If you’ve ever visited either Antique Archaeology shop, you know Mike is a guy who is all about details and stories. Combine that eye for detail with an appreciation for American artisans and you’ve got Two Lanes (Mike’s passion project backroad brand.) Intended to reflect a backroads lifestyle and wanderlust spirit, the collection offers made-in-America products only like pillows from North Carolina, custom cut-and-sewn shirts from California, and handcrafted leather goods from Tennessee. Let’s introduce you to the hands and stories behind the leather.

Making leather guitar straps
Leather and Tools

This is Phil Thompson, owner of Long Hollow Leather, and he has been delivering delicious smelling leather journals and keychains to the Antique Archaeology shops from Franklin, Tennessee workshop for the last five years. His work comes in colors ranging from brights to neutrals and in an assortment of textures.  Only a few select items are available at Antique Archaeology, but Long Hollow offers a wide variety of leather goods.

Long Hollow Leather Franklin TN
Phil at Long Hollow Leather

Back in the 1890s, Phil’s grandfather started the family tradition of working in the leather industry, specializing in harnesses and other leathers catering to merchants from Nashville to New Orleans. Almost eighty years later, Phil’s father had a dream of a leather business that the whole family started together. Phil’s late brother was responsible for developing many of the products and accessories, including the ones they supply us with at our shops. The family readjusted and expanded the products offered by the company making it the Long Hollow we know today, including the now-famous guitar straps. No flaming skulls, rhinestones, or whistles here…just timeless pieces destined to be treasured heirlooms.

“As teenagers learning to work with leather my brother and I were interested in making stuff for ourselves and others so we were proud to continue the family tradition with LHL,” said Phil. “The mission was always to go beyond the equestrian products. In 1996, an association with Marty Stuart led to a limited edition contract with Martin Guitar which pushed us into the guitar strap business. Today, our straps are distributed in Japan, Korea, Switzerland, England, Germany, the Netherlands, Finland, and, through a US-based distributor, to Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean.”

Long Hollow Leather Franklin
Making guitar straps in the shop

Long Hollow’s leather masterpieces may be created on the world’s shortest assembly line – just Phil and a few master craftsmen.  With embroidered designs created on a vintage Singer Sewing Machine, the workshop vibe is definitely old school.  So’s the décor – tables piled with antique tools and machines, old family photos on the walls and of course bins and shelves overflowing with beautiful leather.  There’s a photo collection of famous musicians who’ve come in to buy straps, everyone welcomed by Lyndell, Phil’s 90-year-old mother who still manages the offices and works the front desk.

Long Hollow Leather Franklin
Left: Phil’s Mother, Right: Hardworking team Stamping journals

“When I sat down to create my Two Lanes collection, I knew I wanted everything in it to be made in America.  In my travels, I have been introduced to all sorts of folks creating, sculpting, and constructing items without interference. Collaborating with Phil is just the beginning. I am all about celebrating the artisan.” -Mike Wolfe


Be ready to scribble down directions to that local favorite burger spot with inside one of our Two Lanes leather journals. Handcrafted by a small family-owned business in Franklin Tennessee. SHOP NOW


8 thoughts on “Long Hollow: Local Leather”

  1. ELIZONDO Nancy

    just love your show, No one in my family is a motorcycle “nut”, Still We find all your searches, and the people you meet interesting. I am an antique collector, and crawling thru an old dusty barn would be such fun! keep up the good work, and that show on the air!!! we have a son living in Bettendorf, so next time we go there from Omaha, We want to come to your store. Jim& Nancy Elizondo

  2. Terry Baier

    We will be in the area on Sept 4th and 5th. Will Mike, Frank, or Daniellen be in the shop either day? I have lots of antiques to discuss selling.


      1. Jeni Housley

        I have known and done business with LHL..Phil, his brother, the ladies, and of course “hardworkindarlin” for over 30 yrs.
        They are very talented artists and special people…who do an amazing business. .The whole Thompson family welcomed our 2 boys ..helping them with their boy scout leather work. Phil is always helping someone!! He even helped me start my clothing and accessory design business. He’s never too busy to assist in design and production. .and as a bonus he has extra entertaining stories to brighten my day. Selecting LHL was a smart move!!!
        We have a donkey and mule farm just down the road from y’all. .these long ears supervise my design work in my barn studio..he hawing a lot, starring in commercials, and doing parties and special events for children.
        We are devoted fans of your show, love antiques, and I collect and ride sidesaddles!!
        Bring your van by our farm on your travels..just don’t try to sneak a donkey in there when I’m not looking.

  3. Carolyn Donovan

    I’ve been watching your show as long as I can remember including all the reruns. I was injured 8 yrs. ago in a scooter accident accident, a Piaggio 3 wheeler that the throttle stuck on luckily not at 75 mph, not my fault, so “temporarily” disabled, and was pretty much confined to bed after getting out of hospital. I’ve been thru five surgeries so the temporarily disabled continues and I’m interested in watching everything you pick…being a different kind of picker and a intstrument tech as well, plus traveling for over 30 yrs., I’ve been many of the areas of the country where you pick. I really love motorcycles and anything musical and as I help many people when they want to buy or sell an instrument, I mentioned when I emailed you guys that if noone at Gruhns is available I’d be happy to help or if it’s a situation with horns of any kind I’m available for that as well. For instance when Danielle wanted a trumpet for her son and you got sold a cornet, I almost went thru the tv….cornets back in the day and even now are mainly a beginner inst. for middle school kids, trumpets are more suited to jazz and blues as I think she said he was interested in.
    Not telling you any of this to get on tv, not interested in that …just would like to help if ya need someone in my area of expertise, which brings me to motorcycles…always had one on a trailer when I was on the road traveling from gig to gig several dirt bikes, several street bikes so I have learned so much from you guys in that area. Not an area of expertise just love to see where they evolved from.
    So like the Elizondozs and Ms. Housley said please keep on picking and keep this show on forever for those of us
    who have learned so much and thoroughly enjoyed you guys over the yrs. Oh the leather store was awesome as well.
    Thanks for helping me and continuing to help me get thru the rough days, so many times you’ve made my day!

  4. Naomi (Blondie)

    Beautiful leather work. Love they are using antique Singer Sewing Machine. I love the old sewing machines. I have a collection of them myself.

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