom I am sure you always have been!

    We have a lot in common as I am a large Motorcycle collector myself and have been for over 45 plus years and have a deep passionate love for it, I am not to far from your Nashville store as living in Western KY a few hours from it, I have a old Schwinn bicycle I would love to give you as I know you are a true Bicycle nut also, and it would be a pleasure giving it to you for your Daughter as it is a 16″ little girls bike that was called the Lil’ Miss…and its pink, It was my Daughters first bike which I bought used and just kept as I also never get rid of anything, But again its yours for free for your Daughter and it could be one of her first Bicycles in her collection as im sure she will follow in your foot steps in picking and collecting!

    I hope you contact me whenever your back in Nashville, I have sent you several personal emails over the years but never heard from you, but I understand you are a busy guy with the show, and being on the road, your business and of course spending every available minute with you lovely family.

    God bless your family and you Mike for all you have done for others with your show and from your heart!

    Sincerely, Mike Ward

  7. Bonnie

    Hi Mike, Big fan of the show. Have been in your Nashville store and loved it. Think what your doing for Charlie’s smile is great. Would love to purchase a statue. I will check it out. By the way Charlie is adorable.

  8. Vince


    I first came across your shop when at a wedding in Iowa five years ago. Our daughter had seen American Pickers and suggested we visit. One visit was all it took. Today we look forward to all of your adventures exploring America’s Backroads.

    Thanks for what you do for Charlie’s Smile. We will support them in their great work.

  9. Wendy Stanton-phillips

    Thank you for sharing!!! May she grow up and continue to have the happiest of smiles! Take care and be safe on the road! Happy Father’s Day!!!
    Tim & Wendy

  10. clifford garris


  11. hunter leonard

    G’Day Mike and the Antique Archeology team.
    I live in Melbourne Australia and really enjoy the show. Your genuine approach to people, and enthusiasm for the pick is contagious. It’s on my list to visit the stores when i eventually get over to the USA again. I’ve bought and wear your t-shirts in Oz and even met a friend of yours in NZ riding an old Indian whilst on holiday earlier this year. I just happened to be wearing my in rust we trust T. Very funny co-incidence. To thank you for the entertainment I’ve just donated $240 to operation smile. Keep smiling and making us smile. Regards Hunter Leonard, Melbourne Australia.

  12. Marsha

    Dear Charlie,
    You are a beautiful girl and I am so proud of your parents for sharing your story! When i was born 61 years ago with a cleft lip and palette, it was not something people talked about. Luckily for me, my mom and dad were special people and my doctors provided me with cutting edge surgeries of the day. My life has been full and blessed with family and friends. I am sure your future is bright!
    Lots of Love,

  13. Elaine

    Mike I was born with a cleft palate also and appreciate your efforts to help those children who don’t have the means for for excess to the medical attention needed! She will be a strong and happy girl! Nothing stopped me God gave me the strength to overcome any obstacles! God bless you and your family!!!

  14. Kory Peterson

    Been a fan for a long time. I am honored to be able to donate some of my hard earned money to your very gracious cause.

  15. Violet Botha

    I live in South Africa and absolutely never miss an American Picker show. It fasinates me what people are collecting. Amazing. Sorry there are NO LEADS in my country. The squatter camps have already done all the picking. Sad, but I can understand. You guys are so intresting, please give us a small peek into your home lives. Would love to see Frank and your own collections. If I ever come to the USA believe me I WILL come around.

  16. carrie Plymesser

    This is awesome! My son Nolan was born with UCLP last May. We have had lip surgery and gearing up for palate in couple months. Thank you for bringing awareness to CLP!!

  17. Jennifer Bunker

    Mike, I have been binge watching your shows and I love it bunches . I am addicted. You, Frank and Danielle are a hoot. I love your banter with each other. Sometimes I see stuff in the back ground and think you should get that item. But I love the haggle you do with the people. I would love an autographed photo of all three of you or a signed T shirt. Mike I am sorry you lost the drag race with Frank but your still a winner!!! Your daughter is so adorable. You should have her on the show sometimes. I wish you would also put more smalls on your site maybe more decor type items. Loved when you got the Batman poster u had framed. You and Frank should come to Cincinnati, Ohio sometime. Lots of old junk in this city.
    Well Take Care,
    Your Fan
    Jennifer Bunker

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