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mike wolfe, antique archaeology, american pickers, vintage tee, vintage home decor, back roads travel blog


The Antique Archaeology team has been a busy bunch over the past few months and we have more to offer than ever. We’ve spent a lot of hours talking about who we are and what we want to bring to the table for our customers and Mike Wolfe’s fans. One visit to our home page at and you’ll see we what we’ve come up with. While improving your online experience & making you better able to view our site via mobile or desktop using any technology you prefer, we’ve also given our brand a bit of a facelift. What else do we have to offer? The all new Two Lanes Blog where we’ll share with you not only the news and happenings of MIke Wolfe and his Antique Archaeology stores, but also stories from the backroads, travel friendly tunes, style, home decor and more. Antique Archaeology is not just your favorite brand. It’s a way of life that is inspired by the spirit of America’s small towns, the people that live in them, and the two lane roads that wind between them. The Two Lanes Blog is full of our inspirations and adventures. We hope to encourage to explore your own.

mike wolfe, antique archaeology, american pickers, vintage tee, vintage home decor, back roads travel blog

Want to know more about Antique Archaeology? Visit the homepage here for store info, more about Mike Wolfe, and more.

Want to tell us what you think about the all new online experience and the Two Lanes Blog? Join the conversation in the comments below.


72 thoughts on “Introducing the New Antique Archaeology!”

  1. Henry Martinez

    Thank you for the heads up I do appreciate it, I love ” american pickers ” show. Been watching for sometime, heck even watched the reruns more then once god bless you all 🙂

  2. Marg

    Recently saw old cars by the road in Lancaster County Pa and I thought of you. I look at “junk” differently now.
    We live the show.

  3. Greg Musgrove

    DVR is set for whole season
    Great folks,doing great things,and some picking too. Keeping Iowa on the map thanks Greg

  4. Norine Erb

    Plan on visiting Iowa and Nashville this year. Enjoy your show and enthusiasm. I glad I can watch your show with my kids and grandkids.
    Hope to be watching Mike, Frank and Danielle for a long time. Also Robbie and Dave

  5. Cathy Sizemore

    i will enjoy this blog. We have watched the show since it came on and hope to visit one of the stores some day. Looking forward to more stories!! Keep traveling those two lanes!

    1. Janell Darlene Post Author

      We look forward to having you visit. You keep traveling two lanes too. Two lanes are better than four. 😉

  6. Lynn Scott

    I absolutely love the show save all the episodes so my son can watch it with me when he comes over.
    last year on my vacation,I came and checked out your new building took pictures in front of the car. Ate on the Mississippi River.
    Mike and Frank you’re the best…

  7. Anderson de Avellar

    Hi! Mike Wolf! Congratulations! I’m from Rio de Janeiro, Brasil! And I’m your fan, also Frank, and the gorgeous Daniele “Diesel”! Long lide to your Rusty blog and Rustoration! rust = ferrugem in Brasil!
    Big Hug!

  8. Pattie Pratt

    love the show, never tire of watching the reruns! I always see something I may have missed. I love history so I love how this is not only a fun show, it’s educational too!

  9. Tom Ferguson

    Been a fan from day one and it is great to see the success. Was lucky to have visited in June 2010, where I got to meet both Danielle and Mike at the shop, getting to visit with Mike for quite a while. That was truly a great memory. I have since been back several times and it amazing how much it has grown. Love the changes and could not be happier for the success that it has had since that first visit. Great to see how well it has done.

  10. Dakota Goodwin

    Love the logo and the advertising but the most I love about the website is learning about the small towns and where the antiqe items came from.

    1. Janell Darlene Post Author

      Thanks so much for the feedback. We look forward to bringing you many more stories to come!

