mike wolfe, antique archaeology, leclaire, american pickers, vintage tee, vintage home decor, vintage bicycle, It’s National Bike to Work Day and we couldn’t think of a better time to introduce you to the Felt Red Wolfe 3-SP. If you want to ride to work on your very own, then don’t hesitate. It’s a limited edition!

 Introducing the Felt Red Wolfe 3-SP Limited Edition Bicycle

“I’ve wanted to build a consumer bike for a while and I reached out to Felt because of their killer designs and history in producing unique, high-quality products”, says Mike Wolfe. “It was very important to me that this bike capture the core culture that is central to Antique Archaeology and my 25 years of collecting antique bikes. This was my inspiration and together I feel like we really nailed it with the Red Wolfe. I could not be happier.”





Felt Red Wolfe 3-SP

The Red Wolfe cruiser is a new period-specific themed bike designed in conjunction with Mike Wolfe of the hit TV show American Pickers. Mike is the creator and Executive Producer of the show which centers on his antique store Antique Archaeology. The Red Wolfe is customized with an oversized springer seat with embossed Antique Archaeology logo. The Antique Archaeology logo also appears on the top tube. The Red Wolfe is a limited edition cruiser with each one coming with an individualized plate bearing Mike’s signature and a unique production number.




Rat Rod Online: http://www.ratrodbikes.com/forum/index.php?threads%2F2015-felt-red-wolfe-cruiser-full-review.90347%2F

Purchase Info: http://www.feltbicycles.com/USA/2015/Bikes/cruiser/mens-3speed/Red-Wolfe-3-SP.aspx

Felt Blog: http://www.feltbicycles.com/blog/?p=4033


55 thoughts on “Felt Red Wolfe Bicycle: Antique Archaeology 3-SP Cruiser”

  1. Ernesto Rivera

    I have not been able to visit your store in Nashville, I was told that you don’t sell anything. Is that true?

    1. Janell Darlene Post Author

      Not true, Ernesto. 🙂 Turnover of “picks” inventory is high though. We do our best to try to stay as stocked with goodies as we can!

  2. Adria Henry

    Just wanted to thank you guy’s for you show on TV it is so relaxing and entertaining even when I watch the reruns’ Texas is a great state and your history is amazing. Thanks Again!

  3. Dakota Goodwin

    Love the paint and design on the bike but I haven’t ride a bike before and I would love to one day and get a bike like that. I would love to hear about what kind antiques are at the store in Nashville because I can’t right now to come but hopefully I can one day.

  4. Gee goudge

    Hi there,
    I’m from the U.K and have been hooked on your show since the beginning. When will we in the U.K be getting the new series. All the best to everyone. And thanks for a great insight into your history.

  5. JoAnn Smith

    I love your show and have seen EVERY one …some several times. I think it is very educational. I have learned a lot about what items are worth and the history of products. I should have never thrown away anything or played with any of my toys LOL


  6. Mike Christensen

    The bike looks killer! I love the show and watch it religiously. I just wish I could make it to your store to buy some of the stuff you guys find! Keep up the great work. I know it will keep getting better and better!

  7. Cary Williams

    What kind of support crew follows you as you pick? Are the staff allowed to purchase items you don’t want? I respect that you protect the location of the sellers. Always enjoy seeing you and your brother as well as Frank at Davenport each year. I’m sure it isn’t easy being “ON” all the time but you always give your best. Thanks and best of luck with continued success! Cary.

    1. Heidi Yunk

      Love the new format! And absolutely love the bike! Passing Le Claire as I send this! (Hubby is driving,lol) Wish we could swing in sometime, don’t think you’d have room for the semi tho. Keep up the great work,and Great Pickin!!

  8. Jeri Sole

    Love your stores, been to both. Love the shows. Watch them all the time. Can’t wait to go back to the stores.

  9. Matthew Borkowski

    Love the bike man killer piece for the shop ive watched your show for a few years now and ive become a collector myself its just clocks for now but once i get my own place ill collect much more items that give that old rustic look like the clocks i collect are rarely new i like them old and in working condition but i fix them as well and i recently started wirking at my local clock shop getting training but anyway happy picking guys keep up the megA Picks!

  10. Rob

    Cool bike. I like the three speed. Glad you did not do the two speed kickback.

    I work at a shop in Illinois. We have one of the evenrud bikes and one of lemonds tour bikes. We have some pretty cool stuff. Love your show!! We sell felt too. Try to keep rockin man! Fatherhood not slowing you down?

  11. Pam Bearden

    I have been watching your show for quite some time now. After seeing the bicycles and the parts of them you pick, have made me appreciate them so much more. Your show allows me to live that particular time period and enjoy the history. This bike you have built is authentic and real to you. I love the “red”, too! Great color! I want one.

