On June 30, 2018, Antique Archaeology hosted their 2nd ever Kid Picker Flea Market in downtown LeClaire, Iowa where the roles were flipped and the kids were the vendors and the adults were the customers. A total of 31 kids between the ages of 6 and 17 traveled with their families from all over the country to sell their antique/vintage/handmade treasures to the public—despite the sweltering heat index of 106 degrees! That didn’t stop the crowds of locals, tourists, Mike Wolfe, and his family, from coming out to support these young entrepreneurs.

Below are moments captured during Kid Picker Flea Market 2018 by LeClaire photographer, Kevin E. Schmidt/Maquoketa Studios.


The event kicked off with a motivational speech from the American Picker himself. Holding his 6-year-old daughter, Charlie, in his arms, Mike spoke to the crowd about celebrating a child’s mind and why it’s important to encourage a kid’s interest in collecting treasures, especially in the disposable/tech-saturated generation they’re growing up in. He also spoke directly to the kids urging them to follow their picking passions because they’re the ones who will be responsible for telling the stories of American industry and history for the next generation.

063018-LeClaire-KS-051Mike declared the Flea Market open with a loud yell as the kids ran down to the levee along the Mississippi River. They assumed their positions at their booths which they had decorated themselves with homemade signs, business cards, and displays.

063018-LeClaire-KS-054Picks ranged from traditional rusty gold and vintage advertising to toys and furniture.

063018-LeClaire-NS-010During market hours, local businesses hosted events, bike races (provided by the River Valley Optimist Club), food and drinks (provided by Big Dave & Holly’s), a history exhibit of the telephone (presented by the Buffalo Bill Museum) and an upcycled craft with old keys (presented by Unique Creations and Fancy Pants Boutique) made possible by the donation of the members of Picker Nation. Even the LeClaire Fire Department fire truck came by to deliver some sweet relief from the heat with a bit of water.


Mike stayed for the entire event walking around visiting each booth, asking questions, and buying picks.


Flea market goers enjoyed LIVE music from Finding Home — a kids only family band.

063018-LeClaire-KS-032Even Mike’s daughter Charlie had a booth set up with a little help from her Grandma Rheta, (Mike’s mom!)


The weather was hot, but the crowds were out in full force searching for their new favorite treasures.

063018-LeClaire-KS-050Mike added this foam gator head to his collection of oddities like Wolfe Boy, Gypsy Gramma, Oddfellows skeletal bust.


The Twilight, a lavish Victorian riverboat and LeClaire gem, chauffered Kid Pickers and their families on cruises up and down the Mississippi River all afternoon.


The Kid Picker class of 2018 group photo!

For details of the event and inspiration on how to host one in your town visit Antique Archeology’s Kid Picker Flea Market Page 


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43 thoughts on “KID PICKER FLEA MARKET 2018 WRAP UP”

    1. Jim Moulton

      American Pickers is my favorite TV show. I have chronic pain and can’t do a lot right now. American Pickers is a great Amercana TV show. If I am feeling bad, reruns cheer me up.
      Jim Moulton

      1. Nancy Lawyer

        Minus the chronic pain, I am also an avid fan of American Pickers. I’ve probably watched all 300+ episodes 10 times over, but I never get tired of them. I enjoy seeing the people they meet and, being an antique dealer myself, I love seeing what they end up picking. I’ve always wanted to live somewhere on the back roads of America, so I love watching the scenery when Mike and Frank pick east of the Mississippi. I often wish “if only I could ride along.”

  1. Murray Dinneen

    Hi all from New Zealand. Just been watching some re runs and was wondering what happened to the BMW Bireta. The red and white one purchased for $13000.
    Luv the show


      1. Murray Dinneen

        I agree David. I would be collecting heaps. I’m into motor memorabilia and have a room full of colletables. Best show ever!!!

        1. David W

          Where do you hail from in New Zealand? Know of any good towns to stop to find collectables? If you are ever close to Tauranga I recommend stopping in Waihi, KatiKati and Paeroa. Good spots for antiques.

          1. Murray Dinneen

            I’m in Auckland. Not much around here. Paeroa, Waihi etc I would say WOULD BE a great place for antigues. Unfortunately I don’t get out of Auckland much anymore. I go up north occasionally when able and from Warkworth to Dargaville there are a few places. Have a lot of fun.

  2. William Tuzik

    Love the Kids flea market. Mike, you gave the viewers a real, home town, American touch. I wish I were there. I live in Connecticut and hope you might make a swing back here, again. Love your show, Bill

  3. Steve Stout

    I started picking in 1970 just after I got out of the Army. I had many things that I carried over from my earlier years but I just still keep on adding to my one man, one person collection. I just love to pick old country stores in the Midwest. Stores that served a limited farmer customer base. Straw hats to beverage coolers which were ice powdered.
    Thank you all so much that comprise of American Pickers. I just love it and have learned so much from watching all of you. Keep on Picking and rediscovering our history. One of my favorite pieces is a 1911 Sears and Roebuck catalog. It is so much fun to look at items and the prices.

    Happy 4th of July,

    Steve Stout – Louisville, KY

  4. Gail Elaine Scaife

    I love this idea of having the kids set up their booths to sell their treasures!!

    love your show! I can watch re-runs all the time, never get tired. I think my son and I could have been pickers, but alas too old now.