  11. Matt Watts

    Wonderful Website. Congratulations. A great part of the evolution and furthering of the wonderful adventure of Antique Archeology. It means a lot to me to see you and yours continue on this amazing journey in positive, professional and fun ways. It is important to me both as a fan and as a Picker. So many copy cat shows have just burned out or turned sickly phony overproduced yawn stars storage wars while you have kept the formula of getting down and dirty in those barns and honey holes meeting character after character we Pickers wish we could find out there in the hills too. I wish you continued health, happiness, success, doing what you love, and most of all I wish you keep your own heart and personality all through the process of becoming a global icon of rusty gold. Always remember that it was who you were that got you to where you are. Best wishes, Matt Watts

  12. Bill Konefal

    i always felt the show was more about the people than the items that were found. That’s what I love about it. The story makes the history of the item. From “hippie Tom ” to “Jackie of Hollywood Garage”. Ordinary people that really are special.

  13. Marian Nora

    Love the show,met you in Syracuse N.Y..Just was wondering how do.u and Frank handle the money .He buys things and you buy things,do u sell them and split the profit,please let me know .I want to start start selling and buying with a friend.Thanks love your blog

    1. Janell Darlene Post Author

      Hey Maria,

      On occasion Mike and Frank buy together, but both actually have stores to fill, so they generally pick together to share the expenses of being on the road and because…well… everything is better with a friend. Hope that helps! Good luck!

  14. Paula Frost

    Hi Mike
    I love your show . And the one show ou did is one of my favorite is when you got the von dutch motorcycle. I happen to have a size xl von dutch long sleeve short that is an army green has no stains in perfect condition . It a real nice short all cotton. I wanted to know if you would like to have this shirt. Can you email me at if you would like to have it and i can send you pictures of it. Thanks Paula

  15. Terry Baker

    At the end of the day, there is nothing better than seeing your show to wind me down. I have been a follower for years, and I enjoy the teasing you do with each other also! I learn something with each show, so you do more than buy rusty gold, you give us rusty gold tips. So happy for your success, and I know your family is proud too.xoxo

  16. Sam Byers

    Maybe I am behind the times or not totally clued in but I thought Mike & Frank owned AA together??? Also, no matter what the answer to that question how come there is no mention of Frank on the site and hardly any about Danielle? They are still part of things aren’t they? I like to hear about all of them.

    1. Janell Darlene Post Author

      Hi Sam,

      Frank stays busy with his own store. The guys occasionally make purchases together, but for the most part are picking together for their two separate businesses. He and Danielle are certainly still a part of the American Pickers show team, but our site is the online home of Mike’s Antique Archaeology stores.

      Hope that helps.

  17. Pam

    Are you in Syracuse New York this week? I saw one of your vans near Camillus ( just outside the city) last Wednesday May 13. Would love to meet you, watch the show all the time!!!

  18. Rodney Wilcox Sr.

    I’ve enjoyed watching American Pickers for years now. I’m a retired disabled veteran and this series really helps me enjoy what your doing. Thank you.

  19. Teresa

    Love, love, love the show!! I’m a glass picker and always find myself “picking your picks” and looking for pieces when I tune in. Keep up the great travels!!!

  20. Lee Brown

    Hi Mike & Frank

    Thank you for a wonderful show that you have kept real. I have watched it from day one and the reruns too. Like Frank I am also a toy collector. I am fortunate to have hit the “honey hole” too in purchasing toys.
    Good luck!

  21. Roy Reuter

    in the on-line pages and periodically on the show I see some great motorcycles and bicycles. I would seriously be interested to know what may be available for purchase. Since I live too far away from the shops, is there a way to learn more about what you would be willing to part with? Or perhaps get my name on a list for specific items?

  22. edward fariss

    hi mike n frank just want you to know we love your show watch all the new ones plus reruns. you change my mine on junk love looking last summer we to the 5 mile yard sale here in n.c. i ran across a orange crush clock very old needed work to get it working well worth the price.

  23. Rob Murphy

    Love the show. Truly an American classic. Original. Unique. All the ingredients I love. Reality. Rural America. Old stuff. Rustoration. Its all good. BUT- Don’t let it go to your heads. Keep it small. Keep it simple. Like anything else, if it gets too big for its own britches, it’ll crash and burn. Hope that doesn’t happen. Hope you guys are around for a long, long time.

