Entertainment Weekly recently shared the news about Mike’s guest starring role as himself for an upcoming episode of NCIS. We’re excited to share it with you! See the original piece HERE

NCIS just cast an “American” treasure.

EW has learned exclusively that Mike Wolfe of History’s American Pickers will play himself in a March episode. He’ll come to the rescue of Gibbs (Mark Harmon) and Ducky (David McCallum), both of whom are busy watching Wolfe on TV when they see him handling a 200-year-old war stick that could be a match from a decade-old cold case.

Gibbs tracks down Wolfe, who (natch!) bought the stick from some seller. And voila! The case is re-opened.

The episode will air March 13.

For those who aren’t familiar with American Pickers (and could you not be?), the History show follows antique collector or “picker” Wolfe and Frank Fritz as they comb the countryside for precious items to keep or re-sell. The show’s been on since 2010 and was created by Wolfe. It airs on Mondays at 9 p.m. ET.

NCIS, by the way, airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.



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72 thoughts on “Great find! NCIS casts star of American Pickers”

  1. Bambi Gibson

    How come Frank Fritz and Dani D and Lurin there not in the show?Whats up with that.Your Friends and Fans Always Bambi and Mark

  2. Sherry Cook

    Oh Lord! My two favorite shows together with two of my favorite men!
    Keep on picking Mike. So glad this is an opportunity to see you and I hope
    you can guest appear on lots of shows.
    slcook in MD

  3. Cindy Heiderscheit

    I love American Pickers and NCIS!! Mike starring in NCIS will make my week! I can’t wait to see both shows!!! Go get em Mike!!

  4. Bob Long

    How cool. My friend Peggy and I just visited Picker’s in August 2017 and she got a shirt. Love Pickers. Gonna watch this coming Tuesday episode at daughter’s house as I do not have a TV! My business is chesss. If you ever come upon something “chess-” let me know.

  5. Carl Littlejohn

    Love American Pickers, my wife is originaly
    from Iowa. So we always stop by the Iowa shop every time we are out that way. Keep up the great work. I have been a picker most of my life, just not on a large scale like Mike & Frank. Would really love to meet the guys on one of our trips out your way.

  6. Klaus from Germany

    My best 2 TV Series, American Pickers and NCIS. I can´t wait to see this in Germany.
    Greetings to you all from Germany. 🙂

  7. Sondra Kish

    I can’t wait to see this episode, I love both shows, and with both Mark Harmon, Mike Wolf and the rest of the gang, this will be good.

  8. Jay

    Can’t wait to see Mike on NCIS with Mark Harmon. Curious though is the 200 Year Old War Stick seen on NCIS just a stage prop or is it for real from American Pickers ?

  9. Susan Arslaner

    I can hardly wait…so exciting it must be for Mike and his people! I hope they pop more in unexpected places. Speaking of unexpected I wish they could come back out soon to Jersey. I have got to help find them places to pick in Paterson…only because I want to see Paterson’s history showcased once on the show. First industrial city of our nation…rich history…if only we could get them into all the old silk mills. There must be treasures still laying about…all forgotten.

  10. Ian White

    Hi there, we watch ,NCIS . All the time will be great to see mike in one of the episodes. Love American Pickers , wil definitely keep an eye out for him …. all the best , ian white …

  11. donna

    Congrats Mike,
    And enjoy yourself –
    I love NCIS and I think it’s great that Mike will be on with the team and helping them out !!!!

  12. Helen Preciosa Ryder

    We are your big fans at the other far end of the world.

    Hope one day you will show us the inside of your two antique stores at your shows. At the moment we can see your picking sites, but we are equally excited and looking forward that one day you will show us what kind of treasures you sell at your stores.

    You all have done a great job, we really enjoy watching your shows, very educating.

  13. Tony Petros


    I have tried to watch each and every show – and even re-runs.

    Enjoy it very much.

    Looking forward to watching the CBS show with Mike on it.

  14. Jeff Morford

    What a perfect match! American Pickers and NCIS are two of my favorite shows! Can’t wait to see Mike in the March 13 NCIS episode. The only thing that would elevate the match from “perfect” to one “made in Heaven” would be if Frank and Danielle were also going to appear in that March 13 NCIS episode. (We’re assuming Frank and Danielle were busy preparing for a run on “Dancing with the Stars.”)

