Strike a match. Light the wick. Set the mood. Nothing is more simple than lighting a candle, but the process of making one by hand requires a bit more effort.  Let’s introduce you to the rockstars (literally) who handcraft our American Made, vintage leather scented Antique Archaeology candles. Meet the makers — the Fury Bros.

Brothers Stevie and Jeremy Fury got into the candle making business three years ago after touring on Two Lanes and making music for more than a decade. On tour stops, they’d always visit the local farmer’s markets and artisan shops. Like a moth to a flame, the brothers would always leave with candles. Influenced by those travels and appreciation for handcrafted products, they decided to launch their own vintage-inspired custom candle company under their own name with an emphasis on keeping each aspect of the process in the states.

While the candle is completed in Hell’s Kitchen, NYC its journey to becoming a candle spans four states — beginning in a North Carolina soy field.

American Made from start to finish!

  • Tins and wicks — Chicago
  • Soy melting wax — North Carolina
  • Fragrance — New Jersey
  • Poured — New York

In addition to their musical talents, both brothers have very useful skills, and they tap into them to build each candle. For example, Stevie is an accomplished French-trained chef who studied for five years in Paris and cooked for US Embassy diplomats.


Stevie applies French-style cooking methods, similar to tempering chocolates, to help him set the wax for an evenly integrated pour. Just as he was trained to pick out the notes of wine, Stevie mixes and matchings organic oils to create the ideal balance of masculine fragrances like patchouli, sandalwood, and tobacco, for the more than 40 products Fury Bros. offers.

While Stevie is busy crafting the candles, Jeremy is at his computer making the graphics for the candle labels. (He learned to design at a very young age by creating the logo for their band as kids!) These days, Jeremy pulls inspiration from vintage automotive designs when considering candle can designs like these ones below!


The candle the Fury Bros. created for Antique Archaeology is a custom vintage leather fragrance that smells like a well-worn motorcycle jacket with hints of pine and citrus. The classic motor oil can design was inspired by a sketch that Mike himself drew. These cans are not only beautiful to burn but are intended to have a second life to catch your odds and ends in the garage or man cave when the candle is done.

We’re proud to collaborate and support American makers like the Fury Bros. to offer you high-quality products for Mike’s American Made brand, Two Lanes. Check out the other USA Made pieces we offer like:


SHOP our exclusive Fury Bros. Vintage leather scented candle HERE!






7 thoughts on “Handmade in Hell’s Kitchen — The Fury Bros.”

  1. Nancy J. KING

    My husband and I visited your Iowa store this past September. We are huge fans of your TV show. We are from 12th generation farms in Massachusetts and even left our information with pictures of a few old items we thought you might be interested in looking at, next time you are in our area. We enjoyed your store so much and seeing your wonderful state of Iowa. Next time South we hope to visit your Nashville store.

  2. Pati Norman

    I am happy to see and welcome competition for another American made manly candle. That would be from Eco Candle in Appleton WI. They make ‘The Mandle’. Nearly two dozen different manly scented, paint can housed, man candles. Made from soy too! All made in America too! It’s almost like you guys might have gotten your idea from them! BUT I spose candles are like underwear, everybody should have some and everybody makes them.

    Good luck on this new venture!

    Pati N.

  3. the Godfather

    i have a better idea for manly candles. cigar lounge scent
    man cave scent auto shop scent and not soy and not in a paint can! oil can and other collectibles so after the scent wears off you have a very useful and valuable item!

  4. Bill Long

    I have a friend in Fort Atkinson Wi. She has called a couple times. She needs to have some things sold from her property. She has 2 clock face gas pumps, a bunch of gas pump globes, old bar signs,a shed to full to get in. It has a 283 and 327 Chevy motors. Old parlor stove and more.

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