Many of you saw our news about our very own Mike Wolfe being one of three guest editors of the southern focused magazine, Good Grit, the Heirloom issue. What does that mean exactly? Let us explain.

As a guest editor, you get to hand select the content and stories. Between this issues’s 169 pages, Mike and his two friends Garlan Gudger and Nick Dryden have put together an assortment of small town destinations to visit, recipes to try, and artisans you outta know all found below the Mason Dixie Line.

But even more than the strawberry BBQ sauce recipe found on page 98, the intent of the issue is to bring the focus on the physical memories you can touch. Something Mike brings forward in his professional career daily. With each piece he pulls from a barn, he holds a tangible connection to the past in his hands. For those of you who hold tight to hand-me-downs, personal treasures, and tell their stories, this issue is for you!


We’d love you to have a copy of this magazine. Here’s how:

  • Order a single Heirloom copy
  • Pick up a copy in a store near you
  • Subscribe to the magazine and when you sign up for a six-month subscription to Good Grit, you’ll get the Heirloom issue featuring Mike for FREE while supplies last!

Important thing to mention: If you use the PROMO CODE: smile17 $10 of your subscription cost goes towards a nonprofit close to Mike’s heart, Operation Smile.


Team Antique Archaeology





Our soft full canvas style hat will be the go-to accessory for any Picker





14 thoughts on “Good Grit: Heirloom Issue Featuring Guest Editor Mike Wolfe”

  1. Joseph Reichert

    I am so glad that Mike Wolff exists. The popularity of the show is proof I am not alone.

    In today’s world, the unused is cast aside, but I am a country boy who still goes out just to see what the farmers and lifetime farm families keep. My area is Southern Illinois and you have to believe me that in the 40 years here and in Montana, it ii slipping away and cannot be stopped when the families split and disapaer when the current generation moves to a city and just becomes an unimportant individual not capable of saving our country. Look around, this is how we are now controlled cradle to grave by a government with powers in the cities, not the country.

    I hope Mike will set up a plan that will endure beyond him.


    Ever pick in North Dakota?! If you are interested, I would be your guide! Nothing would be more fun than pickin with Me!! Bahahaha. Loves!! Jodi.

  3. Mark Feigenbaum

    Have been watching the show forever and there is one thing I don’t quite get.
    Mike and Frank seem to buy separtely and yet their interests overlap.
    Who does that effect the merchandise that’s sold?

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