“Antique Archaeology Nashville turns 5 July 2nd. I never get tired of hearing from you, shaking your hands, or having conversations about the treasures that you all find. Since birthdays are traditionally a time for celebration of the last year and predictions for the two lanes road ahead, I thought I’d do just that. 



Upon opening a second store location in Nashville, I fell in love with this city. I carry great pride with me calling this place my second home and I take what’s going on in it personally. We are hoping to help educate people on the history of this great city and its value outside a text book. The late 1800s building that houses our shop with its brick and beams holds such meaning to me. Antique Archaeology was the first retail space in the Marathon Motorworks building. What was once a crumbling and abandoned car factory is now home to around 50 other business and retailers within its space and we are proud to be part of the community here.
I’ve been passionate about multiple preservation projects small and large since moving here and plan to continue to do my best in the community to preserve and rebuild. That’s also why Antique Archaeology is so special. It’s a community where everyone from Austin to Australia can gather to talk history and see some of America’s late, great treasures. 
No matter a building or bike, it is an important mission for us all to protect and educate people on why we need to build up not tear down, and restore not toss. We have also been doing this together through the ongoing “This Place Matters” campaign this year and I thank those that have helped with that. Antique Archaeology remains what it always has been, a small business and a home for the stories that make up our past.
Thank you to all the keepers of rust and collectors of dust across America. Hope you see you real soon in Nashville!”
Your Picker, Mike Wolfe
antique archaeology nashville
Some of the Nashville Team at the store



67 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Antique Archaeology Nashville”

  1. Clifford

    Happy Birthday Antique Archaeology Nashville!
    How time flies by. I still remember the American Picker episode when you bought the building.
    Keep up the awesome work!



    1. Dan Birk

      Happy Birthday Mike and all that keep the stores running. As I’m sitting here, Directly in front of me are two separate original photo,s in original carved frames with oval glass covered pictures of my wife’s great grandparents. I’m not looking for a quote or even sell them. I just thought you might think it was interesting !!! Have a great holiday !!

  2. Jo Namio

    A very Happy Birthday to Antique Archaeology Nashville!
    I love all the work that you do for preservation in your community, it brings tears to my eyes!
    — Jo


    Been to your store many times . Purchased a few items. Need more smalls in the store .. Watched all the tv episodes ,some many times since they show re runs all the time.. Love what you are doing and preserving history… my heart aches when I see old building torn down and put into a dump truck ….. yikes wonder what could have been done with the things that got destroyed.

    MY joy is finding something , turning it into somthing useful and beautiful that will be around 100 years from now.

    Keep up the good work . Luv u guys .

    1. Catherine

      I am totally in agreement with Diane! I love your show and watch all the re-runs and LOVE what you’re doing for all of us Americans! Best show on History channel!

  4. Kim

    I just had the pleasure of visiting your store while attending the CMA Festival in Nashville in June. It was on my bucket list and I’m so glad I was there. Loved the shop, bought some cool things, visited the other shops too. Cant wait to visit again on my next trip to Nashville. Happy Birthday!!

  5. Sophie Perrin

    Happy birthday!!!
    Joyeux anniversaire!!!
    Un jour on viendra vous voir c’est sur … Mais en attendant on regarde en boucle toutes les émissions sur la télé Française.
    A bientôt

    Sophie et Serge

  6. Edward Dutton

    Hi All,
    Have always enjoyed your show. It’s exciting to watch the excursions you go on.
    You have treated all your picks with respect and grace.
    Do you ever get out to sw Arizona ?
    Well be watching!
    Ed and Edna Dutton



  8. Toni smart

    Happy Birthday ! What a fantastic job with everything you do. I appreciate the finds of things that make me go way back to my childhood. And yes I was the one that invited you and frank to dinner when I went to the Myrtle Beach bike week. Sorry you couldn’t be there. Good luck and keep picking, many more happy healthy years to come!!

  9. Joe Alvarez

    Your passion in what you do makes America great again that encourages the American people to appreciate their heritage.

  10. Martyn

    As a keen follower over in the United Kingdom, I love to hear about events and updates over the pond.
    All the best to everyone and keep on picking.

  11. Rob Estep

    Congratulations guys and happy birthday Nashville Antique Archaeology! I love the show. Mostly, all that you do to preserve and reuse the “rusty junk” that is left to die. Keep up the good work. Here’s to many more years to come!………Oh and Happy Picking.

  12. Kenneth Skeen

    I agree with all the above. As a retired business man, I really appreciate all you have done, how it has grown so professionally, and the joy of watching even old shows, over and over. The editing, cuts, and travel pictures are totally amazing. It lets me see just how special our great country is, how diverse, yet always historical! Keep on truckin’, give Dani and all hugs, and always keep pickin’!