    Carry on the good work!

  5. John Taft

    I am enjoying watching the show tonight, the model T pick the Bonnie & Clyde pick. I really enjoy the show when they pick old tools. I own a small HVAC company so anything about tools or anything mechanical I love.

  6. William Howard

    Would it be possible to list all of the kid vendors name and hometowns in order for possible customers in their areas to become customers? Just an idea! Loved the story and photos of the flea market.

  7. Judith

    seems like the weather was overbearing but the crows came out, How about putting up sprinklers to cool the air

  8. dorothy aronds

    a picker fan from year one…loved idea of Kids Pickers flea market last year…keep up the good work Mike, Frank , Danielle !

  9. John Jordan

    love watching your show and every thing you guy’s do keep it up what more can I say John perth australia

  10. Clinton miller

    Why cant i buy anything i see on the show? Why is it only AA tshirts? This tells me how fake this sham is…i used to love this show until i realized how fake it is…that tattooed chick is an actress

    1. Sarah Buckholtz Post Author

      Because picks sell out so quickly, we keep them at a first come first serve basis in-store only. Fresh picks come in every two weeks so you gotta make the trek to come see us!

    2. Murray Dinneen

      My goodness Clinton…..watch it and learn. The goods they pick are at there shops. Not for online sales. Go and have a look.
      Actress…I don’t think so!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Larry Ellis

    A friend of mine posted a picture on Facebook of a !951 lawnmower made by Indian Motorcycles, it looked like quite a rig.


    Hi Mike, Frank, Danny D, Dave.I was planning a trip to Iowa , but unfortunately I have Cancer And Hospital Advised Me Not To Travel, When will the American Pickers Be Coming To The UK to meet all their UK Fans.
    Love the show and recorded all the episodes…….

    1. Sarah Buckholtz Post Author

      Richard we wish you well and know we’ll keep on fighting! No plans to come to the UK any time soon but you never know! Just sent the guys out picking in PA and NJ this week.

    2. Murray Dinneen

      Hi Richard. Wish you well too. Keep fighting.
      Let’s hope they do get to the UK as they have a huge following around the world.


    My husband & I watch American Pickers
    faithfully, and identify with the warm
    camaraderie engendered through picking & preserving! We find ourselves DAILY saying,
    “Mike & Frank would love this _________, and
    fill in that blank with many items we find from our previous family generations. We moved from New York to North Carolina last year, and hope to see
    American Pickers near our Southport one day!
    To Mike & Frank: Southport surely has interesting 19thC & 20thC relics over this way, so you all come on down! We also celebrate your philanthropic dedication to Route 66!! We, and so many more of you out there, remember driving on Route 66 in the the 1960’s–The poignant echo of those years gone by can now be preserved for future generations.
    Thank you truly, American Pickers, for showing us all the roads and relics connecting Americans.

  14. Ray Simon nz

    I have watched a lot of your programs it just amazers me at what you find you Mike are a work horse you look in every box you can just amazing to watch you and Frank go at it truly awesome

  15. Joanne E. Jacobs

    I love your show. I live just outside of Phila. at the International Airport and last night I watched one of your episodes where you found a hidden room in a cellar, decided to “try” the steps and found 2 ovens from a long, long time ago. I admire your guts in doing that, by the way. The place was owned by an Italian which had a very rich history with countless antiques of fame which were all super appealing to me. Every show you make is so good that I find it hard to tear myself away from the screen! Please continue to pick. I wish your show was on TV more than it is. It’s the best!

  16. Janice Provenzano

    Our grandson had a booth at your last Kids Picker Flea market. This was the first time he ever did anything like that and he had a great time from beginning to end. We live in a suburb of Chicago, so we made a little trip of it. Our grandson has been picking around town to get stuff for your next flea market, hope your planning for another. Until then, we’ll keep up with you guys on tv. Our best to you all!

  17. Pierre André Coly

    Hello, i have been watching your show for more than 4 years by canal horizon in french version. I was a cultural center director but now I’m a museum manager in Thies, Senegal. I watch the show From Monday to Friday mornings and evenings and Saturday night. I love the history of the people you meet, the cities where they live, the relation between parents and their sons or daughters. I learn a lot with you about the history of the junks and America. You make me love museum job, telling history. Good job. Pierre André Coly

  18. Faith Yasman

    I’m so hooked on American Pickers due to my husband who watches faithfully. Im surprised at how much I’ve learned and enjoyed. My condolences to Frank losing his cat and how you and Mike made it in time, great pic of Mike and Charley by their red bikes. Danny working so hard on kids flea market and new building, Robby did great job on putting up signs and can’t forget Emily. She worked hard on kids market and getting new sign made. Next Year my husband’s bday falls on Thanksgiving. My gift to him is a trip to Nashville!! Hope to see store. Have a happy and healthy year!

  19. Marleen A. Price

    I vote you number one person of the year. I think you give more then you take. I love your show and never miss it.
    I’ve been a collector for many years of things you wouldn’t want (antique and collectible dolls) and I furnished my home
    with antiques. Keep travelling the highway. A friend in Seattle WA.

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