    1. Janell Darlene Post Author


      Thanks for your kind words as well as your input. We at Antique Archaeology LOVE feedback! We also try to keep an eye the size of our heads. 😉

  24. Sandi Gorin

    I love your new blog and look forward to receiving it! Your program is by far my favorite; I don’t even turn off the re-runs! If I had a million dollars, I’d shop my heart away. Sadly, this isn’t the case for a “golden oldie”. I so hope to be able to visit your new store in Nashville.

    Quality television, such interesting finds, two fabulous personalities and I learn a lot. My family didn’t save anything!

    Congratulations again!

  25. Patricia Salamone

    I guess you did not enjoy my book “The Italian Thing” that I sent to you over a year ago as a gift. I know it was received because
    one of your employees emailed me to let me know you were on the road, but she would give it to you when you
    returned. However I never heard anything after that and there was no review. Sorry if you did not enjoy reading it, or possibly you never read it. I thought you would have the courtesy to at least thank me for it.

    In any event, continued luck with your show.

    Patricia Salamone

  26. Cheryl Ferry

    Have watched the show from day one and love it . Enjoy watching you fellas PICK , escpecially through old Car parts . The old model A parts people have laying around tickle me .{ Our family has 1931 model A , 69 El Camino , 67 Chevy ll , 57 Chevy , 1971 Ford Pinto Coupe } We take bets on whether or not we can see any car parts on the episodes where you’re pickin, that you bypass or are in the background . Hightens our excitement . It’s like we’re picking right along with ya . Cant wait for the next episode .

  27. Marlene Conner

    I’ve watched many of your shows….love, love them….But don’t remember ever seeing you guys out in God’s Country–namely Montana. Would love to have you travel here sometime. Do you ever do the picking, then sell to local people? Really would like some Standard Oil momentos, my Dad own a station around 1947 here in Helena, Mt. And my brother and I didn’t get anything to remember the station by except of a picture of Dad in his Standard Oil clothing. Hope to see you some day and again thanks for the shows.

  28. Bob Snelson

    Mike, I saw on one of your shows that you picked a Bantam body. My very first car was a 1940 Bantam convertable, I traded a train layout for it. It still had the original sales papers in the glovebox. It cost $460 new in 1940. I sure wish I still had that car today. The minute you picked the body I knew what it was. I restored it in 1958, it was neat. One of these days I’ll have another one to put around in. Watch the show all the time, I learn a lot from the knowledge you both share with your fans.

  29. Judy Horton

    You guys are great together. I have watched, I believe every episode. When the re-runs are on I watch over and over.
    I have learned much from you and I know that will continue. I appreciate the humor you all have and share with all of us.
    Take care, be safe, and sweet pickin

  30. Sandra Padin

    Love the show and your energy Mike. Frank is a tender guy, love him too and because behind a great men you always found a woman… there is Danille, beautiful girl. God bless you guys.

  31. Maube Mor

    Love your show. Enjoyed seeing Mike many years ago in the Columbus oh area. Gave me a whole different perspective on things. I like this website and blog- so much wonderful information. Keep on, keeping on!

  32. David MacArthur

    I love the show. I’m another fan since the beginning. I’m also a motorcycle guy so that aspect makes it that much more interesting. Because the show is so multi-faceted, it seems to me that there are lots of ways to keep it interesting for a long time. There’s the wonderful stories of the people they meet, the interesting and historical items they find, the traveling around the country, and the personalities of the crew. I love to see the scenery while they’re driving and all the small towns they show. I wish there was more time to show and talk about the backroads they are taking and all the sites they are seeing.

    A big wish of mine is that you put out some extended version’s on DVD. Even unedited! I just can’t seem to get enough.

  33. Roy Perazzo

    I am a long time fan ,a great show ,have owned quite a few old Harleys and Indians in my time ,am 67 yes. Old now. I think very Highly of you guys when you offer a fare price above what the seller ask for, to me it shows you are stand up guys , fare and Honest !!!!

