Mike is honored to be a contributor to Hoss Magazine, sharing some of his best finds with the readers of every issue.  Be sure to pick up HOSS, published six times a year, and don’t miss the stories behind some of his unique treasures.


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29 thoughts on “Mike Wolfe Contributes to Hoss Magazine”

  1. Jeanette Agnew

    Am looking forwards to meeting with you when you can fit me into your schedule as you go up and down I 81 from tenn. to Pa. To get to me, take the exit off of 81 to Route 8, in either direction.If you are coming south, take a left on Rt.8,going north, make a right hand turn towards Riner, Floyd, and THE BLUE RIDGE PARKWAY.When you get into Floyd, we have 1 stoplight, turn left onto Main St., also road 221. Just after you pass Hardees, you will come to a Y in the road—– take the right side of the Y , and DO NOT TURN ANYMORE! JUST OVER A KNOLL, THE ROAD TO RIGHT GOES TO SCHOOLS—BUT IF YOU KEEP STRAIGHT YOU WILL SEE A RD 615,THAT IS BARBERRY ROAD! COME 1.7 MILES FROM THERE, after you pass a dairy farm, a two story white frame house, I will be the next place on left( the board that used to say”THE ODDS AND ENDS SHOP” is nowpainted white, with my new building permit on it.The shop is in behind my house, but that is not the treasure , it’s behind the shop, bigger too.I promise you will not be disappointed!!

  2. Nicky kane

    I am addicted to your programme. I work for a charity store in Hertfordshire, England and love finding rusty gold. I can watch pickers all evening, every evening. Would be great to see an occasional programme dedicated to the actual stores and seeing people buying the items.

  3. Adam Worthington

    Hi Mike, Frank, Danny D, Lauren,

    I’m from Sydney-Australia and have Spina Bifida, and i just wanted to say how much i enjoy watching the show and seeing all the various characters you meet along the way and the different items that you find. One day id love to have a ride on a Harley or other motor bike for the freedom. Do you guys still remember what it was like the first time you rode on a motorcycle how it felt?

    I went on my first overseas trip to the USA in September 2010 for three weeks and i really loved visiting your country and hope to do it again some day.

    Thanks for putting a smile on my face
    Adam Worthington 🙂

  4. john tipton

    find your shows great just wish that here in england we could get more up to date ones than 2012 keep up the good work mike great antiques great characters

  5. Larry Lindsey

    Mike & Frank, love your show. My wife and I was wondering if you sell your items for as much as you think you can at the time you pick the item? We are going to be in Nashville on Aug 3rd and will stop in to see if you have anything we could use. Good luck and God Bless.
    Larry Lindsey

  6. Ralph Beavers

    I love this show because it is so cool. I am 60 and live in Cleveland Tennessee.My plans are to drive to Nashville and meet Mike who has my respect as the Most Expert person on Antiques.

  7. Jon

    Is there anyway that I would be able to meet Mike or frank? Lol I live about 5 hours from the Tennessee Store and would love to have a conversation with them. Planing on coming to the store but would like to come on a day that they might possibly be there

  8. Dan Walter

    My Dad worked at the Arcade in Freeport Il. as a pattern maker in the 40s, Among all the stuff I have, I have some rare Arcade master pieces. as well as other things, not as much as some of the people you visit. If you are ever up this way stop and see me, I know you guys have been in Rockford Il. before, I have seen you on your program . I never miss your programs on TV. Thanks for the internment Dan

  9. Kathleen Read

    Just wanted to tell you I love your show. I really hate to miss it. And I love the re-runs also. I am 71 and have a ‘little’ crush on Mike! Love watching him and Frank interacting with all the ole-timers they visit. Love seeing items that are from my past. With my “C”, I am glued to my TV, and my favorite times are watching your show. Please tell everyone hello for me, from El Paso, Texas.

  10. Jody Drinkwalter

    We watch your program alot and love seeing people following thier passions..livin for the pick! Jody

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