  15. Chuck Kimbell

    Definitely be watching but hard to picture Mike without Frank being with him! Going to have to make a trip to Nashville sometime and visit the store there . Closest one to GA

  16. France Beaulieu Granado

    Wow! Mike congratulations on your guest role on NCIS. My Husband (Pete) and I will be watching. We love American Pickers…We watch it every time it is on (even the the re-runs.

    Regards to Frank, Danielle, Lauren, Robbie, and Emily.

    France and Pete

  17. Gail Chouinard

    Congratulations Mike, American Pickers is my favorite show,I watch every show without fail.Love you & Frank & Danielle.

  18. Claudia

    My 2 favorite shows!! I am recording this one for sure! How fun and clever to weave the storyline with American Pickers! Good job, CBS!!!

  19. Nina Stefanick

    NCIS is my favorite show on TV. I can’t wait for next Tuesday to see it. I think the whole crew should have been on the show, but I’m happy with Mike.

    1. Kathy Hassig

      I was wishing the same thing. I would love to see Abby and DanieD interact with each other. And of course, we need Frank on there, also.

  20. phyllis musick

    two of my favorite shows coming together. what could be better? well……maybe of Frank Dani D and Lauren were in it too…hopefully this will mean a possible return and we can see more of the pickers gang

  21. Darren De Visser

    How about showcasing some of the tunes Frankie loves. Sounds like a headhunter like me!
    Even though I have never watched an episode of N.C.I.S. I will be watching to catch Mikes cameo. W.t.g. Mike!

  22. Sandy Smith

    I have been watching Pickers for quite some time. Frequently something is purchased and then “is to be appraised”. I often wonder whatever came of the appraisal. It might be interesting to put together a couple of shows replaying the purchase and what the appraisal ended up being.

  23. Anthony

    I am trying to figure out why everything here is about Mike and on the site everything is about Mike? I like Mike as much as Frank, but is Mike the main guy? Is Frank just a partner for the show only?

  24. Karen

    Wow!! Congratulations Mike..I watch your wonderful show all the time over here in New Zealand..Wouldn’t miss you Frank & Dani Dee
    for the world. I buy & sell antiques myself ( Rusty Gold is right) Would love to watch NCIS but we are way behind over here.. Cheers all the very best Karen

  25. Chuck Kimbell

    Saw the NCIS spot! Just like you, especially saying “goodbye” to the “lucky” stick!!! Some pieces just touch you and Frank and that’s what makes the show!! Good job!! Maybe an acting career in the future???? 🙂

  26. Catherine Fairbanks

    Hey Mike and Frank and Danielle:

    Hubby and I watch your program faithfully. My husband is a great picker as am I when it comes to antique Fishing Gear so watching all the things you pick for and pass forward is fabulous.
    Just wanted to send out that you were great on NCIS Mike high five a great job.

    <<<< Great Canadian Watchers

  27. Diane F. Fisli

    Hey! Truly enjoyed the appearance of Mike on NCIS. Awesome ‘weapon’ and amazing storyline! Hope Pickers gets lots of new viewers from the NCIS show. They have TONS of fans – and now they know Ducky and Gibbs watch American Pickers – so of course they’ll have to start watching, themselves! Nice shot in the arm! Mike Wolfe, you are THE MAN! 🙂

  28. Chris Moyer

    It was a great episode which I think they all are but this one was really cool. And I am a long time fan of both NCIS and Pickers so very cool to see Mike and Gibbs working together on one show. Maybe next Gibbs will be on an episode of Pickers, that would be cool to. Keep picking guys, retirement is for wimps haha.

  29. Bambi Gibson

    The Show of Nicis With Mike Wolfe it was a vary short. Drew Kerry had more lines then Mike Wolfe.
    Is there new Shows of the pickers ? Your Friends and Fans Bambi and Mark Gibson


    HOLA PONCE PUERTO RICO!! HI we watch your show even the reruns! very nice well done job at the NCIS epidode! I love you and the crew pick up a nice vintage bicycles & nice cars!!! I saw the episode when you got to move down the blue VW from the barn and recall that we have VOLKY LANDIA here at Yauco PR!!! THANKS

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