    1. Ann Grigway

      I love to watch your show. I love to see the people you do business with. I love to see the cities that you visit.
      I wish you would come to Boston and the North Shore area. Have a great Holiday.

  13. Paul smart

    Happy Birthday to you all at Antique archaeology Nashville.
    Totally addicted to your show and the amazing items you find.
    I keep threatening the wife I will come and spend a couple of weeks with you.
    I think she would be glad if I did so your show wasn’t on our TV all the time.
    Fantastic work you all do and looking forward to seeing you all soon.
    Paul United Kingdom

  14. Tasha Sill

    Happy-Happy Birthday!!! I just Love to see our past restored, and the dust and rust saved!
    There is Nothing better than dust, rust and glitter in my eyes. Love watching you guys!
    Cheers to another year & the love of pickin’,
    Tasha Sill

  15. Greg Hansen

    Happy Birthday AA Gang! Love what you do, will see you Sunday as I pass through Nashville on my way home to Florida.

  16. Steve & Stephanie

    HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANTIQUE ARCHAEOLOGY! We just visited the Nashville store a couple of weeks ago. We actually planned our vacation around it and a trip to Nashville. We love the area! The store is awesome and the staff is friendly and helpful! Mike, we are the couple that sent the “Hot Dog Shirt” to Leclaire a couple of months ago! LOVE YOU GUYS!

  17. Lizbeth Murph

    My how time flies when you are having fun–hard to believe the Nashville store will be 5 years old tomorrow. The store shares a birthday with Richard Petty — he’s a little older though–Thanks for all you do to preserve our country’s history (retired history/math teacher appreciates your work and the fun I have watching)

  18. Dennis Buck

    Best 5 I’ve seen…best to you,Frank,Danny,&Lauren in the future…your show is not only entertaining,but informative as well.congrats on your 5. Wish it was western Pennsylvania !

  19. Laura Hendricks

    Love the show am a collector myself of many things antique stoneware, yellowware, oil lamps, old advertising etc is there a website for your stores as i am in central pa ? Plus glad someone else likes hotdogs on the road, they are always the best happy A day in Nashville. Keep up the great work!

    1. Sarah Buckholtz

      Greetings to central PA! Picks are only in store. Looks like you are about to vacate to LeClaire or Nashville, Laura.;) See you soon!

  20. James Manley

    I don’t know how many episodes you filmed in Mendocino /Lake County, but myself I am a resident of Upper Lake, and a bicycle collector myself, all I know as a delivery driver I find some cool picks myself. Hopefully I will see my County in a future episode, really enjoy the show, thanks for picking!!

    1. Clifford

      Hello James,

      I agree with you. AP crew should explore Lake County area. Lots of back roads to explore.
      They were filming late Feb and early March this year. I was not ready for them. I live in the East Bay.

      Check out Mike’s Instagram. He had photos when they filmed Northern California.



  21. Dave spikins

    Happy birthday antique archeology Nashville.
    Favorite picking show of them all.
    I have now what once was a piece of rolling rust,now restored to factory finish and used on Anzac day parades and driven regularly, a 1944 Willys Jeep.

  22. Deborah Kelly

    We totally admire that you are so kind and honest with your picks. We will never forget the show with the movie posters where you actually brought more money back to the person when they turned out to be so much more valuable than you thought. Or the times when someone doesn’t realize what they have and ask a low price. When you tell them No because it’s actually worth $$$ more, that is just one of my favorite things to see on TV. You all are definitely Good People!

  23. michael nutt

    I’ve watched & loved all your programs Wish you had more episodes we could watch & enjoy! Thanks to you the world has a new insight into the world of Preservation & better recognition of collectables! We hope you will always be there to show the world all the great inventions that have been over time in our Great Country ! All our Thanks ! The Nutts

  24. Deborah Guyton

    Happy Birthday Antique Archalogy! My husband and I came to LeClaire, Iowa to your store and absolutely fell in love with your town! We are from Florence, Alababama and was on vacation. We went back twice because my husband was hoping to see Danielle and I wanted to see Mike Frank!! We wanted an autographed picture! We did enjoy our trip and hope to make it to Nashville. Happy Birthday again!! Love you guys!

  25. Oscar Sweeney

    Happy birthday AA!!! We will be at the Nashville location today to help celebrate. May success follow you for many more years!

  26. Charley Stark

    Happy Birthday & Independence day, Been to Nashville store twice since opening. Things have come a long ways.Keep on pickin !