  34. Ron Johnson

    Hey Love the show and I never get tired of the re-runs. Im an avid motorcycle guy since I knew what 2 wheels were. My first ride was on my Dads 4 cylinder indian back if I remember 1949- 50. so imgoing to be 70 may 28th so I have been into them a long time. Always looking for older stuff. love the brit stuff but my favorite American bike id the 45 c.i. flathead Harley. Keep up with show and would hope to come out and see all of you sometime. Thanks for the good times Ron Johnson Old-timers machine and fab

  35. Tammy Howe

    Just visited the store in Nashville Saturday ! Absolutely loved it! All of it. We have watched your show since the beginning. Drove from Florida to see it. Was even trying to pick along the way! Keep up great work and keep on pickin the U.S.

  36. John paice

    Hi Mike love the show ,here in England so not the opportunity to pick u have in the states , I love old audio equipment and always car boot for it so I can return it too use , u picked some old Scott audio in one show do u still have ?…. keep picken and sharing the knowledge all the best ……..Jon.

  37. Joe Jucius

    Love your show and the new website. been a fan since the beginning. heading out sat. to pick at Hippie Tom’s says he has a lot of new stuff.

  38. Hans and Maluca

    We love the show here in the Netherlands to.
    Indeed we look different now to old things.
    Keep up the good work.
    greetings from Holland

  39. Denny

    My wife & I love the show, been to your shop. I’m a mailman & have come across my own ‘honey holes’. It’s funny once you take an interest in people’s collections, what they are selling, give them a fair price, they’ll open up & show you other stuff. It’s a blast.

  40. Matt McCorkle

    Mike, Frank & Danielle,
    Love your show and your back roads picking. Wish your show could be on more than one time per week. I am looking forward to visiting your shops in the near future and purchasing some items for my house in Houston, TX.

  41. Steve Whitehead

    Ive been hooked on this show from day one. Reruns are still entertaining. Hope to visit your Nashville shop some day. Thanks for the useful information, learning more with each episode.

  42. Bobbie-Schulenburg, TX.

    I am 66 years old have have been picking since I was 6 years old in El Centro, Calif. I’m now a Texan and have 3 grandchildren that LOVE American Pickers. It’s so neat to see them excited about junk and rusty gold. Keep up the good work–you have generations of pickers that love your style!

  43. Michael Vancil

    I too have enjoyed your shows over the years. I keep hoping you’ll find that mirror I’ve been asking about. I’ve looked all over but have been unsuccessful so far. It is a Coors Beer Mirror (longer on the horizontal than the height – a big mirror and it has wolves on it. The mirror is one of four in the predator series (the other three have grizzles, cougars and eagles) as a theme. Good hunting. But you can’t have my 1951 Indian Chief!!

  44. Gary Rogers

    Hi , Piease tell me how to explain to my 77 year old father that I”m a picker and he is a hoarder lol. Love the show.

  45. Kerri elderbroom

    Were u in Marcellus NY today? Sightings of your van driving down north street!!!! That is so flippen awesome…..hope you found some honey holes!! If u need a cold drink stop by!!! Lol only kidding! Good luck!

  46. Patt Kolar

    Love the show. I’m a jewelry artist who loves old wire and metal so love watching what you find. I love to re purpose old items. Learning a lot of history from your show and love the stories from every place you pick. And especially love Danielle and her unique style and spunk.

  47. Jose Caguiat

    Mike, I am very interested in buying my wife a small jukebox. In one of your segment, you delivered one to your Nashville store and it is in working condition. Can you provide an idea how much a small jukebox cost? I am checking your web sight and I do not see this type of product. It will be nice if you have a catalog showing this type of product and signs.

    Thank you in advance,

    Regards to everyone and watch your show every week even repeat. We are really die hard funs.


  48. Eric Malaney

    I have a early 1900’s Ford model t pick up. In good condition it ran when it was parked. How much is it worth? Contact me for pictures.

  49. Thomas Purtzer, MD

    I love American Pickers and have watched every single show. I was researching whether or not the real business behind Antique Archeology made any money; I just bought the book American Picker’s Guide to Picking from Amazon and the answer may be in there. I did eBay for a while and made money but it has become slanted towards the buyers and it is hard to avoid scam artists and they can destroy your reputation no matter how hard you try so I’m investigating the possibility of picking. Keep up the good work and I’ll keep on watching, Tom

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