The Business of History

Eclectic consumers tastes, innovative interior designers, progressive urban developers and a legion of treasure hunters are fueling new interest in the antiques and artifacts of bygone America. Shaped by tastemakers across TV and the web, the contemporary collectibles business extends from the dust and rust of the flea market circuit to the rarefied air of the actin house, running the gamut from low-brow culture to high art. Discover the wheelers and dealers reclining the past to forge one of today’s most compelling entrepreneurial opportunities.
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5 thoughts on “Entrepreneur”

  1. Pamela Marshall

    I love watching the show.It’s like ChrIstmas just watching Mike and Frank find so many treasures.AND LIKE THEY SAY,THEY DO MEET VERY NICE People.Mike, you are a very caring man,helping some of the People that are a little down on their luck.I enjoy Frank finding such nice toys to buy.Iwish you would restore a Henry Jay and a Dad had those cars when I was still at home in Va.Keep up the good work and Ihope the show last for many years.It was funny when the two of you were hiding from that bird.Ilove how some of the collectors make a town and put their things in each store,etc. the Indian Head motorcycle 1935 restored,what a beauty!

  2. Norman Norrington

    Hi Mike

    Just to let you know that Debbie and I really enjoy your programme here in Uk.

    Norman & Debbie Norrington

    Bury St Edmunds

  3. Dean Wewetzer

    Finished watching 35 shows today…. had them dvr’d and now we’re at zero balance. I grew up in SW MN and enjoyed watching a Minnesota episode today. Even mentioned my mom’s hometown. Love the stuff and the watching the guys as they travel in search of Americana Gold. Dean and Katy.

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