Found My Animal in New York makes beautiful artisan pet accessories with a meaningful purpose and message

If you’re already following Mike Wolfe on social media, you know how much he loves sharing photos of his adopted dogs, Izzy and Francie. And how could he not? Dogs are loyal, playful, and our favorite shotgun riders on a country drive. If you’ve ever rescued an animal, you know how the experience improves the quality of life for both animal and human. 

Since the holidays are the perfect time to spoil the ones we love, we wanted to make sure our furry friends had something to unwrap, too! This season, give your dog a thoughtful gift that’s both useful and makes a difference for another pet in need by purchasing pet accessories from Mike’s American made backroad adventure brand, Two Lanes in collaboration with Found My Animal.

Assembling dog bowls. GIF via THUSS + FARRELL

Found My Animal was established in 2007 by Bethany Obrecht in Brooklyn then relocated to the Hudson Valley of New York. Since then, her and her team have been on a mission to make products that were useful to pet parents but also advocated for animal adoption.

“I want people to see how rescue dogs come in all shapes in sizes, but underneath all that fur they have the same common characteristic: loyalty,” explains Bethany. “All dogs want to do is give love to people. It’s a natural behavior they have as pack animals to want to be in the company of others. After rescuing my dog, Walter, I was inspired to create stylish, well-made, accessories not just for him, but for all dogs. That’s why every product we make is meant to raise adoption awareness and spark positive conversations.”

Today her small company continues to make a big impact by donating part of their sales to support animal welfare and rescue organizations. 

This mission statement inspired Mike to see what collaboration opportunities were possible.

Izzy and Francie Mike Wolfe’s rescue dogs

Mike’s Two Lanes brand is all about finding adventure on the backroads and supporting American made craftsmanship. Mike wanted to make sure your road dog that’s along for the journey had the best, high-quality adventure gear, too! The result of this collaboration produced two quality pet accessories including a custom brass dog tag and waxed canvas portable dog bowl. The solid brass dog tag has special engraving from Mike which reads, “Less People. More Dogs”.– a play on one of our favorite travel mottos, “Less people, more life”.

There’s a lot of work and care that goes into sewing each piece of the dark green waxed canvas dog bowls.

“Currently we have a team of fewer than 12 talented women making accessories in our studio space,” explains Bethany. “Both the waxed fabric and straps are hand-folded piece by piece.”

Sewings dog bowls. Photo credit THUSS + FARRELL

FUN FACT: Both the dog bowl and brass tags are made using vintage equipment: the ladies a Juki sewing machine for the bowls and stamp the tags on a 1970s leather press machine. 

The dog bowls are made out of an American sourced waxed canvas and stitched with a special metallic gold thread.

“We work with a high-end supplier to get the best quality materials for all the products we make, including the golden thred,” says Bethany. “Both these details add style and dependability to the dog bowl. It’s our way of making our product extra special.”

Vintage sewing machine used to credit dog bowls. Photo credit THUSS + FARRELL

“The essence of Found My Animal is to urge people to adopt and go into the shelters to rescue these animals,” says Bethany. “We want the products we make here to evoke a positive message that any “lost” animal can always be found.”

This holiday season, give your animal the gift of American made below:

SHOP The Two Lanes Dog Tag HERE

SHOP The Two Lanes Dog Bowl HERE 

Get Your Two Lanes Road Dog Gift Bundle which includes both the bowl, the tag and our USA made bandana HERE!


If you’re interested in adding a new furry member to your loving home,  browse Found My Animal’s virtual bulletin board of adoptable animals HERE




2 thoughts on “Give The Gift of USA Made! Two Lanes Dog Bowls and Brass Tags By Found My Animal”

  1. Karen

    I love watching Mike and Frank, I’ve learnt so much history about America and I would love to visit. I love picking here in Australia,but you guys put love and fun into it.I dig Danni and her Tatt’s are always the talk at the pub.Shes sooo cool and she does sooo much for her job , I love how she loves her job . She’s got Style,her own Style.Everyone should take at page from her book.Awsome worker and friend.keep up the great work guy’s.We love your show.

    1. John Cartwright

      Hey. What’s not to love about Danni? She always looks great and she indeed does seem to enjoy pushing the guys around with the telephone link.
      One of these days I would like to visit one of the stores and since I am not located THAT far away from Nashville, maybe one of these days I’ll get a chance go there and see the shop there. God Bless all of you there at the shop and all of your helpers. Looking forward to getting up there and looking at stuff.
      Just wondering, do you have any old telephone equipment or old shortwave receivers? I am a ham and love older equipment like that. Let me know, if you can. Until the Best Wishes (73) to all there.

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