  12. Billie-jo

    Hi Mike ‘n Gang,
    My husband has found a few picks of his own and I want to ask if you all ever visit people to purchase items from texts like this. I can message pictures of the neat items. Thanks in advance, take care ‘n love you guys. I had the pleasure of meeting hobo Jack in April, we live in the same vicinity. God Bless.

  13. Sue Taylor

    This is one of mine & my husbands favorite show to watch in the evenings! We have been given so much insight & wisdom on items to look out for & be aware of! Thank You Both, Mike & Frank, for these amazing journeys into History! I love old, well made & preserved items that could last forever! Would love to visit both stores in the future!

  14. Marshall

    Mike, what a design. It doesn’t just look good, but also looks efficient. Are they for sale? My wife and I both love your show. Marshall

  15. Larry

    Is this bike for sale? If so, how much is it and how do you go about ordering it? Is it an in store purchase only?
    Thank you

  16. Smoot Langston

    I mentioned on facebook that i have a Indian 3-spd,English style bike. I got it in 1952. It has orginal paint,and tires, but I must have taken the fenders off of it.
    I saw the show with Dan Auerbach his mother is my wife’s cousin. His whole family is very talented.


  17. Trevor Comfort

    Hey Guys, My wife and I are from western Canada, We are planning on knocking off a few things from my bucket list. We are flying in to see Brian Setzer play in Clearlake at the Surfball Room this June. It would be very cool too see some of you cats there. Not sure if we will have time to drive to “Le Claire” We are big fans of your show and feed off of your passion for everything old & cool. Sadly we do not have the time to CRUISE down in our 1960 Cadillac, but that also is on my bucket list. Cheers!

  18. Jerri Sikel

    Love the new bike design Mike! It looks so sturdy & very well made. I also love how you made it look to be a period piece, like stepping back in time. So glad you are doing so well with your success of AP & your stores. I have been a faithful fan since the beginning when you all started out on the History channel back when I just so happened to be channel surfing while sick with a bad cold on the couch. That was my best ” sick day ever I always say! Now off to shop your new website as I have a birthday coming up soon!! Keep up the awesomeness! Jerri

  19. Wire Dawg

    Cool looking bike, are you marketing them through the 2 shops or do you have other outlets handling them.
    What has happened to the Airstream that I delivered to the the restorer in Tenn? I have been on the look out for other Mid 50s Mini Airstreams on my picking and delivering travels. Found one in WV.
    I hope we work together again on another delivery! ” Rubber SideDown ” Phillip “Wire Dawg”Cobb

  20. Mike Hankins

    I really like the show.especially when Mike and Frank go after Old motorcycles.I love Daniel and her tats.I am going to Nashville in June and you can bet I will be stopping at the store to do some shopping.

  21. Howard.Wanhoff

    This bicycle is wonderful Mike. Just wondering if it is going be put into production. I really enjoy the show keep up the good work. Howard W.

  22. Roy Estes

    Love to watch your show. I have a bunch of antiques that I need to sell, would you be interested in looking at them ? I live just off I49 at Adrian Mo.

  23. tony martin

    Hi to all, I am from the U.K. and have been a fan of the show from the beginning, it’s made me curious as to what to collect, it’s made me appreciate what there is around us, I love looking through junk shops, charity shops, collectors fairs and has prompted me to try my hand myself, I am currently planning a trip to provence in France to visit their fairs and markets, please keep on picking we love you here in England.

    The bike is a work of art, you should be very proud Mike, your and Franks passion always shines through and it is a fitting testament to your love of cycling.

  24. marisol morales

    Have you ever thought about opening a storefront in the oldest historic city in America called st. Augustine Florida. Lots of tourists lots of treasures….happy hunting peace love and history.mm

  25. douglas

    i have a schwinn el dorado im looking for some info on it i looked it up i cannot find another one the guy i bought it from said it was old so if anyone could help that wiyld be great thank you so much

  26. michael babcock

    Do you have to go to felt dealer or can you buy the bike off of your site? Thanks for all you do ! big fan of the show. Mike

  27. Paul

    I have 2 Columbia folding bikes from the fifties or sixties (I think) and a Colson tandem from the thirties. These steer and pedal front and rear so can be ridden by one person in either position. Would like to find out more about them and what their value is but I’ve never seen your show. It may not be on in my area or at a time when i’m watching. Thanks in advance for any help!

  28. Frank

    Are you possibly interested in a 1937 barn find fire truck fully equipped and other multiple on site barns and buildings that have not been entered in over fifty years going back to the turn of the century.

  29. Jory gonzales

    Hi my name is jory gonzales i love to watch your show great finds i love the bicycle I have a lot bicycles in my backyard and some antiques.maybe you can come over and visted 🙂 thanks sincerely your friend.

  30. Daniel trent

    I have a hawthorne 1880s and some or most of the parts r missing on it and a 1988 3 speed Murray and 2 10 speed probably 1960s to 1960s and 2005 Honda 21 speed down hill trail pilot racing bicycles and a 3 speed adult tricycle zephyr try star

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