Country Living Fair Nashville 2015

Photo by Meghan Aileen

We couldn’t have asked for nicer weather this April 25th for the Country Living Fair Nashville! We never pass up the opportunity to spend some time with Mike Wolfe’s fans and Antique Archaeology’s customers, and on this particular day, we were also proudly showing off the new additions to our line of Rustoration wares for your home!

Photo by Meghan Aileen

Mike’s fans were thrilled for the opportunity to hear him speak. Our Art of the Pick book was a huge seller and many were even fortunate enough to grab an autograph.

Photo by Meghan Aileen

So very much thanks to our own American Picker, Mike Wolfe, for generously extending the time he spent with his fans to twice the allotted meet and greet time! All in all, it was a super cool day and Country Living magazine really rocked it out!

Want to see of more of Mike in Country Living? They recently strolled through his home and even got some of secrets for smart vintage shopping while they were at. See the slide show and snag the tips here.

Also, a special thanks to Woodstock Vintage Lumber for the amazing booth buildout! Check them at and tell them we sent ya!!

Photos by Meghan Aileen


15 thoughts on “Country Living Fair Wrap Up”

  1. chef carmine b cerbone

    I love the show and all the folks you run into.
    I have a leather custom ( I think one of a kind). It brings back baseball memories from the past. Do you remember The ones and only Abbott n Costello’s Who’s on First… Gentleman I have a two x leather jacket black with baige sleeves. Patched and detailed two upper arms , back and over heart. If your interested in jacket please get back to me.Cell phone pocket and two inside pockets. My number is 505-205-2506 . In Albuquerque NM.

  2. Sarah & James

    Hey Mike, Frank and Danielle! Me and my fiancé love your show we watch every Wednesday! You guys should check out Humboldt! Love you guys! Sarah & James p.s that was so cool when you guys dug out that old Indian bike!

  3. Jan Cone

    Fascinating show! Keeps me watching as often as I can catch it! I don’t even know why I like it so much. It’s as addictive as shopping! Keep it up!

  4. Darren lee

    I could watch your show all day. You are my favorite show of all time. Thank you mike frank danny. Love you guys!

  5. Bob

    Hello Mike. I am a 72-year-old man. raised on the farm west of Ashton Idaho. You should do some picking in Idaho. So much of what you pick are rusting on rock piles. When we left the farm. Watching your show, we left thousands of dollars worth of antiquity behind. While in Idaho this past spring. I picked up and old. National Cash register. Perhaps something you would be interested in. If your antique store was in Oregon city, Oregon. – I would definitely be in for a frequent visit. Much of what you pick I either used or my father used. I used to own one of those old Indian motorcycles. Now you talk about a mean motorcycle. I can see why they’re so popular today. I send love to both you and Frank and the young lady that works in the store. Love to you and your team of archaeologists. Keep up the great work. We all need to preserve the beauty of the past.

  6. mark

    Hi i was trying to find your web site for your store and they are really hard to get on it keeps bounceing around from 1 web site to another.i was looking for the Lee Petty battery extender poster. thanks

  7. Cindy Newman

    Love watching your show on Wednesdays, tape it if I have to work that night. I have always had one question. Why don’t you pick/sell more items that interest women? You’re cutting out half your customer base.

  8. Gary Mullins


    Paula and I visited your Nashville Warehouse on October 30, 2015. We were visiting my brother-in-law in McMinnville. Loved your store–saw your van. I watch your show “religiously” on Wednesdays. We also loved Nashville. We do not get the leaf-peeping in south Florida; but we sure did in Tennessee.

  9. Ken &Vickie Beggs

    My wife and I met in 1969 when we work at Disneyland. We worked at the Carnation ice cream store on main street. We are always looking for Carnation anything. We’ve seen a few signs on your show. Do you have anything in either of your shops? We will celebrate or 45 the wedding anniversary January 30. Something from your store would be awesome. Do you have anything with Carnation? Love the show. Ken

  10. M Huijnen

    I really love the show, I’m from Holland and collecting old pre-war tractors, some on iron wheels and rare. Also I have a lot of oilcans, enamel plates and Petrolpumps. For these stuff and the old tractors i Always go ‘picking’ in France, there are many old collectors in the South with incredibly nice old things. Picking is for me always like a vacation.

  11. Kevin Astor

    Hey Mike, Frank and Danielle! love the show,try to watch when ever poss,even watch the repeats ( sado ) i collect a bit myself,and deal so it all good fun ,as i am a decorator full time but love auctions,used to go car boots as well but the weather here is crap so there usually washed out,anyway keep up the good work,Great Show guys regards Kev. From sunny U.K. yea right ? Oops sorry just woke up again.

  12. Linda Jane O'Brie

    The entire team exude positivity and honesty. I love the show, love them all, their passion and entrepreneurship. They deserve to go a long way and pray they remain together as a winning team because each individual compliments the other, there are no weak links, ONLY WINNERS.

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