  27. Christine Hall

    Happy birthday to you. I sorry I missed you when you were in Branson , Mo. My mother passed away a few years ago and left with me with a lot of history that you guys would have liked. I have the same coal miners lantern that you show in the previews on the shore and many more antiques than I know what to do with. I’m planning on getting into her storage units soon to start letting go go of some of these treasures. Recently I found an old acetylene torch from my grandfather or great great grandfather. Pretty cool stuff. Leather jackets from the it’s from my father and military u I forms dating back to world war 1..

  28. Raymond Holcomb

    Love your show very much. I watch every episode my work schedule permits. Keep up the good work, and come back to North Georgia. Happy birthday Nashville.

  29. Joan Nering

    Love you guys!
    Sure wish you would start an AA store in Youngstown Ohio. So many great buildings and the Steel Mills are gone. But the people here (and the food) are awesome! And the Real Estate bargains are plentiful!

  30. J. Morrow

    Happy Birthday. Good luck, and keep on going. It is good to see someone else likes the old stuff.
    I have some antiues (“junk according to my wife”), that you might be interested in, if so contact me. Once again Happy Birthday, and keep up the good work.

  31. Marsha Vick

    Happy 5th birthday! So glad you love our city. We appreciate your interest in preservation. It is sad to see so many historic buildings torn down in the name of progress. Keep up the good work!

  32. Mike Staton

    Happy Birthday to Antique Archaeology! Especially my friend Mike Wolfe, who had a dream and followed it! Just goes to show that good things happen to good people.

  33. Lauri Magee

    Congratulations to you both! We visited your store this Summer-Wow what a treat!
    You were out on the road but I can’t say enough about your staff! You have a great team-very friendly!
    Loved the shop! Love your show! It was a pilgrimage that won’t be soon forgotten! Just an idea: one of
    those crank press penny machines would be fun in your store-may with the antique archeology-or a pic of the old building
    or you and Frank :)-we collect those where ever we go! Wishing you all the best!
    Lauri from Texas

  34. WilloDean Vaughan

    Happy Birthday to you’ll. I remember the first show on the tv. I love junk to and I kept telling my husband that I would love to go with Mike and Frank to help them dig thur all that stuff. I love your show and hope one day soon to get to come to Nashville to your store. We live in Alabama, not far from Nashville.
    Keep on JUNKING.

  35. Lisa Jansen

    Happy 5th Birthday, Nashville Antique Archeology!! One day, I hope to make it to one of your stores! I wish I could see your picks online that are for sale in the stores!

  36. Dale Konyha

    Congratulations on your anniversary of the Nashville Store, and my birthday same day. I miss the direct emails from Mike I used to exchange when the show first launched. Not sure if he even uses the same email address but I wish nothing but success for the future and the series stays alive. Mike, if you read this, I notice that some of the people you meet that make the show are Masons. I look for the ring or symbols in and around the location. I would like to discuss further if you email me directly, it could open up more doors for you.

    Your Brother in Junk,

  37. John Green

    Wondering if any of the stars will be in the Iowa store this week, we are planning a trip to that area from Des Moines during the holiday week. Love The Show….. Thanks

  38. Cristian Diaz

    Regards and congratulations from Sydney, Australia. We enjoy very much your tv programme and we love to travel with you around USA.

  39. Daniel

    congratulations for the whole family 5 years we will continue from Spain we love the program and curiosities that you find

  40. Chuck Shoemake

    I recently took a 10 day road trip with my cousin Mike and his wife Marie. Mike has terminal cancer. They asked if I would accompany them to help out with driving , logistics, and other details. Who could resist? After leaving Greenwood, Indiana late Saturday afternoon we hit Bowling Green, Kentucky to spend the night. We knew the shop in Nashville would be closed Sunday morning but stopped anyway. What a thrill…we are all 3 huge fans and we took many pictures and relished the aura of being there. It was absolutely one of the highlights of the trip. We still had 9 days and about 3000 miles ahead of us so we didn’t dawdle. But we speak often of the experience and have many photos to cherish. Keep up the great work and happy birthday Nashville! Chuck

  41. Bo Quelland

    My sister and i enjoy the show very much. We both have questions…. The goodies Mike and Frank pick, have you ever done or considered a follow up show about what happens to the stuff they pick? Do they sell for what the guys think they will? What happens to the merchandise you just cant give away? Thank You, keep doing what you’re doing and we will keep watching!

    1. Sarah Buckholtz

      All the picks come to Nashville or LeClaire where they get bought by Antique Archaeology customers very fast. Inventory always changes so visit often! Thanks, Bo!

  42. Roy Rutanen

    Happy Birthday! Love the show. It makes you realize that things used to be made in America. You keep saying that it’s getting harder and harder to find unique items so I wonder how much longer you’ll be able to find stuff for your stores.

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