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“We all have that place that takes us away from the daily grind. What used to be just a basement or a garage is now called the “man cave.”  It’s a space where we can pop a few cold ones, work on our projects, and get elbow-deep in some horsepower. No schedule. No appointments. Just time to chill, enjoy the things we love, and crank up some tunes. Here’s what I’ve been listening to in my garage lately.” – MW



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20 thoughts on “Garage Playlist”

  1. Robert Madsen

    All of you are the best. Preserving history one piece at a time is epic. I’ve been a fan and watching your program for a while now and wish I could go on picks with you just for the education of it.
    I’m a recently medically retired firefighter/paramedic from a small community in California. If you are ever out here I would be honored to meet you all.
    Keep up the good work.

    P. S. Danny is sizzeling.

  2. Paul Mason

    Two tracks by The Who ? Damn fine choices Mike !
    I was lucky enough to see The Who play once in Brighton, England. An amazing experience.

  3. John Stallknecht

    My wife and I never miss one of your shows. In fact your show showss the freeway turnoff in lCalif. that lyou passed iss to our house. good luck and keep picking. God Bless

  4. Steve Simpson

    Wow! You dug up some memories with this one… Molly Hatchet? Great choice! Now, just add a little bit of Robin Trower (Bridge of Sighs) and some AC/DC (Thunderstruck) to the mix, and its a party! Kick it bro.. Rock on!

  5. Irma Coran

    Hi, my husband and l love your show and if someday you are in New jersey l would love to have you and frank as my dinner guest. My husband asked me why l keep seeing the same shows, and l tell him l love traveling the back roads of america with you and frank. I know that will be the only way l will see our wonderful country. Thank you so much.

  6. Kevin M.

    I’ve been listening too your playlist while I’m in my Garage/man cave restoring an 82 Harley Roadster, and
    I gotta tell ya you got great taste in music, a lot of it is the same that I grew up with I love it!
    Please if you get the time or make any new discoveries add them to the playlist !

    P.S. Love the show, love and respect the fact your trying to preserve history , tell frank I said “hi” and I need a 21 tooth drive sprocket for a 82 XL1000, I know he’s got one, LOL.

    P.S.S. Tell Danielle I said “hi” as well, love her artwork.

  7. Jayce brown

    Those are some good ones,i would have some zeppelin,and jack in the ears the smell of grease in the air and the thought of which project if it would just stop snow we could hit some good old pickin spots and some sring garage sales for some nice tuiques! Thanks for the thought.canada loves American pickers!,Jayce Brown

  8. john fenlon

    love you guys… and the girl .every episode gets better .nice to see your bro taking part he is very knolagable and good for the future i think . thankyou for theese great shows . and please find more old bikes .its a man thing xxx

  9. Rod Moser

    Watch your show every chance I get. Disabled USMC Vietnam Vet. Very interesting..You-Frank-Danelle seem to know your stuff..Would be nice to travel this Great Country like you do…Keep on do’n what your do’n. Emailed you what I want yu guys to look at-best is to email me back..Thanks

    1. Henry Kramer

      Ive got to say thanks to Rod and all the others that watched our back. Ive been doing antiques from the sixties and love watching the show. I think Ive watched all the segments of this show at least three times and to be honest its so educational and at the same time entertaining. How is the bearded one doing ,you never hear from Frankie. I do nautical and primitive antiques and as we speak we are going through all my finds as my wife calls treasures that Ive uncovered from years of having the time of my life meeting and making friends while on the hunt. My latest find was the quarterboard from one of the boats that was destroyed in the Perfect Storm, out of Gloucester, Mass. Maybe someday I can meet Mike and Frank if they ever come to South Carolina . Id like to see their shops and the wonderful things they have uncovered. My journey has even uncovered facts into my ancestors who arrived on the second ship to the Plymouth Colonies and as a child I grew up on the beach where the pirate ship sank. And then to find out my ancestor was on the crew. Its been a wonderful journey and watching these guys do what wee all love to do is entertaing and you learn.

  10. Tom E. Saint

    I have some things in my collection I would like to sell. Next time you guys are in the Houston,Texas area. There doesn’t seem to be a way to attach pics to this post please send me a regular email and I will send you some pics of a trycycle, oil and, and some other things. Let me know.

  11. Nathan Brisson

    Hi Mike my name is Nathan. My fiancé and I went to Ohio from Washington state this week after winning a auction on eBay for a old motorcycle. We drove back through Ft. Wayne and then headed to your shop via 80 west to check it out. I just wanted to say thanks for keeping your kick ass collection out and approachable. I learned a bunch while there. I really enjoyed seeing the Indian you dug out of that backyard- what a cool story! After seeing the episode and then seeing the bike in person made me feel like it was partly my experience as well. Keep grinding it out your way, it makes for a great show and you’re an awesome teacher.

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